Air Belgium no longer serves South Africa

Air Belgium, the Belgian airline known for its long-haul flights, recently announced that it would end its flights to South Africa which are scheduled to be served after October 3, 2023. The move follows lack of profitability of the operation of these flights. Unfortunately, this decision will affect approximately twenty thousand passengers who have booked tickets to South Africa.

Air Belgium said affected passengers will have the opportunity to have their tickets refunded as soon as possible. While this may be an inconvenience for those who were looking forward to their trip, the airline is taking steps to ensure a smooth refund process. This will come as a relief to passengers who may have made plans and arrangements based on their flights.

Air Belgium’s decision to discontinue its flights to South Africa is a strategic decision to reduce costs and focus on more financially viable routes. This is a common practice among airline operators, who adjust their operations to adapt to changing market conditions.

For passengers who will be affected by this decision, it is essential that they follow the instructions provided by Air Belgium and take the necessary steps to request their refund.

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