Air Antwerp does not accept the transport of certain items in your baggage

Many items cannot be transported as hand luggage on Air Antwerp aircraft. In addition, certain dangerous goods and items are completely prohibited, so they cannot be placed in checked luggage. Please note that passengers are responsible for complying with regulations regarding controlled and prohibited substances. If the items taken out of the cabin or luggage are confiscated, Air Antwerp will not deliver, assume no responsibility or keep them, and the items will be taken care of or handed over to charity.

Not all of the following lists are exhaustive. An authorized employee of Air Antwerp, ground insurance company, airport security department, if customs or police officers believe that the item cannot be loaded on the aircraft, it can be confiscated. If you are not allowed to pick up anything by plane, please contact Air Antwerp Customer Service Center. In some cases, you need to get explicit approval from Air Antwerp to carry a specific with you, and you need to fill out an operator confirmation form.

If you still wish to transport special items, you can send a request to Air Antwerp customer service to obtain their authorization.

Items prohibited in the hold

In Air Antwerp, the following dangerous goods and articles are not allowed in the cabin or trunk:

– Stretcher, stroller or full-size motor

– Gas pipe, flammable, non-flammable, toxic cryogenic gases and water bottles, such as butane, propane and oxygen, contains butane gas (such as a hair dryer for heating), camping gas and cooking torches

– Flammable liquids and solids, such as fuel, paint and matches or matches. You can wear a disposable lighter on a person,

– Liquid oxygen system, after obtaining the pre-approval of Air Antwerp and proof that the medical certificate of the cylinder is required, a small oxygen/compressed air cylinder with a capacity not exceeding 450 liters is allowed to be used on board for personal medical use.

– Pesticides, herbicides, toxic substances such as arsenic and cyanide,

– Radioactive substances “oxidizing substances” and organic peroxides, such as bleach and fibreglass repair kits,

– Turn off the ground and pepper spray.

– Infectious substances, such as bacteria and viruses

– Corrosive components such as mercury, acids, alkalis and wet batteries

– Firearms, automatic weapons, ammunition, ammunition (including empty bullets), holsters, fireworks, rockets, smoke bombs, guns and explosives.

Despite the last item, sports/sports firearms and up to 5 kg of ammunition can still be carried with the baggage, with appropriate documentation-depending on the available space-if it has been reported and safely packed or wrapped, please specify. Please note that the ammunition must be securely packed in the gun, separated from the wooden box or hard metal box, and fixed in the customer’s trunk. Customers checking guns must check in at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Firearms must be transported with a valid permit or hunting permit-the firearm must be packed correctly and packed in a suitable bag. (No bullets in the barrel/barrel of the firearm) The firearm must be booked when booking through Air Antwerp customer service and no later than 72 hours before departure.

Limited merchandise

In addition to the above list of prohibited items, the following items and dangerous items are also not allowed on the luggage of the Antwerp flight. However, it can be placed in the suitcase:

Rebuild weapons or toys (plastic or metal) and slingshots

Knives with blades, paper knives and razors,

Tools for traders,

Knitting needles,

Sports club, darts and swimming pool, billiards or billiards in the line

Syringes and hypodermic needles, unless medical reports are sent during airport inspections, please note that you will need to get an injection, and Air Antwerp staff and crew will not be able to help you.

The restrictions applied by Air Antwerp on the transport of liquids

In addition to this limited list of items, some of the items and product categories listed below require further explanation.

In the definition of liquid, gel, paste, emulsion mixture liquid/solid mixture, toothpaste, gel curd beverage, aerosol, vegetable mixture when these liquids are used as carry-on baggage in any plane in the air:

– Each container must not exceed 100 ml.

– Each liquid and container carried by the passenger is packed in a resealable transparent plastic bag with a maximum size of 20 x 20 cm

– The total amount of liquid in the bag must not exceed 1 liter.

If some of these requirements are not met, water will be seized at the airport security level. If you want to bring a drink that does not meet all these requirements, you can pack it in a suitcase. Liquid products purchased after checking the airport’s safe areas do not meet these regulations because the premises must be safe.

Electrical objects and equipment in checked baggage and your handbags

Safety regulations require that all electronic equipment must be turned off during takeoff to prevent interference with aircraft equipment or other systems. After closing, the following devices can be used to hang the “safety belt”:

– Mobile phone, if changed to “safe”.

– Tablets and laptops have been safely modified.

– Video camera

– Devices without air connectors, such as consoles, …

The safety (flight) function on these devices will continue to be on until the engine stops running or the pilot announces that the phone can be used for the first time.

It is forbidden to use equipment that requires an air connection during travel. Examples of these tools are:

The computer radio is equipped with all AM/FM digital audio equipment


Remote control toys

Wireless computer mouse.

Electric and battery-powered banks (lithium metal lithium iron or lithium alloy) are only allowed to be used on airplanes and must not be filled with containers. If the quantity is less than 100 WH, the item can be shipped without permission. For boxes between 100 WH and 160 WH, Air Antwerp must obtain Antwerp’s approval through the customer (click here) and only use two items on board. In any case, items exceeding 160 Wh are not allowed. These rules apply regardless of whether the battery is installed on the device or placed as a backup battery.

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