Delayed, lost or broken baggage: What to claim from Air Belgium?

In case your luggage wasn’t sent for you upon arrival we’d suggest that you report it immediately into the luggage service in the airport. You’ll be encouraged to fill in a claim form along with the bags service will give you with a benchmark amount connected to a report of claim.

To trace your Lost & Found statement standing you will consult with the following link and get your report by simply inputting your loved ones title and reference number.

The bags service staff is going to do their very best to find your luggage and will help keep you updated regarding the status.

What to do in the event of damaged baggage?

It is always recommended that you immediately report any damage to airport baggage services or file an online claim within seven days of your departure date by completing the online notification form and providing the airline all the information about your luggage.

The bag service staff can help you further and make sure you get the right compensation. When submitting a claim, please add statements, bank statements and purchase receipts to demonstrate the value of your baggage and send us photos of such damage.

If anything is missing from the checked baggage, it is mandatory that you contact their baggage services to report the loss before leaving the airport, otherwise the carrier has the right to decline all liability.

Air Belgium cannot be held responsible for items stolen from the handbag. He cannot accept responsibility for these things:

– Delicate or perishable items

– Figurines and works of art

– Company files

– checking logs

– Precious metals

– Computers, personal electronics

– Cameras

– Jewelry

– Drug

– Cell phones

– Additional identification files

– Meals

– Cash

– Passports

– Secrets

It is necessary to send your request within seven days of the birth and it must contain:

– A list of all lost things

– Invoices, bank statements, proof of order with a statement of the value of lost items

– Your ticket or boarding pass

– Your baggage receipt

Many travelers don’t realize when their luggage is lost or delayed

There is an Air Belgium baggage service which manages lost and found baggage. He takes care of all lost baggage for you. This service is very practical especially if you travel frequently or if you travel to Belgium from other European countries. Here are some tips to follow in the event of lost luggage.

You must report to the baggage office immediately, report to the baggage office, even if your baggage has been delayed. Delays happen at different times of the day. If your baggage is delayed, you should try to find out when it was lost. A lost baggage tag must be placed on the baggage so that it can be easily located.

It is important to report a lost baggage delay as soon as possible. You should write down your contact number and flight number so that you can easily track the luggage. Report the delay and the lost bag right away. Keep track of flight details and your contact number. This will help you easily find the address and return date of your luggage.

Check if your baggage has been delayed by checking online. Online baggage tracking helps you track the baggage of a lost traveler. Most airlines offer lost baggage tracking. They also have the luggage tags, which you need to place on the luggage. The airline’s tracking system lets you know when your luggage is at its destination.

If you are in Belgium and find that your baggage has been delayed, you must call the airline office of the place you are departing from, request identification of lost baggage. You must then hand over this ID to the airline office so that they can find the luggage.

In the absence of the baggage tag, the airline office may request your customs clearance. You need to provide them with all of this information. This is necessary because customs clearance of your baggage is mandatory. The delay can also be due to the excess weight of your luggage, you should not take this risk.

If the baggage has been further delayed, you must notify the airline office. You should also know if there are any additional charges according to the baggage regulations. These fees are different depending on the airline.

Air Belgium has the best customer service in the world

You should take advantage of this service. If you have purchased an airline ticket and there is a delay in receiving baggage or baggage, you should immediately contact the customer service of that airline; this will give you better advice.

It is advisable to take out insurance with the company. This will cover you against any loss or theft of your luggage. In addition, this will cover you in the event of a delay in the delivery of your luggage. This will give you extra protection and you won’t worry about the problem when the baggage is delayed.

Air Belgium offers a baggage tracking service

You must go to the Air Belgium office to purchase this service. This tracking system is beneficial for those who have purchased tickets from other companies and do not know where their luggage is. This tracking system provides information on the exact location of your luggage at all times. The location can be found using the Global Positioning System. This tracking system is also beneficial for the animals.

There are also CCTV cameras to monitor employee behavior. If there are any delays in loading luggage, they have measures in place to prevent damage or theft of items and items stored in your suitcases

You can call the airline directly and their agents will fix the problem for you. However, it is best that you stay at the airport until the luggage is collected. If there are any delays in loading your luggage, you are required to pay an additional charge for the wait. You must also stay within the limited area assigned to you.

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