Air Antwerp offers you to pay for your plane ticket with Visa Electron

The method of payment may vary depending on the time of the visit and whether the transaction is made via a website or a mobile phone.

Secure payment

When you pay on their website, your payment information will be kept confidential and sent to a secure communication.

Some services are provided through its global collection partners. Information and payment data are neither disclosed to third parties nor sold.

Accessible from 12 years old, the Visa Electron is a bank card with systematic authorization. It allows you to settle your purchases and payments with Air Antwerp by booking a plane ticket ( or another product or service offered by the Belgian company.

The Visa Electron card is an immediate debit payment card that queries the balance of the bank account to which it is linked before each transaction. It authorizes payments and withdrawals in Belgium and abroad within the limit of a limit negotiated between the card holder and his bank.

With each transaction or withdrawal, the card checks that the account balance is sufficient to complete the transaction. If this balance is insufficient or if the expenses exceed a limit set by the issuing bank, the transaction or payment is blocked.

Some banks impose the level of this ceiling depending on the economic situation of the holder. This ceiling can for example be 700 euros per month of payment in the world (over 30 sliding days) and 600 euros per week of withdrawal (over 7 sliding days).

Insurance and assistance for the Visa Electron card

Like all payment cards, the Visa Electron bank card is coupled with insurance and assistance guarantees.

The insurance covers travel and private trips of the cardholder, such as travel with Air Antwerp.

Shopping on the Belgian company’s website? You can add your Electron card to online and mobile payment services and pay your fees securely.

Book your flight and your plane ticket also without a credit card and pay with payment methods like Visa Electron.

When you use your bank card to reserve a seat on, you will see that your bank account has been debited by the amount necessary to complete the purchase within a few days.

Confirm your reservation with Visa Electron

You can pay for your reservations in euros with Visa Electron. On the payment page, check the final amount of your reservation and select your card from the drop-down list.

You will then be redirected to the payment page where you will need to log into your bank account.

After payment you will come back to the confirmation page on

When paying by credit card, the verification page will be displayed immediately after making the reservation. A copy of your trip will also be sent to you via a confirmation email.

If you have not received your electronic plane ticket, you should check the massages stored in the spam section. Your ticket must include your electronic reservation number, the date of travel and all the necessary details of your reservation.

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