Air Antwerp: Number of pieces of baggage to be transported in the hold and restrictions to be observed

Looking for information on checked baggage allowance, including baggage size, weight and cost? Find all the facts about baggage restrictions in this handy guide and get tips on avoiding excessive baggage fees and online check-in.

All items that passengers have not brought into the cabin should be checked for flight conditions and placed in the aircraft hold. As part of your flight reservation, you can check in up to 23 kg of baggage regardless of the weight of the baggage. The total size of each element (height + width + depth) cannot exceed 158 cm, including all handles, wheels and other accessories. If a baggage exceeds these limits, Air Antwerp will charge additional costs after acceptance, or in some cases Belgian company may refuse to accept it. Even if additional charges are paid, a single piece of baggage cannot exceed 32 kg or the maximum size is 53 x 56 x 127 cm. The total weight of a passenger’s baggage must not exceed 50 kg.

If you are checking in more than one item for your flight, you must first purchase additional baggage allowance from the Air Antwerp website during the initial booking process and later via “Manage my booking”. You have to pay to add extra suitcases. The above size and weight restrictions will apply to each piece of baggage. If you can no longer book additional baggage online, you can contact customer service.

Air Antwerp strives to take all precautions to ensure the safety of your luggage. However, passengers are strongly advised not to carry “fragile or important items (medicines, travel documents, identity papers)” in their checked baggage. In addition, it is recommended to remove old baggage tags and stickers to avoid items banned by Air Antwerp.

Checked baggage must be properly packed and delivered to the corresponding check-in counter or to the return counter at the airport before the non-working hours of the check-in process. Air Antwerp and its partners reserve the right to refuse:

– Fragile objects

– Perishable items

– Dangerous objects overflowing

– Items that may damage aircraft, processing equipment or airport infrastructure

– Items delivered after the registration deadline

In special circumstances, Air Antwerp and its partners may choose to accept products that they would normally refuse, but only if the passenger has to sign the “Restricted Release Form”. By signing this form, “the passenger undertakes to compensate for any existing or future damage at Antwerp airport” to compensate for delays or losses.

Transport of fragile objects

Air Antwerp allows fragile or perishable items that meet baggage allowance standards as hand or checked baggage (provided they are packed in the original factory sealed container), contain internal protective packaging and are generally designed for transport. If there is a reasonable doubt that any of the above conditions cannot be met, the Belgian company will only accept the product after filling out a restricted release form, which limits Air Antwerp’s liability. when boarding the plane.

Regardless of the size of the package, assistive devices (such as wheelchairs or orthopaedic devices) are provided to passengers with reduced mobility. However, this airline reserves the right to complete a limited delivery form to report any pre-existing damage.

Instruments and sports equipment exceeding the hand baggage allowance or passengers wishing to check-in must always be reserved at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. For more information, please contact Air Antwerp customer service. Additional charges will be made to compensate for the extra care required while transporting this baggage. In addition, these special items comply with the standard baggage allowance rule.

Make sure that all fragile parts are properly packed in a rigid box suitable for transport. If necessary, Air Antwerp will only accept the products after completing the “Limited Release Form”.

In special circumstances, Antwerp Air may accept high value items; if these items exceed the weight or size limit (such as a cello) they must be brought into the cabin of the aircraft.

Things to remember to travel smoothly by plane

– Buy additional checked baggage online in advance. There may be a higher charge for purchasing additional baggage or overweight / oversized baggage at the airport.

– Airline baggage allowances shown in the table below are based on standard economy class flights to and from Europe, calculated per capita and per flight.

Baggage screening at the airport

Most airlines allow you to check in online and print your boarding pass before you travel. If you have free checked baggage on your flight or have purchased checked baggage, you must still leave your baggage on the table, but ‘checked baggage’ is usually a faster option (usually shorter). full airport check-in, such as Air Antwerp, allow booked passengers to check-in between 4 days and 2 hours if you do not have a seat reserved 30 days before departure. Simply print the boarding pass or download the mobile version to display it on the airline desk or self-service machine. Then take your luggage with you to be safe.

What is not allowed in checked baggage?

Air baggage rules for restricted items generally apply only to carry-on baggage, but the following items are prohibited or limited in checked baggage:

– If the wrapped gifts are under your protection, you can safely open them

– Suitcase

– Firearms, flares and explosives, including replicas

– Flammable liquids, including aerosols, fuels or lighter liquids – lighter liquids are allowed in most airline cabins

-Turpentine or thinner

– Bleach

– Spray paint

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