Lost or damaged baggage: How much to claim from Air Antwerp?

These are the millions of items that pass through airports around the world every day. According to corroborating sources, an estimated 82,000 items are lost, delayed and damaged every day. Therefore, it is not uncommon to lose luggage during the flight. Air Antwerp airline is responsible for transporting your luggage safely. If your luggage has any problems, it can be repaired. Do you know if your luggage is lost, delayed or damaged, do you have the right to claim compensation?

What are the procedures and methods of compensation for lost items?

If the baggage cannot be found after the theft, it must be reported. If you wait 14 or 21 days without any changes, your luggage will be officially lost. If you are the victim of a lost item, it may be possible for you to reimburse the initial cost. In addition, you can get full payment for the goods. To understand the responsibilities of your aircraft, you need to understand the meetings related to it. Regardless of the appointment discussed, you should be able to pick up your lost baggage very early.

The deadline starts on the day you usually need to pick up the items. Therefore, there is no need to wait for confirmation of the loss of your property before starting this process. Please keep in mind that if you are not lucky enough to locate the missing baggage, some airlines will wait until the deadline to confirm the missing baggage.

Confirm whether Air Antwerp should compensate you for the inconvenience caused. The conversion of the value of lost or damaged items and baggage is calculated on the basis of the International Monetary Fund account.

Delayed baggage delivery: what steps must be taken to obtain compensation?

They say there was actually an obstacle. Their flight was delayed, but the personal effects of the crew on board were not recovered. First deal with lost baggage based on time. They can get back to travelers within the same hour, but if they do, later. First of all, when you report that your baggage is missing, you will realize, however, if you report the problem to the airline for confirmation. It will first ask you to fill out a form this page: https://www.airantwerp.com/About-us/contact-us (PIR property infringement). You can also report the issue by phone or airline email. In most cases, the operation can take up to 72 to 48 hours. When you cannot find your luggage, Air Antwerp can send you items directly to your place of accommodation while you wait for your luggage to be found. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for compensation. In fact, in addition to the delays, you can also complain to the airline. This now includes emails submitted within 21 days that contain confirmation of receipt (preferably discovery).

The deadline for filing a complaint is 14 days. You should see the agreement on the ticket. If so, you can contact the airline to find out. In the letter, you must tell him about the loss. In particular, unless you have unforeseen expenses due to insufficient baggage, you can claim compensation for the newly repaired baggage. you will also need to prove your basic expenses, such as:

– Buy clothes;

– To buy toothpaste and toothbrushes,

– Bath products

How much can you claim?

As your luggage is returned to you within 14 or 21 days of discovery, you can only claim compensation. These will cover your basic costs. It is possible that the contents of your luggage have problems:

– Lost objects;

– Items replaced.

If this is the case, you should report it to the airline for compensation. Note that if you do not collect your baggage within 21 days of your claim, it will be declared lost. From this point on, other measures can be taken.

What compensation can be claimed in the event of damaged luggage?

When your suitcase is damaged or you have lost items, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of this compensation which will be paid to you by the airline company is estimated in SDRs (special drawing rights). The calculation of this amount also depends on the convention that applies to your flight. If your airline is a European company, the Montreal Convention applies. You will be reimbursed according to the damage suffered, of course up to the limit provided for in this agreement, namely 1131 SDRs. This equates to around 1400 Euros. If the damage suffered and proven exceeds this amount, you cannot be paid beyond this limit value. In the event that it is not the Montreal Convention, the Warsaw Convention applies. The amount of compensation will depend on the weight of the damaged baggage. The price of one kilogram of luggage is estimated at a maximum of 17 SDRs, or about 20 Euros. Whatever the value of your damaged goods, this ceiling price cannot be exceeded.

However, it is possible to benefit from an indemnity greater than the maximum amounts specified above. To do this, you will need to have made a special expression of interest when checking in your baggage. The purpose of this statement is to increase the liability limit of your airline. To do this, you will need to pay an additional fee when registering. This is recommended if you want to protect a valuable package that you need to carry on your trip. Thus, when your luggage is damaged, the company will refund you the sum corresponding to the value agreed for the package.

Some additional useful information to know

It is important to note that not all baggage is eligible for compensation. Only checked baggage placed in the hold is affected. All damaged airline baggage that you carry in the cabin is your responsibility. No theft or damage to damaged cabin baggage is therefore covered by the airline.

In addition, it is possible that the airline remains indifferent or does not respond favorably to your claim for compensation. If you do not get a satisfactory response 60 days after your complaint, you can resort to an out-of-court settlement. For this purpose, you can contact or send a letter to:

– The Directorate General for Civil Aviation if the dispute concerns an EU airline such as Air Antwerp;

– The European Consumer Center of France in the event of a cross-border dispute involving a non-French, Norwegian and Icelandic EU company;

– The national body responsible for the case if the incident occurred in Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and involves an EU company.

If the airline has adhered to a mediation charter, you can also contact the tourist mediator. To find out if he has signed a mediation charter, you just have to consult his general conditions. If, despite all this, you still do not succeed, you can go to court. Legal action must be taken within two years of the expected arrival date of your baggage. The court to seize depends on the amount at stake. For amounts less than or equal to 10,000 Euros, you must seize the tribunal. Otherwise, it is to the court that it must refer. During your litigation action, you can add to your claim the payment of damages for the damages suffered.

It should therefore be remembered that passengers can claim compensation for lost baggage, delayed baggage or damaged baggage. The airline is responsible for the baggage of checked passengers. It is therefore she who must pay the compensation when its responsibility is proven if a baggage is delayed, lost or damaged. To complete the procedures and estimate its remuneration, you must take into account the agreement to which the company has subscribed. In addition to the classic compensation claim procedure, it is also possible to initiate an out-of-court appeal or dispute.

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