How to cancel your Air Belgium flight ticket?

Air Belgium and most airlines allow cancellation of airline tickets. Be careful, however, because the cancellation does not necessarily give rise to a refund.

Indeed, to guarantee you ever lower prices, the Belgian company generally offers non-refundable plane tickets in the event of cancellation.

If you want to cancel your plane ticket, be aware that there are two scenarios depending on the airline you are traveling with:

– If you want to cancel a plane ticket with a regular airline such as Air Belgium, you must contact a customer service advisor by calling +596 596 42 45 80

What are the cancellation fees?

The costs related to the cancellation of a plane ticket depend on the type of ticket:

– For a regular flight: Cancellations after ticket issuance subject to 100% fees

– For a chartered or charter flight: Cancellations more than 2 days before departure subject to a 90% charge. Within 2 days of departure, 100% charge.

– You bought a flight with a free cancellation option, how do you cancel it?

– During the reservation process, these flights are marked in green and marked “free cancellation”.

– If you wish to cancel any of these flights, you will need to do so over the phone, only on the day of ticket purchase and during its operating hours.

Please note, if you make the request outside of these time slots, normal pricing conditions apply.

How to get a refund following the cancellation of your ticket?

Reimbursement of a plane ticket is possible in two cases:

– Involuntary Cancellation

The airline cancels your flight and does not offer you alternative transportation.

– Voluntary cancellation

You cancel your ticket at the fully or partially refundable rate.

To request a refund, you will need to contact Air Belgium customer service by phone. Your request will then be sent to the Belgian airline for their study. Whether or not the refund is validated depends only on the rules applicable to your fare, established by the airline.

How much will the refund be?

The refund amount depends on the refund rules of each airline. Be aware, however, that most companies impose cancellation penalties.

In addition, Air Belgium can also add service charges to these penalties:

–   In the event of involuntary cancellation, service charges are not applicable.

–   In the event of voluntary cancellation, Air Belgium’s service charges are capped at 20% of the amount of the reimbursement granted by the company.

What are the reimbursement periods at Air Belgium?

Its reimbursement service processes your requests within an average of three months, the time to obtain authorization from the airline concerned and to process the reimbursement procedure.

However, some cases require longer processing, especially in the case of a particular event such as hospitalization for example. The response time to customers may therefore be longer in this type of situation.

How to track the status of your reimbursement request?

Once your refund request has been registered by us, one of its agents will contact you by email to confirm that the airline has authorized your refund.

If you have no news after four weeks, you can contact your company to find out the status of your refund request by filling out the form available in the Cancellation – Refunds tab of their help center.

Can you transfer a ticket to another person / change a passenger’s name?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer a ticket to someone other than the passenger initially informed during the reservation.

A plane ticket is personal and is therefore not transferable, even to a member of your family.

Your plane ticket is attached to a reservation with an airline and it is this reservation that enables your plane ticket to be issued. The issuance of the ticket “freezes” all the information provided during your reservation. The first and last name is part of this information. This means that any name change (however small) involves making a new reservation and therefore paying for a new plane ticket.

If you notice an error in the passenger’s name, however, you can request that it be corrected.

How to properly cancel a plane ticket to enforce your rights and receive your ticket deducted?

Similar to every other way of travel, aviation is very likely to encounter certain issues. Therefore, it might happen that you cancel your trip or the firm does. Were you aware, however, it is likely to be rewarded to get a plane ticket for a consequence of this? Evidently, it is going to be essential to move based on the principles of this artwork. Let us find out just how to cancel a plane ticket?

Way to cancel a plane ticket?

Canceling a trip is nothing from the normal. Several reasons may be the reason: health issues, sudden last minute, and inability to modify your booking … In these conditions, the way to cancel a plane ticket is the sole concern. To try it, first visit your senses and move with tact. Canceling your airplane ticket has to be performed within the given time. Upon careful studying of these traveling requirements, you’ll locate these deadlines along with another info like the potential (or not) of being compensated for a plane ticket or of changing the ticket.

The way to cancel a plane ticket with airplane ticket insurance ?

Airline Cabins insurance is a free tire for potential issues. Subscribing for this will make it possible for you, as an instance, to relieve the disappointments caused by the conclusion of your trip. Due to this, your costs could be refunded. But, visa, insurance and filing costs won’t be taken into consideration. Additionally, if you cover your airplane ticket entirely using a”Gold” or”Platinum” charge card, then the subscription to airplane ticket insurance is straight contained. You’re therefore insured in case of ticket mileage.

When will you cancel your trip and also be qualified for a refund to get a plane ticket?

It’s insufficient to buy airline ticket insurance to be paid in case of cancellation. Additionally, it will require the cancellation be warranted and independently verified. So, the approved causes of being substituted for a workplace airplane ticket would be:

– Visa denial;

– Dwelling burglary;

– Reduction of your identity files;

– Conspicuous bodily harm;

– Severe illness, injury or departure of a near relative;

– Professional transport or redundancy;

– Alteration or modification of paid vacations inside your business.

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