Modify a flight reservation: Online solution for better flight planning with Air Antwerp

You can consult your current reservations by going to the website: by clicking on “My account” then on the “My reservations” section.

You will also be able to access your booking confirmation and the data of your electronic plane ticket. On this space, you can make a special request (meal, seat, etc.)

For any special request concerning your flight reservation: log onto, under “My reservations”. Air Antwerp invites you to contact the service providers directly to make your requests. Please note that some requests may be subject to additional invoicing.

Error on the first or last name of a participant

If there is a first or last name error on your booking, let Air Antwerp know without delay as it is often easier to resolve the issue with reduced change fees from the airline when requesting correction is made on the day of booking.

– The first and last name of each passenger must correspond to those appearing on the identity document (identity card or passport depending on your transit / destination country). Otherwise, you may be denied boarding.

– Changes of passengers / participants are not allowed. Only a spelling correction of the first or last name can be accepted, but this is at the discretion of the suppliers and modification fees may apply.

Modify or cancel a reservation

Spelling errors do not affect your reservation, it is not necessary to contact us.

In accordance with its general conditions of sale (excluding 100% cancellable and refundable operation), Air Antwerp applies the cancellation costs calculated according to the carrier’s conditions according to the type of ticket booked (for example non-modifiable and non-refundable, modifiable with costs ) or modifiable and refundable).

Airport services such as transfers, activities or hotels are not refundable

Don’t worry, you can find all your documents in the “My reservations” section of your account.

It is also recommended to check spam or junk mail in your mailbox and place Air Antwerp in the desirable emails.

Air Antwerp customer service is at your disposal, go to this page:

Upon receipt of confirmation of full payment for your reservation by your airline, Air Antwerp will send you a second email containing the electronic ticket and the booking vouchers for the additional services you have chosen.

Once these documents have been sent by email, you can also find them directly in the “My reservations” section of your account.

Reservations are normally made weeks or months in advance and are not possible during the peak tourist season.

However, there is an alternative. You can now book your flight online, through the airline’s website. By using a company specializing in air travel and hotel reservation services, you can make your reservation as early as possible, in order to arrive on time for your flight and have more space to enjoy your holidays.

 There are many advantages to making your reservations online

By going to the website of the chosen airline, you can make a quick and easy flight change using an interactive flight change form. You can also consult the seating plans and check if you have a window seat, a priority seat location. This allows you to manage your flight booking much more efficiently and ensures you get the cheapest flight available.

 When using the Air Antwerp website to make changes, you can view the seats for your flight by clicking on the seat thumbnail or image. You can then see details such as seat number and reservation number. This is particularly useful if you change flights frequently. Having access to this information can help you manage the booking of future flights more efficiently.

Booking your flight with the Belgian carrier on their website may be a more convenient way to better manage your air travel. You can also check out all of its discount or low cost travel deals to or from Belgium, and find out how to get the best deal. You can know the average price of flights, including planes serving routes, departure dates. You may also find special offers that may affect your total travel costs.

One of the main reasons that many people choose to travel with this airline is the reduced number of cancellations. However, when a flight is unexpectedly canceled, it may leave you stranded at the airport until you receive more details from the airline. To avoid being kicked out of the airport, it’s important to call as soon as possible.

If you are traveling in a group, be sure to travel together so that you all can share the cost of the flight being canceled or delayed.

In addition to being affected by flight cancellations, you may be affected by other events that impact the rest of your trip. If you have a business trip planned for the near future, it is especially important to call the airline a few days in advance to ensure that refunds and other arrangements are made and included in your ticket. It is also important to make sure that you allow yourself enough time to get to your destination on time to travel on other flights if necessary. Moreover, you can access your Manage my Reservation space for any necessary or urgent modification.

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