How to modify an Air Belgium flight?

Are you traveling with Air Belgium and need to change your flight? Whatever the reason for your change, there are several ways you can change your flight. With this airline, you can change the date, time or route of your flight, as well as your class of travel. Depending on their conditions, these changes can be with or without charge.

Telephone service: Modify your reservation by contacting an Air Belgium advisor by telephone

If you wish, you can call the Air Belgium telephone information service to be put in touch with the appropriate service depending on your situation, which no doubt meets your needs (customer service, after-sales service, complaints service. , etc.)

Advisors are available at the number listed below

Telephone service is currently open. Phone number: +596 596 42 45 80

Our telephone service is open Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The Belgian carrier provides a telephone inquiry service independent of the airlines listed on this site.

How to change your plane ticket?

You can easily change your Air Belgium flight by going to the airline’s official website. To do this, simply enter your reservation number and select the “modify” option. The site will ask you for confirmation of the flight you want to change (date, time, etc.).

Do you want to change your flight with Air Belgium but you do not have your reservation number? Can’t make a change on the airline’s website?

You can change your flight by contacting your airline’s customer service department by phone, at an Air Belgium branch or directly at the airport on the day of your departure.

You made a mistake in the name of a passenger. Can you change it?

A name change is possible as long as the number of letters to be changed does not exceed three characters. In this case, the change is free. To do this, you must send an email to

What is the price to change the flight date of my ticket?

It depends on the fare class of your ticket. To make the change and know the amount, you can request it directly on the My Booking page or by email at

Coronavirus: Change a flight or cancel a plane ticket free of charge

With the international health crisis of the coronavirus, travelers’ plans are turned upside down. Gradually, airlines are implementing trade measures to allow passengers to change their flights or cancel their plane tickets free of charge.

How to change or cancel a plane ticket for free due to the pandemic?

Each airline company defines and applies the commercial policy of its choice. Visit the website of the company that concerns you. Often, an alert banner relating to the covid-19 crisis is present on the home page with a link to a page that expresses the commercial support measures put in place.

Free modification of a flight

Many carriers allow a “free change” of travel dates for passengers who hold a non-changeable or changeable air ticket for a fee.

According to the companies, this flexibility concerns:

– All plane tickets

– Or only tickets purchased before / after a certain date

– Or only tickets for a flight that must take place before a specific date.

Choosing a new travel date can:

– Be carried out throughout the flight program available for sale

– Or be limited in a defined time window.

The change without charge does not mean that the change is free when the company specifies that the change must be made in the same booking class. Only the modification costs (or penalties) are then removed. The price difference between the old booked flight and the new selected flight remains to be settled.

Once the free change has been made, there is no indication that other changes of the same nature will be granted later. So, carefully choose a new travel date that you think you can actually go on.

Procedure to follow to modify or cancel an Air Belgium reservation free of charge

First, try to change or cancel your plane ticket using the self-service tools available on your airline’s website or app, be careful, make sure the charges are waived as promised because this is unfortunately not always the case, otherwise abandon the electronic procedure.

Modify the data of a plane ticket? What to do if a problem suddenly arises

Air Belgium’s after-sales services can be overwhelmed from time to time and passengers must be patient. Depending on how close your original departure date is, you’ll try your luck over the phone, via social media, or by email. Customers of travel agencies, physical or online, should contact the agency from which they purchased their ticket to make the necessary changes and re-validate their reservations.

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  1. It isa nightmare to print boarding pass. My fellow Brigitte dewandre has booked2 seats to malaga flight SN3737. I (thierry BEAU) succeed to print her boarding pass. I cannot find my way to print mine.

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    I have rebooked our return flight CRL – FDF (KF 5966) from December 24th to December 31st (booking CQKVDX). Unfortunately, I cannot reserve seats in business class. How does it work?
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