Air Belgium Premium Economy Class: spacious space and improved comfort

Relax in a comfortable seat and savor its food and drinks. Get comfortable in a roomy seat to watch a movie, knowing that the included checked baggage will land safely without you.

You can stretch your legs from numerous Premium seats, with much more space to enjoy your time in the atmosphere.

Whether you want to buy a meal, catch a blockbuster movie, or float on the audio, it’s here to make sure you’re happy:

– 7 seats per row: 2-3-2

– Comfortable 36 ” legroom

– Reclining seat at 18 °

– Seat width 51 cm (20.1 inches)

– In-flight entertainment solutions and programs

Air Belgium claims to have three different types of service market

On their site, Air Belgium is raising its premium market by offering seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. They really look like regular economy chairs with a wider aisle.

Air Belgium, one of the main airlines in Belgium, offers different types of cheap flights to travelers.

The airline offers different routes for the convenience of its customers. If you are on vacation or on a business trip with your family, you can opt for Premium Economy Class for a more comfortable trip. However, if you are traveling in a group or on a business trip, you can take the first class which provide the best amenities for the travelers.

 Some of the facilities provided by Air Belgium are shown below:

– Seat tilt

Air Belgium offers the tilt for economy class passengers and first class passengers. There is an automatic seat tilt adjustment function in the airbags. This helps passengers to get on and off the plane easily. Even if you behaved badly during the flight, it will be easier for you to get off the plane compared to other airlines.

– Voice control system and a remote control to adjust the position of the seats

Air Belgium has integrated a voice command system which allows passengers to access the various programs offered by their company with a simple voice command.

      – The airbags also have a

Automatic seat tilt adjustment feature that helps passengers get on and off the plane. If you behaved badly during the flight, it will be easier for you to get off the plane compared to other airlines. The seat tilt can also be adjusted using a remote control from any seat in the cabin. In fact, passengers have the option of keeping the seat in an upright position throughout the journey if they wish.

– Availability of the power outlet

Air Belgium offers many sockets that can be plugged into different equipment. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using your electronic devices on airplanes. This means that Air Belgium has everything you want to take on board.

– A rich catering offer on board

Air Belgium offers a wide range of restaurants inside the cabin in economy class. This helps tourists to avoid the difficulties of in-flight feeding. You can order anything from the world’s best cuisines to home-cooked meals.

Air Belgium offers various seat tilt adjustments in its aircraft. There is a forward and backward tilt of the seat. You can also select the tilt of the swivel seat if you are traveling with a pet.

– Wi-Fi access

Air Belgium offers full Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the flight. There is free access to the Wi-Fi point in economy class. This makes the trip comfortable and hassle free. The database allows passengers to use Wi-Fi throughout the flight. Internet connectivity in economy class flights is faster than any other flight. You can use the Wi-Fi at the bridge and move around the plane at uninterrupted speed.

– Seats that convert into a bed to sleep and relax in flight

You can get a large number of sleeper seats in the economy class of the flight. The crew takes care of the seats, so there is no need to do it yourself. You can stay off the plane and relax on the stowed bed. The beds fold flat when you want to take a nap.

Compartment supporting larger and heavier luggage

There are brackets available for securing luggage. There is enough space for you to keep your bags close to your body. Air Belgium aircraft are equipped with spacious lockers for storing your luggage, and equipped with storage bins, where your additional luggage can be placed without complications.

Additional space for a comfortable journey on board the aircraft

Air Belgium offers a wide range of offers for its Premium class flights. The seat tilt is such that it gives you the most comfortable trip. You can take long distance flights with no problem. There is enough space for them to relax your legs. So you don’t have to worry about traveling on long distance flights.

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