Book an Air Antwerp plane ticket with Visa Premier: What are his advantages?

Considered a high-end payment method, the Visa Premier card is often confined to the richest in the popular mind. In fact, the arrival of online banking has made it much more accessible from a pricing perspective.

The many advantages of the Visa Premier card explain the success of this bank card. Between insurance, assistance and higher payment limits, the high-end bank card is particularly popular.

Practical insurance for travel

The insurance included is one of the most frequently cited benefits of the Visa Premier card. They are to be distinguished from services, which do not work quite in the same way.

The advantages of the Visa Premier card when booking a plane ticket with Antwerp. To benefit from insurance, it is necessary to have paid for his trip, with the Visa Premier Bank Card.

Who can benefit?

The bank card holder can of course enjoy the benefits of the Visa Premier card, but his or her spouse or partner (living under the same roof), their children under 25 and living as dependents, their ascendants and descendants living under the same roof, unmarried grandchildren under 25, if traveling with the cardholder, are also covered by insurance.

Please note, in the case of a trip with friends, if only one of the travelers is responsible for paying for the plane tickets and the trip, then the other members of the group will not be covered and will not enjoy the benefits of the Visa card, first, unless they fall into one of the categories above.

What are these assurances? Visa Premier Card insurances mainly cover the holder during his travels and trips, worldwide (more than 100km from home, except for the mountains), and during the first 90 days. What makes it an ideal bank card for traveling?

– Travel guarantee: cancellation or modification of the trip, delay, loss or theft of luggage

– Ski rental equipment

– Snow and mountain

– Rental vehicle, in case of theft and damage

Partner offers to get discounts

Among the advantages of the Visa Premier card, there is one that is less well known than the others: partner offers. Visa is in fact a partner with many brands, allowing the holder to benefit from offers or discounts; these can be temporary or permanent.

Where can you get your Visa Premier card?

Two formulas exist to obtain a Visa Premier card: online banks or traditional banks. Among the former, the Visa Premier card is free, but it is necessary to justify a certain monthly income. For the latter, the card is chargeable, and sometimes even very expensive, however no income condition is applied.

Depending on the income and needs of the consumer, one or the other solution will therefore be the most beneficial.

Getting a refund for a plane ticket with the Visa Premier card?

It offers its owner a large number of insurance guarantees, including trip cancellation insurance. It is therefore possible, when you have a Visa Premier card, to cancel your trip (even if you have not taken out cancellation insurance from the airline) and be reimbursed under certain conditions.

Who is covered by Visa Premier Travel Cancellation Insurance?

This card and its trip cancellation insurance cover not only the owner of the card, but also their spouse.

What are the reimbursement conditions for airline tickets with the Visa Premier card?

– Airline tickets must have been paid for with the Visa Premier card before cancellation, whether partially or totally: proof of payment by Visa Premier card will be required, so remember to keep your invoices and your plane tickets. in case ;

– Reimbursements cannot exceed a ceiling of 5,000 euros per year and per insured.

– Death of a loved one (the loved one must be 1st degree)

– Illness or accident (you must report the accident or illness within 72 hours to be reimbursed for your plane ticket);

– Dismissal or start of a procedure for economic dismissal of the holder of the Visa Premier card, (the dismissal must occur between the purchase of tickets and the departure by plane);

– Serious material damage affecting the property of the owner of the Visa Premier card (the damage must occur at most 10 days before departure by plane).

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