Take out travel insurance: Protect yourself against the risk of cancellation with Air Belgium

It’s not feasible to take out cancellation insurance through Airbelgium.com. But it is possible to reserve your flights through a travel service that will then have the ability to provide you. Also consult your travel provider, which frequently gives free travel insurance in the event the client pays for their excursion with credit card.

You must choose the offer that best suits your needs. Please check if you need insurance covering the cost of canceling your Ticket. Some Tickets are sold at reduced rates; reimbursement of these Tickets may be partially or totally excluded, with the exception of taxes, fees, charges and surcharges levied by a government or by the manager of an airport which would not be due if you do not take the flight. You can obtain a refund provided that these amounts are not withdrawn or have been refunded to us by sending your request to Air Belgium SA, Relation Clientèle, 7 rue Emile Francqui, 1435 Mont Saint Guibert, Belgium, or by calling its customer service at +32 33 03 78 18. Administrative costs of 10 EUR may be billed to you on this occasion.

Flight cancellation insurance: what is covered?

If you are forced to cancel an airplane flight, the travel agency or airline will very rarely offer you an alternative departure date or a refund. To be clear, they will always tell you that a refund is possible. But the fees will be so great that they will become dissuasive and almost without any interest.

Each airline has its own rules in this area, but cancellations and refunds usually do not involve travel cancellation insurance.

Note that cancellation insurance only intervenes in cases of force majeure. The interest of this type of cover is obvious, but the exclusion clauses are numerous in order to avoid that the insurer is only there to reimburse the untimely changes of opinion of Mr. who is obliged to work on a file at place to go on vacation.

The valid causes and generally supported by the flight cancellation insurance are:

– Departure, accident or illness of the insured or one of his relatives,

–  Dismissal or hiring,

–  Passing an exam or a catch-up for students,

–  Epidemic or natural disaster,

–  Damage to your home (fire, water damage, etc)

To be certain of all the warranty conditions and exclusions, the best solution is to read the general conditions in detail. Each insurer can offer differents conditions, the best way to compare will be to dive into the contract.

Flight cancellation insurance: reimbursements

Depending on when you cancel, cancellation fees may be applied: from € 50 booking fees in the event of cancellation 30 days before departure and up to 90% of the amount of the trip in the event of cancellation Eve. As you can see, the later you cancel, the higher the costs will be.

If you wish to be reimbursed in full, it is therefore preferable to cancel 30 days before departure. But a cancellation is most often fortuitous and last minute: thus, if you have cancellation insurance, the administrative costs will be covered, provided of course you have a valid reason for canceling.

Generally, the cost of cancellation insurance represents 3% to 4% of the sum of the tickets or the trip.

Finally, the cancellation guarantee can also be extended when you have left and you are obliged to shorten your stay (always for the same reasons mentioned above). But again it depends on the general conditions of sale. In this specific situation, it is therefore better to take out travel insurance.

To find out more, it advises you to read your contract carefully, to understand the exclusion clauses, the amount of reimbursements as well as the reimbursement conditions.

To take out flight cancellation insurance, you can go through your airline or your travel agency, but also through a specialized insurance company on the Internet or near you.

It should also be noted that some bank cards include de facto flight insurance in their range of services, valid on condition that the card in question has been used to pay for plane tickets or travel. Finally, if you are already at the place of destination and you need to return home urgently, you will need to take out another type of insurance: repatriation insurance.

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