Online check-in with Air Antwerp: Print your boarding pass

You may check in at the check desk for your airline Air Antwerp you’re flying with. This is where you present your ID along with your tickets. Your bag (checked luggage) is weighed, given a tag and removed on the conveyer belt, you’re granted a boarding pass.

Travellers should report in the check-in desk nicely beforehand in Order to complete all formalities and adhere to all processes preceding departure.

To ensure a trouble-free travel with Air Antwerp, you should follow some of the basic rules for checking. There are many reasons why you should use the internet when travelling and one of them is to make your air travel in Belgium easier and hassle free. You can check in online and avoid delays at the airport by several hours.

You can check in online through the airline website. This website provides all the necessary services for travelling within the airport premises and you will not have problems like you normally do at an airport when you check in. You can also book your hotel, if you decide to travel with this airline.

Before you check-in online, you should always ensure that you read the check-in instructions given by the airline. You should also note all the items you have brought with you that need to be declared at the airport.

Before you proceed to the check-in counter, you should also consider how long it will take you to complete the journey. If it is possible, it would be better to depart several hours early. This will help you avoid the queues and allow you ample time to complete your travel plans without any delays. You may wish to inform your travel companions about this so that they can plan their traveling according to your schedule. You can even leave them a copy of your flight details as well as your air ticket, so that they can make any modifications to their schedules as per your instructions.

When you check in at the airport, you can expect everything to be in place for your personal needs as well as those of your companions. The agents at the airport are helpful and will be able to help you with almost any problem related to your check-in on the flight.

The online check-in process is much simpler than that of a flight. You can reach the airport a few hours before your departure flight. Once you’re here, you can wait until your check-in is ready and boarding passes are issued to you. Agents at the airport will carefully check all passenger documents, as well as your own, and then assist you through security checkpoints. Then you will be taken to the departure lounge, from where you will have to wait for your onward flight. If you wish, you can stay at the airport and use public transportation to get to your final destination.

Check-in deadline on an Air Antwerp flight

You must complete the check-in procedures and obtain a boarding pass before you can board the plane. Without a valid boarding pass, you will not be able to board the plane.

You can apply online through the Antwerp Aviation website 30 hours before departure. After filling in all the necessary information and selecting the desired location, you will receive a boarding pass. Don’t forget to print this document and take it with you to the airport. If you want to pick up luggage that cannot be carried in the cabin, you must transport it to the appropriate pickup point at the airport. Online check-in will remain open until 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

If you do not want or cannot check in online, you can do so and check your baggage at the check-in counter at the airport assigned to Antwerp (if applicable). The reception desk will be open 80 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Air Antwerp’s online check-in system also ensures that you don’t miss your connecting flight

You will only need to check-in once for a connecting flight, instead of performing the procedure twice. You can also benefit from special offers if you book your tickets online. Some airlines also have promotional offers when checking in online, but you will need to consider whether such an offer is for you.

Thanks to the online check-in portal, you can book your ticket in just a few clicks. You will just have to enter the required information and after a few seconds you will receive a call from the airline. If you travel frequently, you will receive additional benefits and discounts. In order not to miss your connection, it is advisable to book your flight in advance.

Check-in at the airport counter is the process by which the passenger, upon arrival at the airport, hands over baggage that they do not want or are not allowed to carry in the aircraft cabin, and receives a boarding pass. If possible, it is recommended to use online check-in, it is much more convenient and you can arrive at the airport later.

After arriving at the airport, you will find check-in information for your flight on special information boards. Appropriate information can be obtained at the check-in counters at the airport, usually located near the baggage drop-off area.

You must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. Step by step, find the appropriate check-in gate for your flight. Prepare the documents – passport (or identity card), electronic reservation number (code) or paper ticket (if you have one). At the check-in desk, you will be asked to present the above documents and you can hand in the baggage for check-in which will be weighed and boarded on the plane. After checking your documents and checking your baggage, you will receive a boarding pass allowing you to board the plane. Once the check-in process is complete, proceed to the appropriate gate, where each passenger is screened for security.

During the security check, each passenger must place in the bags items such as keys, phones, belts, electrical equipment that they carry in their hand luggage, as well as coats, jackets and scarves, bins provided for this purpose on the conveyor belt. Once the security check is complete, you can proceed to the appropriate boarding gate, from where you can board the plane. The boarding time is indicated on the boarding pass. When the time comes, airport staff will let you know they’re ready to pick up passengers.

Some airlines apply an additional charge for checking in at the airport counter and printing the boarding pass.

Detailed information on registration fees can be found in the regulations of each carrier. It is the passenger’s responsibility to read the rules.

Self-check-in at the airport

To avoid queues at check-in, you can use the check-in kiosks, which are located at most international airports.

Find a self-service check-in device, airport websites provide information on the location of these devices. Provide the machine with the details of the ID card you used to purchase the ticket as well as the booking confirmation number. If the device allows it, you can choose your seat on the plane; otherwise, the automatic system will assign you a seat. Take the printed boarding pass with you; it is needed to board the plane.

At some airports, the self-service check-in option is only available if the passenger is traveling only with hand baggage. Major airports offer self-service check-in services with checked baggage. In this case, you will also receive a special tag or sticker to mark your luggage. Luggage must be tagged and handed over to the baggage drop-off point. Automatic airport check-in is free.

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