Air Antwerp: Regular flights serving must-see destinations in Europe

Air Antwerp, a new regional air carrier that serves regular flights from Deurne airport in Antwerp, is a subsidiary of the Dutch company KLM and the Irish Cityjet.

Air Antwerp is an airline that offers inexpensive flights to many major destinations around the world. The Belgian airline is based in Antwerp, this city has a strategic location with various other attractions. It is now one of the favorite destinations for travelers. The Belgian carrier offers reduced rates for its customers traveling from or to Belgium, and from or to twenty-two cities in Europe. You can book your flights online on its website and get exclusive travel deals for your trip across the European continent.

This carrier offers low cost regional flights to destinations like London and Anvers, Rotterdam and many more. If you are a frequent traveler, you can look for cheap flights from Antwerp to any of these destinations. This city’s airport has easy access to different cities in Europe from its three different terminals. Most importantly, it offers a low cost of air travel to Belgium.

When traveling to Antwerp, you can look for the wide range of entertainment in this city. There are several hotels where you can stay. You can opt for a budget hotel or a luxury hotel. There are restaurants, theater groups and tunes where you can have a lot of fun. You can also opt for an all-inclusive flight and stay in one of the destinations.

Otherwise, from the Belgian city, Air Antwerp offers you the possibility of flying to attractive destinations in Europe such as Brussels, Mechelen, Leuven, Hasselt, Ghent, Bruges, Ostend, Ypres, Kortijk, Ypres, Lilles, Bergen op Zoom, Breda, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Njimgen, Masstricht, Liège and Aix-la-Chapelle.

Find cheap flights

Choose the destination and the date of your next trip. Please also check if you are traveling alone or with other travelers.

Fly with Air Antwerp

After selecting a flight you will be redirected to the website where your flight can be found. This way, you can spot the cheapest airline tickets.

Find the destination quickly and easily using the list of cities listed in the contract, and exclude all destinations by searching its travel guide.

 Air Antwerp uses its fleet to operate regular flights from Antwerp and London.

What to see in London?

Hop-on hop-off buses offer routes specially designed for tourists. The aim is to directly connect the most touristic places in London. You can then either stay on the bus to enjoy the tour, or get off at each stop to visit the points of interest before taking the next bus to continue the route. “Hop-on” means “to go up” and “Hop-off” means to go down.

Stay in Rotterdam

Going to Rotterdam in the Netherlands means visiting a European destination at the confluence of the Rhine and the Meuse that you would not necessarily have thought of and yet Rotterdam is a surprising and very dynamic city. Welcome to its One Day OneTravel travel blog and this new Rotterdam guide.

Accessible in just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Antwerp, Holland’s second largest city is a very pleasant city break for a weekend or longer. The city is a real center of architectural experimentation, all different buildings, with infinite shapes and colors, pure creativity on every street corner.

On a human scale, the cosmopolitan Rotterdam, nicknamed the “Manhattan on the Meuse” or “the little Manhattan of the Netherlands” has a lot to offer and in addition in a less touristy and more authentic atmosphere than its rival Amsterdam. We love to visit Rotterdam as we also discover a melting pot of architecture and cultures with over 170 resident nationalities, all great places to eat and drink to try.

Air Antwerp offers low cost flights to Bergen, the capital of Norway’s fjords

It often gives nicknames to what it likes, and few cities in Norway have as many as Bergen. “In the heart of the fjords” is one of them.

Although Bergen is the second largest city in the country, it has a provincial atmosphere, brimming with charm and city spirit.

With world-famous tourist sites such as The Bryggen district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Hanseatic League is the most obvious vestige of the days when Bergen was a trading center with the rest of Europe.

Today, the Quays are home to a museum, shops, galleries and restaurants, and remains a popular friendly place for both locals and visitors.

A stone’s throw away is a bustling fish market, which has supplied the townspeople since 1276.

It has become one of Norway’s most popular open-air markets, enriched with stalls of fruits, vegetables, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Antwerp operates regular flights to Lille

In the heart of Old Lille, the museum is housed in the hospital founded in 1237 by Countess Jeanne of Flanders, and whose activity did not cease until 1939. The current buildings date from the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries.

– Fly to Eindhoven

Welcome to the design capital of Holland! Eindhoven is full of creativity, unique hotspots and innovation. It is the city of unprecedented events that combine design and technology, but also a city where you can shop at will and eat good food. This combination of a modern metropolis and Brabant friendliness makes Eindhoven one of the coolest cities in Holland. We’ve made a list of the best things Eindhoven has to offer. Immerse yourself in the city and find out for yourself.

Antwerp launches exclusive offers to visit Ostend

Ostend has something for everyone: from well-known chain stores to totally exclusive boutiques. Those who want to take a break between two shops will be spoiled for choice from all the Cafés and Tearooms in the city center. And of course, the beach and the sea are a stone’s throw from the shopping streets.

If you go to the sea with children, Ostend is the ideal base: neither too small nor too big and therefore perfect for children.

It is one of the rare true towns on the coast with all the advantages without the disadvantages. Active fun, science, culture: in Ostend, children are sure not to be bored.

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