How much hand baggage the passenger can carry in Air Belgium cabin?

To be accepted by Air Belgium, the baggage you carry in the cabin must be easily stowed under the seats.

Considering that the stowage space in the cabin is limited, it will be necessary to transfer them to the level of the aircraft hold if necessary. This is perhaps really part of the baggage transport conditions established by Air Belgium to avoid reducing the comfort of its passengers. Your accessory should slip easily under the seat before takeoff.

Traveling in Economy Premium

The passenger is entitled to one piece of luggage of (55 cm high X 35 cm wide X 25 cm deep (wheels and handles combined) + a small accessory such as a laptop bag or a handbag.

In business class

Passengers in this cabin can travel with two pieces of hand luggage (respecting the same dimensions indicated above).

The total weight should not exceed sixteen kilograms (16 kg) while each piece should weigh ten kilograms (10 kg) or less.

The baggage allowance for each passenger is limited to one suitcase and one bag

No other baggage is allowed except those approved by Air Belgium. This includes transparent bags, and plastic bags that can be used for liquid products. The airline provides baggage tags with all the details regarding the type of baggage allowed on board. If the baggage is transported through airports owned by Air Belgium, the policy specifies that the owner is responsible for returning his baggage to the airline.

Luggage allowed on an Air Belgium flight is also specified in terms of size and weight. No bag may exceed the maximum weight which is fifteen kilograms and may not weigh less than sixty kilograms. All bags must be scanned upon arrival at destination. The bags will then be collected and identified before their departure. The bags will then be closed and stored until boarding.

Hand luggage is also stored in appropriate places. They should be stored in an easily accessible place and away from any place where they could be lost. This is to ensure that the bags do not have to remain in the depot for long periods of time. This also helps to ensure that the bags are not damaged during the loading and unloading process.

The luggage will then be transported to the plane. When this is done, the bags will be opened and examined before being placed in a special compartment called the hold. This is the main storage area for bags and other luggage. All bags are also stored in a container supplied by Air Belgium.

All handbags will be thoroughly searched upon arrival

Luggage will also be subject to additional screening at the airport. If baggage is found to be defective or not as described, this will result in rejection. This includes bags that are not heavy or that do not meet the standards set by the airline.

Bags will be thoroughly inspected upon arrival at their destination. Upon arrival at the drop-off, baggage will be transported to the baggage drop area. There will be staff who can help you with your luggage. These staff members will carry out all necessary checks on the baggage.

Air Belgium provides a number of services to its customers. Many of these services allow bags to be lost or misplaced. They also provide assistance for the transportation of luggage to airports. All bags are subject to security checks on arrival and during transport.

The Belgian airline offers a luggage delivery service

Once the luggage has arrived at its destination, the owner must proceed to the luggage carousel to collect his luggage.

For the transport of goods by freight, several options are available to you. It is possible to take the goods to the desired location or the service can be carried out by the freight service of the Belgian company. Freight charter service is also available from time to time. These services are particularly useful if transportation needs are frequent. This option is cheaper than using other modes of transport.

It is important to ensure that your luggage is checked before departure. The number of pieces of luggage that can be taken on the flight will be limited. There are also baggage limits for certain other modes of transportation. There may also be a limit on the number of bags that can be placed in the upper compartments. It is advisable to read the rules carefully before going to the airport.


How much baggage to carry in the hold? Air Belgium informs you of its policy

Specific elements can affect the safety of the aircraft or even others on board. Therefore, the carriage of hand baggage or checked baggage may be illegal or restricted.

These items can include everyday consumer items such as batteries or specific cleaning solutions. Sometimes an exception could be made for passengers, as they use Air Belgium to obtain their prior consent.

What is the hold baggage allowance?

The amount of luggage as well as the maximum authorized weight depends on your transport route:

– Business: 2 pieces of 32 kg baggage for each passenger;

– Premium: 2 pieces of luggage of 30 kg each;

– Economy: 1 piece of baggage of 30 kg each with a maximum supplement of 1 piece of baggage of 30 kg.

Are you traveling with oversized items?

If you are traveling with sports equipment such as a tennis racket or golf equipment. This is contained in the hold baggage allowance.

All sports equipment that exceeds the cabin baggage size limits must be carried as cargo. Sports equipment is approved by Air Belgium subject to specific requirements and at a further supplement.

Air Belgium flights are suitable for economy and business class travelers. There is a fundamental difference between the two classes on these airlines. For example, business class airline tickets cost more than economy class tickets. The same goes for other airlines.

Air carriers must charge passengers for the services they provide. Passengers have the choice of traveling in economy or business class. Business Class offers more space than Economy Class and a wider variety of benefits. They have the possibility to lie down in the aisles of the plane. In addition, there is a baggage allowance for passengers traveling in this class.

Business travelers are allowed to check in two pieces of checked baggage free of charge. The weight of each passenger’s bag is then calculated based on the service purchased. This baggage allowance includes the weight of personal effects checked in in the baggage compartment. This allowance also includes personal effects that are brought on the flight and then collected after the flight lands.

There are certain restrictions on the number of bags that can be checked on each flight

There is a limit on the number of bags that can be checked in a single trip and a maximum weight limit for each piece of luggage. It is important to check the regulations for your flight when purchasing airline tickets. There are sometimes promotions for business class flights at discounted airfare prices. It is worth looking out for these deals as well.

Air Belgium business class flights are available with a choice of three different classes

These include the First Class, which offers the most luxurious experience on board. It has been described as the “world’s best airline” by Travel & Leisure. It has amenities such as a choice of leather or aluminum seating and a wide range of personalised services. The seats pitch in order to create more comfort, and there are large overhead heads. The First Class also offers a choice of extra benefits such as a choice of wine, a larger number of leg room and bigger beds.

The next class is called the Executive Class. It is a good option for frequent flyers who are willing to pay a little extra for a luxury flight. The seats are plush and there are larger wide arm rests, wider leg rests and extra cup holders. Most seats have a choice of upholstery fabric.

The third class is aimed at the budget-conscious passenger

It offers a slightly lower than average rate and is good for those looking for a comfortable journey. The seats are often slightly lower than First Class, and there are no large wide seats, generally suitable for business travelers who can afford to pay for a bit more flight comfort.

Air Belgium has flights from UK’s London Gatwick and Liverpool Stansted airports. Flights from Brussels Dorpsstraat and Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport are also available. Air Belgium offers online booking service and you can also view the airline flight schedule from their web site.

The crew has detailed instructions for travelers regarding their baggage and check in baggage. The airport is a safe place to travel and you will not need to stand in line for long to go through security screening. No one will touch your baggage unless it is absolutely necessary. You will need to remove all of your clothing and put them in your checked luggage belts. Many passengers opt to keep only their shoes and belts on board to reduce inconvenience.

Air Belgium offers many options so that baggage can continue its flights

There is a duty free of up to five hundred and fifty pounds per passenger for carry-on baggage. It’s just as good for business travelers as it is for vacationers. Business bags cannot exceed this allowance and must be paid the difference. Luggage tags must be purchased so that you can mark the luggage as hand luggage. It is best to use the same tag used for the return flight, as this will speed up the check-in process.

It is essential that all stowed bags are accessible to cabin crew. Only priority seats and bags will be placed at the front of the aircraft. All other bags or items should be stored in the upper area.

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