Business Class: Find out what Air Belgium has in store for you

Feel the luxury as soon as you step aboard. Starting with a refreshing drink and a relaxing smile, Business Class passengers will enjoy traveling with ease.

Let its discreet and friendly staff accept Care of you, seated on a wide, flat mattress. Travel in its Business cabins offering full comfort to passengers and fly to the height of luxury.

Lie back or operate in spacious chairs while its cabin crew provide tasty dishes and drinks from the menu.

Reach your destination rested and recharged, then love its little extras like quick security checks. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

The seat can be fully adjusted with the push of a button:

– The length of the bed is 2 m (79 “)

– Seat width 53 cm (21.5 inches)

– Large 10.2 ” x 6.1 ” (26cm x 15.5cm) entertainment screen

– Power point

– Quality mattresses

– Provide PC power, multi-port, iPod socket

 We make you discover what an Air Belgium Business Class trip is

Are you traveling with this airline for business or pleasure? You can travel by plane, but have you ever considered doing so in business class? If you are a business traveler and have taken advantage of special offers from airlines like Air Belgium, you will be glad you did, nothing like traveling in a luxurious cabin.

Air Belgium service in business class is like sitting right next to the first row. You will immediately notice that there is a greater level of comfort. In addition to the front row seats, you will also find a space just behind the seat in front of you where your companion can sit comfortably. The Air Belgium service offered in Business Class is accompanied by a multitude of services.

The Business Class service offered by this carrier includes the option of an extended legrest. This allows passengers to relax on long trips or business meetings without having to get up. A large leather service chair is included with every Business Class cabin, so you don’t even have to worry about buying one. You will also find a host of other comforts.

What more can you ask for?

Air Belgium service offers an excellent range of seating options for their passengers. Whether you’re traveling with family or your own executives, there is a comfortable seat waiting for you. Furthermore, Air Belgium ensures that each seat has been fully upholstered, including headrests, armrests, armrests, a seat base, leg rests, armrests, back rests, and a convenient telephone/security combination.

When it comes to traveling, many travelers have no choice but to sit in economy class. For those passengers flying in Business Class, comfort is an important factor in their decision. Thankfully, Air Belgium has designed a layout that allows Business Class passengers to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable seat, while still experiencing all the benefits of Business Class services. A unique lumbar support, built-in video entertainment system, and a multitude of cup holders, make the world of Air Belgium business class even more enticing.

As with all airlines, Air Belgium also offers economy and business class flights. However, it’s the business class flights that offer the best value. With amenities such as a service bar and a business center, Business Class seats provide everything needed for an enjoyable business trip. Moreover, a Business Class flight offers superior privacy. Unlike regular Air Belgium flights, in which you have to shout out to get attention from the flight crew, Business Class passengers have the added benefit of having a personal welcome officer and a sign that reads “boarding passenger” on their seat.

Other perks offered by Air Belgium include Business Class lounge access, priority boarding, and priority luggage loading. Furthermore, all passengers are entitled to a medical examination before take-off. Air Belgium also offers a first-rate health care coverage for their passengers. The health care provided by Air Belgium is superior to that offered by other airlines. The hospitals in Brussels that the airline serves have received awards from the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Department of Health.

When booking a flight, be sure to read all of the information provided to you

Make sure that your trip is an Air Belgium business class ticket, not a regular economy flight. If you have questions, make sure to call or consult your airline.

You can contact Air Belgium customer support anytime by phone or online

Air Belgium representatives are ready and available to help you plan your travel or to answer any questions that you may have. In addition to being knowledgeable about the Air Belgium service, Air Belgium representatives are also available to give you advice about traveling during the months of May to October, or any other peak season.

All service providers offer reliable service. However, not all service providers to deliver on their promises. If you are not satisfied with your Air Belgium service, you should report the issue immediately. Most common complaints include: poor service, rude crew members, long delays, no seat selection, etc.

Always travel with a company that has served customers in the country where you are traveling. This will ensure that you will be treated courteously and that you will get the time and the money that you deserve. There is nothing worse than having a pleasant experience and then having to encounter rude service. By law, all passengers who fly for Air Belgium must have the necessary information in their possession. If you have any complaints, it is important to bring this information with you on the plane. Your choice will make your Air Belgium travels experience one that you will never forget.

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