If Air Antwerp overbooking your flight, it owes you up to 600 Euros in compensation

Did you know that you may be entitled to monetary compensation of up to 600 Euros if the airline you have decided to travel with cancels your flight? There is a legal framework which ensures that if the flight you signed up for is overbooked, that is, you cannot board the plane. The cost of compensation varies depending on the amount of the ticket. In addition, if the flight is more than 5 hours late, the company is obliged to provide you with an overnight stay at a hotel near your point of departure.

Compensation for breach of theft varies from 250 to 600 Euros, and if it is more than five hours late, you have the right to rest in a hotel at the expense of the company. There is also an option to exchange your tickets for a flight from another airline. However, these rights are held by passengers traveling with the company bele little tax their nationalities.

Thousands of passengers are poorly informed of their rights as air consumers

Few of them know what happens to them if the flight is canceled, late, if the company loses its luggage, etc …

For example, if the plane is late, there is a scale by which airlines are guided in their dealings with all customers. If the plane is less than 2 hours late, due to weather conditions, passengers are not entitled to anything, but if it is more than 2 hours and less than 5 hours late, each passenger is entitled to a sandwich, drink, phone call or other communication can inform those waiting for it. More than 5 hours late means accommodation in a hotel at the expense of the company until the next flight. Compensation for a canceled flight or inability to board the plane due to overbooking in Europe would mean 250 euros, on a flight to London would cost 400 euros, while on flights to America, Dubai, Australia, up to 600 euros.

When your flight is oversold and you are denied boarding, federal law requires the airline to pay you two hundred percent of the price of your one-way ticket, if you are one hour late, and four hundred percent of your ticket price if you are two or more hours late. But airlines don’t always offer the full amount, instead withdrawing restrictive travel vouchers that expire after a year in front of their customers.

The most important step to take after being denied boarding on the flight due to overbooking is to contact the airline directly. Whichever company you travel with, in the event of overbooking, you should be guaranteed two contractual rights: the airline must find you a seat on the next available flight to the destination or return the remaining value of the ticket. Airlines sometimes provide additional assistance on top of these basic rights, so be sure to ask them what they owe you.

Passengers to or from Europe may get more money than their canceled flights were worth

Under EU air passenger rights policy, customers of canceled flights traveling within the EU, an EU-based airport or an EU-based airline have the right to entitled to receive six hundred in compensation plus the cost of meals and accommodation. This provision may not apply to shorter flights or trips cancelled due to extraordinary conditions.

While it seems like keeping track of your travel rights can be a difficult task, there is a startup called Air Indemnité whose lawyers and legal experts can help. It is a company that can handle your case and will defend the compensation that Air Antwerp owes you on your behalf. A smart idea to avoid all this hassle.

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