How much baggage to carry in the cabin and in the hold

What is the maximum size or weight allowed for your cabin baggage and your suitcases going into the hold when you travel by plane with Air Belgium? How much luggage are you allowed for your next flight with the Belgian company? Obviously, we all ask ourselves the same question before each new flight.

The baggage allowance authorized for each passenger under Air Belgium policy

Type of baggage




One (1) only 10kg handbag in Economy and Premium class

Two handbags with a total weight of 16kg in Business class

115 cm: (height 55 cm x width 35 cm x depth 25 cm)

Checked baggage

One (1) baggage of 30kg in Economy class

Two (2) checked baggage (2 x 30kg)

Two checked bags (2 x 32kg)


158 cm (height + width + depth, wheels and handles included)

The baggage allowance on Air Belgium flights varies depending on the type of ticket you purchase. You can check the size of your checked baggage before purchasing.

Air Belgium offers a generous baggage allowance, but some do not know it. So it’s a good idea to check with the airline you plan to fly with. There is a separate baggage allowance for carry-on baggage, and you can purchase baggage supplements online or at the airline office. With regard to excess baggage policies, there are no restrictions on the amount of carry-on baggage you can take with you.

The baggage allowance for air Belgium flights varies depending on your destination. The airline will allow you to bring a single piece of hand luggage and additional items outside the bag including a small briefcase, laptop bag, small electronic devices (smartphone, camcorder).

For example, if you are traveling with an infant, you can bring a small baby bag in addition to your carry-on baggage limit. These combined weights are included in the allowable hand baggage allowance.

Consult and verify your baggage allowance before boarding

There are certain restrictions on what you can take on an Air Belgium flight. You cannot bring more than one suitcase or bag. You can only take one piece of hand baggage. You can also carry additional items in your carry-on, but be sure to keep your handbags light. For example, you can bring an extra bag if you are traveling with a child. You can even take your baby’s stroller with you.

The total weight of your hand baggage is limited to 10 kg or 16 kg (depending on your class of travel), although you can bring a small personal item, your hand baggage must fit within the authorized weight limits of the aircraft . Keep in mind that the weight of your hand luggage may exceed the limit, so be sure to check its size before boarding. You can also consult Air Belgium’s baggage calculator to find out the cost of baggage transport.

The airline has different baggage allowance policies for different classes of flight. You can check 1 baggage in economy class and up to two bags in premium class. For Business Class travelers, it’s up to 2 pieces, each the same size, but each must weigh a maximum of 32 kg.

The maximum size of your checked baggage is 30kg or 32kg. Overweight items are charged as excess baggage. Fortunately, you can buy baggage supplements at the airport or online on the Air Belgium website, the fares are much cheaper.

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