Air Belgium strengthens its summer program by adopting a new strategy

Air Belgium has unveiled a new business strategy that will see it fly for other airlines this summer.

The new strategy adopted by the Belgian carrier is to fly for other carriers this summer, which deviates from its initial plan which was to operate its own flights. The company has signed agreements with several air operators to carry out flights on their behalf, such as British Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Air Madagascar, Surinam Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Air Mauritius and Condor.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the airline industry, with many airlines struggling to survive due to a significant drop in demand for air travel. In response to this situation, Air Belgium has reoriented its commercial strategy by offering its services to other airlines, which will allow it to generate income while helping these companies to maintain their activities.

Air Belgium chief executive Niky Terzakis said the airline has received a lot of interest from other carriers keen to cut costs by outsourcing operations to a third-party provider.

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