Air Antwerp provides special services to passengers with reduced mobility

Air travel is often a joyful experience for most people. It is always advisable to prepare for your trip, but it is even more advisable for people with reduced mobility. If you make the following preparations, your trip should be in optimal condition.

Air Antwerp offers free and identical services for all passengers with reduced mobility, regardless of the class in which they reserve their seats. The service provided is not exclusive; you can be accompanied by other people with reduced mobility during your pick-up.

Air Antwerp will give priority to providing equal service to all passengers. If you or your travel partner needs special assistance due to a physical or mental disability, the Belgian airline team will prepare all the necessary arrangements to provide you with a comfortable flight. In order to pay special attention to the necessary preparations, Antwerp Air can only accept standard bookings through the website. Passengers, who require special assistance, should contact a customer service agent and they will be happy to resolve any issues and make special reservations for them.

To allow the crew members of the Belgian company to organize special assistance services at the departure and arrival airports, it is strongly recommended to inform customer service at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

As Air Antwerp is not subject to the special airport assistance clause, it cannot guarantee the availability of the required services. The sooner you confirm your reservation; the Belgian company can make better arrangements for the good service at the airport. On the day of the flight, please inform yourself at the Air Antwerp check-in counter as soon as possible and at least one hour before the scheduled flight departure time.

If you wish to take a wheelchair with you on board an aircraft belonging to that airline, you can do so, provided that the weight of the chair (without passengers) does not exceed 60 kg and the battery (if applicable) ) complies with the baggage transportation regulations and policy of that airline.

For more information, please contact their customer service. For example, you can find out about the possibility of transporting assistance dogs, other medical devices, etc.

What services are provided to passengers with reduced mobility and how can you request them?

Airlines like Air Antwerp, offer special accessibility services which can be classified into the following categories:

           – Free transport of assistive devices and wheelchairs

Specially designed for people with reduced mobility or who need to carry dialysis machines or breathing apparatus.

          – Service animals or emotional support

A service totally intended for blind people who need the help of their guide dog and anyone who, for psychological reasons, needs the company of their pet.

           – Accessibility services on board

Many airlines offer various onboard facilities for people with disabilities. Braille brochures and accessible washrooms are one of them.

          – Services after landing

Some companies also offer assistance to those who need accompaniment or a transfer to the destination airport.

In order to provide these services, it is advisable to contact the airline in advance to make your specific needs known.

Free transport of support material:

Two mobility devices per person;



Scooter for reduced mobility;

Additional medical equipment (such as a 5 kg oxygen cylinder).

Wheelchair transport:

Yes, on all flights operated by Air France.

Priority boarding.

Service or emotional support animals:

Guide dogs for the blind or for emotional support are transported free of charge in the cabin;

The dog must meet the health requirements of the country of departure and arrival;

The dog must wear an ID chip or harness;

Muzzle not compulsory;

Must not obstruct traffic in the central aisle;

The company must be notified 48 hours before the flight.

Other accessibility services:

Help with taking meals for people with paralysis or without upper limbs;

Toilet assistance;

Therapeutic oxygen supply;

Use of a breathing apparatus;

Help for people with intellectual disabilities;

Magnetic loops in the recording areas for the hearing impaired;

Some crew members know French sign language.

Services after landing:

Help to get off the plane;

Priority baggage claim;

Accompaniment until departure from the airport;

Accompaniment for connections to another plane;

Air Antwerp passengers must report to the special assistance desk one hour and forty minutes before flight departure.

Free transport of support material:

Wheelchair, walker or crutches;

You must arrive 30 minutes before the boarding gate;

In order to wear your own breathing apparatus, you must complete a form;

Spare batteries are permitted as carry-on baggage;

A defibrillator can be taken on board, but the personal assistance team must be notified (a good compliance form must be completed).

Wheelchair transport:

Wheelchairs with an electric motor can be transported (up to a maximum of 300 watts in the batteries).

48 hours notice must be given before the flight.

Service or emotional support animals:

Guide dogs are accepted on all flights to countries in the EU or the European Economic Area;

Bring your passport or health certificate for your pet;

Must belong to an International Federation of Service Dogs with accreditation;

Mandatory use of a standard identification vest or harness;

Animals must be seated on the ground at the owner’s feet;

It is best to report this at the time of booking;

Other accessibility services:

Every effort will be made to seat the companion next to the person with reduced mobility;

Therapeutic oxygen supply (paid service and reservation 7 days before the flight);

Services after landing:

Help in getting off the plane if necessary;

Escort to the baggage claim area.

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