Booking an Air Antwerp Mastercard plane ticket, what advantage for the traveler?

Use your Mastercard credit card to book flights with Air Antwerp and hotels or cars to rent, suggested by the Belgian company, or to pay for travel insurance or travel expenses. If there is a problem with this deposit, the MasterCard issuer can help you get a refund. In addition, this card includes travel insurance. Read the agreement with the landlord to see if you meet the conditions for accessing these services.

Payment convenience

Easily pay for a plane ticket offered by Air Antwerp, whether on the Internet or from its authorized offices and agencies.

With this card, you can adjust your standard limit. This payment method is ideal for all your purchases made with the Belgian airline.

You benefit from optimal protection during your online reservations

Stolen Purchases? Damaged or undelivered online purchases? No worries, your insurance compensates you.

Trip cancellation insurance included

When using your Mastercard, no longer take out cancellation insurance when making travel reservations. You are already covered.

Keep your card in a safe place

Do not store them with passports and credit cards, so do not keep them in your wallet, to avoid any risk of losing it.

If you book a ticket on, you can pay by credit card like Mastercard. Depending on your country / region, you can pay with this card and get your electronic plane ticket.

On the payment page, select “Payment options”, then pint your cursor over Mastercard. Enter the required data and confirm the reservation. After confirming payment, you will receive an email containing your e-ticket.

Pay securely

Your card payment details are encrypted. You can make as many transactions as you want without worrying about the security of your data.

A banking establishment like Mastercard offers its customers an additional security step in the form of a password or a PIN code. All you need to do is enter your PIN or password during the payment process. Payment will only be confirmed if the correct password or code has already been entered.

After using a credit card to make an airline ticket reservation provided by Air Antwerp. You will discover after a few moments that your bank account has been debited for the total amount required to validate the reservation. Mastercard actually accomplishes this number before the Belgian company finalizes your own payment.

To stop the misleading use of debit or credit cards, Mastercard may eventually need to introduce the debit or credit card and ask you to provide it with legal photo identification.

The travel cancellation insurance included in your Mastercard Gold compensates you:

– In the event of trip cancellation due to:

Serious illness, accident or death (also valid for a member of your family up to the 2nd degree);

Burglary, fire or natural disaster requiring your urgent presence (domicile, second residence or headquarters of your company if you are the owner, administrator or director);


Divorce, de facto or legal separation and property;

Loss and / or theft of travel documents

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