Modification of the reservation at Air Antwerp: Correct errors, add services

Is the ticket you purchased non-refundable? It is known that there may be unexpected changes and you must change the plan, and in this case, if your reservation does not include a refund option, you must pay an additional fee to be reimbursed for the full amount. your plane ticket.

Otherwise, you can change the flight itinerary, by going to Manage Booking. You will first need to use the email and password. Don’t worry, if you forget your password, you can reset it.

Through its space allowing the modification of online reservation data, Air Antwerp allows you to, you can:

– Name changes and spelling errors

– Adjust flight time, date and destination

– Modify or add seats

– Add lighting equipment, sports equipment or increase your allowable weight

You can correct any mistakes made during the initial booking. Unless your ticket does not include this option, additional costs will be charged. Making changes online on the Belgian company’s website is an operation that only costs a few minutes.

Change flight

You can change the date and place of departure of the flight. If you have already chosen your destination and want to change your return trip, Air Antwerp would like to remind you that you can change the date and not the direction. You can change your plan up to 7 days before flight departure. If you buy the flexible method, you can change your order up to 4 hours before flight departure.

Change after check-in?

Some tickets provided by the Belgian company allow you to modify your reservation up to two hours before departure, even if the registration is already done. If you make any changes you should call again and remember to reprint your ticket.

You can change the tour name up to 4 hours before departure

Remember that when you make changes, you must re-confirm your reservation, and you may need to reprint your boarding pass.

Changing or correcting the passenger’s name online will be cheaper and easier to complete electronically. Go to the “Manage Booking” section, find your flight and select the “Change name” option. When you make any changes, don’t forget to check your reservation data again before finalizing it.

Do not forget

Your first and last name must match the first name on the ID you used when booking. You can change the names of passengers traveling with you under a single booking. You can change up to three names online. For more information, please contact your carrier’s customer service department.

Date, time and destination of travel

When you change your flight online, it will be cheaper and easier. Go to your reservation, search for your flight and select the option “Modify reservation data”. You can also do this through the airline’s mobile app. When making changes, be sure to validate the new data and reprint your flight ticket.

Change your baggage allowance, add new equipment to your list of special baggage to be transported by plane

You can add new items and items to be carried in your hand or checked baggage, equipment, or add baggage surcharges. Simply go to the “Manage Reservation” section or its mobile app and select “Add Closed Items”.

If after re-booking you realize that you have made mistakes again, Air Antwerp informs you that you have to change your booking again, and the charges already applied cannot be refunded.

Add or modify the choice of seats

You can add and select a seat at any time up to the check-in deadline.

Air Antwerp reminds that the costs to be paid after the modification of flights depend on the flexibility of the plane ticket chosen.

If you have already booked, you can use your online booking area to change the date or time of the flight. However, modification of flight data may not be possible after the check-in deadline has passed.

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