Transporting a stroller by plane: Air Belgium has clarified everything on this subject

You are able to transport a padded stroller and buggy to the boarding gate for free, and airline agents will take care of the rest.

But what is a cabin stroller?

A cabin-approved stroller is first and foremost a compact and lightweight stroller that can be folded very small to fit in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. These strollers are available for babies from birth as well as for the second age.

The advantages of traveling with a cabin stroller

Traveling with a cabin stroller is much easier. In the airport, you can move around without worrying about a long corridor to walk, especially if there is no conveyor belt and the baby cannot walk well yet. In the waiting room, once again, the stroller saves us! You can install your little one to play or if he needs to rest.

The dimensions of strollers transported by plane

It will be understood that the airplane stroller is above all a light and easy to fold stroller in a compact way that allows you to travel with Baby without being cluttered. The airplane strollers on the market are all different and there is no single imposed format: all airlines have their own size and weight charts accepted in the cabin. Before going to the airport, it is better to find out about the website of the company you are traveling with and the conditions for boarding your stroller in order to avoid a bad surprise and having to put your stroller in the hold.

The Air Belgium stroller is perfect for traveling with your little one. This is a full size stroller that can easily support a weight of 30 lbs. When purchasing this stroller, there are some things to consider before you go on a trip. Keep in mind that you want to pack enough bags for all the items you will need to pack so that your stroller can stay organized and always manageable. Here are some things to consider before going on vacation:

– Packing bags

Air Belgium strollers are available in many styles of bags and carrying cases. This means that you can choose a style that best suits your needs, such as the shoulder bag or the backpack holders. There are also cases where the stroller folds flat when not in use, allowing you to keep it closed while you are walking with your baby

How can a stroller be transported in the cabin?

You may need to take more than the stroller with you. Check your bags to make sure they will fit through the stroller doors. Air Belgium recommends the following types of bags and cases for their strollers.

What does Air Belgium allow other than a stroller or a cradle?

It is a stroller that can be used both for traveling with your baby and for other activities. The offers made by Air Belgium for babies include a car seat, a stroller and compartments for a handbag. The Infant Travel System is designed to support up to 45 pounds of weight, so it is ideal for those who want to carry their child but are concerned about the strength of the stroller. It folds flat for easy storage and comes with an adjustable handle, so you can adjust the stroller cart.

There is also a wide variety of accessories available with this stroller. Some of the options include cup holders for added convenience when feeding your child. There is also a towel pocket which can come in handy when your child accidentally gets wet on the floor or sink. There is a cup holder built into the stroller, which keeps drinks safely placed at your child’s eye level. The handle lock feature prevents the handle from coming loose, which is another common problem associated with strollers.

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