Cancel an Air Antwerp reservation

Whatever the reason, you may need to cancel a flight booked with Air Antwerp. Here we show you how to cancel your flight and get a refund.

Request help from Air Antwerp customer service

A telephone information service is at your disposal to be put in touch with the appropriate service depending on your situation and your request (customer service, after-sales service, complaints service, etc.)

How to cancel a flight with Air Antwerp?

– Cancel a flight online

If you have booked your ticket on the website of this airline, the procedure to cancel your flight is the easiest:

Log on to the company’s official website; section «modify your reservations”, enter your reservation reference or your flight number. Let yourself be guided to your customer area and follow the cancellation procedure.

If you have already checked in, the first step is to cancel your boarding pass. To do this, all you need to do is indicate your reservation number or the ticket number, as well as your flight number.

Responsive in inflexible bookings, you can simply change flights and passenger titles chosen by travel dates in exchange for a fee.

The data used for booking an Air Antwerp ticket may be misspelled.

The Belgian company will allow you to correct the error without having to pay any modification fees. However, “where the change in passenger title is material”, change fees will apply.

It is important to know that if you wish to cancel (part of) your reservation, you will not be eligible for a refund as all types of fares are non-refundable. However, you can change the flight or passenger information on your booking at any time (change fees may apply).

You can process almost all changes to certain bookings on the Air Antwerp website by making your booking with your booking reference and last name. If you need further assistance or require changes to passenger data, please do not wait to contact us.

Cancel a flight by phone, at an agency or at the airport

If you have booked your plane ticket at an agency, your tour operator will take care of the cancellation and refund procedure. You also have the option of canceling your flight directly with your carrier at the airport or by contacting their call center at +32.330.378.18 from Belgium.

For all flight cancellation requests made outside the Air Antwerp website, the handling fee may amount to twenty Euros. However, registrations made directly in an agency are subject to administrative fees which may change from one agency to another.

When you cancel your flight, can you get a refund every time?

Except in exceptional circumstances, reimbursement following a cancellation of your flight with this airline is subject to very strict acceptance conditions. Your ticket must already be refundable. You must also have made your reservation more than 48 hours and less than a year before the departure date and your boarding pass must not have already been sent to you.

If your plane ticket does not include a reimbursement option, you can try calling your insurance company. In some cases, insurance companies cover the costs of a flight cancellation.

Due to exceptional circumstances, Air Antwerp may extend the flexibility of its flight tickets

As part of Air Antwerp’s health policy, the possibility of canceling or modifying your plane ticket free of charge can be extended for several additional months. This allows customers to change the date and / or destination of their tickets regardless of its pricing conditions.

However, you will have to pay the difference if the price of the new ticket chosen is higher. Refunds are also possible until the day of departure of the first flight. For certain tickets for which the fare conditions do not allow a refund, Air Antwerp specifies that its passengers may receive a credit note valid for several months or even a year. And they are refundable on demand.

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