Travel with animals: Air Antwerp accepts your pet on board under certain conditions

For safety reasons and certain aircraft restrictions, unfortunately, Antwerp Aviation cannot accept animals in its flight. There will be exceptions for dogs/helpers that are certified and trained to help the disabled.

Please note the following restrictions on accepting dogs on Antwerp Air flights

If the client cannot provide a reliable verbal assurance that the dog has been individually trained, or cannot perform certain tasks or tasks to help the client resolve his disability, the staff may request documents to confirm that the dog is indeed a service animal.

Training assistance dogs still does not meet the legal definition of assistance dogs, so the law does not require airlines to bring these dogs into the cabin:

– Each customer can only have one dog at most

– Only dogs that behave normally in public are accepted.

During the flight, the dog must wear a seat belt or seat belt, and fasten the seat belt, but do not need to wear a muzzle.

Reservation and departure

Always book your pet separately through customer service. It recommends that you book your dog as early as possible as and no later than 48 hours before departure. Try to keep your dog as close as possible to the point of departure and arrive at the airport long enough so that you and your dog can pass through security and passport control.

Travel documents and health certificates

Make sure you have all the health and customs documents required by the local laws of the destination country. Make sure to schedule vaccinations, travel documents and other important items in advance. It recommends that you contact the embassies of the country of departure and destination to learn about the necessary documents and regulations for the transportation of assistance dogs.

For more information on travelling with animals in or within the European Union, please visit the following website: European Commission Regulations.

Certain countries/regions do not allow pets to travel to and from this country/region. For more information on these exceptions, please visit the IATA website.

Do you want to go on vacation with a pet? This is what it will cost you to fly with your cat or dog depending on the airline.

It’s always difficult to part with your cat or dog when traveling, and precisely, for you, no question of going on vacation without your furry companion? If you are wondering about transporting your pets by plane, this is how it is to take a plane with a dog or a cat with the twenty main airlines that serve Belgium, but first, a handy little reminder about transporting your cat or dog on an airplane.

Animals in airplanes: which cat / dog transport bag or crate on an airplane?

First of all, a little reminder about transporting your pet by plane, if the latter cannot travel with you in the cabin, you will need to bring an IATA approved cat or dog carrier.

The IATA or International Air Transport Association standard for transporting your animals by plane is a mandatory standard for all animal baggage in the cabin. Here are the requirements for a piece of baggage to meet the IATA standard:

– The shell of your dog or cat carrier must be made of fiberglass or rigid plastic, its two parts must be held by bolts

– Any wheels of the box must be removed or blocked with tape if they are retractable

– The door closing system of your dog or cat transport box must be centralized, so that the closing points at the top and bottom of the door are locked at the same time the hinges must also protrude at least 1.6 cm from the edge above and below the door.

– Finally, your pet should be able to stand in his crate without his head touching the top and turn around / lie down without discomfort.

If you have the possibility, it is best to purchase an IATA approved animal transport crate directly, to avoid an additional charge on arrival at the airport. You will understand it is indeed a crate that is needed and not a carrying bag for a cat or dog on an airplane.

Do you want to take your pet on vacation? This is the cost of flying a cat or dog, depending on the airline.

Animals on the plane: Which cat/dog bag or box will you carry on the plane?

First, a small reminder reminds you to transport pets by air. Secondly, if they cannot bring them in the cabin, they need to carry a cat or dog basket approved by IATA.

The International Air Transport Association (or International Air Transport Association) standards for air transport of pets are mandatory standards for all hand luggage. The baggage requirements that meet the IATA standard have the following conditions:

– The main body of the dog or cat carrier must be made of glass fiber or hard plastic, and the two parts must be fixed with screws.

– If retracted, all wheels in the box should be removed or taped.

– The door lock system for dog or cat carriers should be placed centrally so that the top and bottom points of the door are locked at the same time.

– The hinge should also protrude at least 1.6 cm from the top and bottom edges of the door

– Finally, your pet should be able to stay in the cage without touching the top of the cage, and be able to turn around/lie down without discomfort.

If possible, it is best to directly purchase IATA-approved animal transportation to avoid additional costs when arriving at the airport. As you can see, what is really needed is a box, not a built-in bag for cats or dogs.

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