Pregnant woman: Traveling with Air Belgium during pregnancy

You are absolutely free to travel in case you’ve complication free maternity around the 36 week. It advises you to get in touch with your doctor if you’re pregnant and want to journey with us.

No clearance required

You can travel around 4 months prior to your anticipated date of shipping if you might have to demonstrate, if needed, a new medical certificate coverage the anticipated date.

From The 28th week of pregnancy, so it’s highly recommended to get a recent letter from a doctor, composed no more than 8 weeks before your journey. This letter must verify that your pregnancy is more complication-free, which you’re fit to travel, and it has to state the anticipated date.

Medical retrieval required

In case you are pregnancy isn’t complications you must get medical clearance.

If you are planning a multiple birth or if you died in week 28, you will also need to get medical help. It should be like a letter from your doctor stating your due date and also that you are fit to travel. It should not be dated more than seven weeks before your trip.

Please note that boarding may be denied due to the lack of health records confirming your due date, in case you have any doubts regarding your fitness trip. It is advisable to delay your trip.

Strategies for flying during pregnancy

Air Belgium wants to make you as comfortable and as safe as possible, so please read their tips for traveling during pregnancy:

Consult your doctor for information and medical clearance records. The whole procedure needs special attention and you should have it if you are pregnant. That is why you need medical assistance from the crew or pilots. They may be able to help you overcome any emergency.

It can be difficult for a mother to do this kind of procedure on an airplane, especially if she is tired. You should seek help from the special services available for pregnant women.

You should ask flight attendants to take care of you while you are traveling by plane. This is necessary to avoid bumping into others during the plane ride. It is also important that you remember that you should not overeat and drink before traveling on an airplane.

You must eat healthy foods and you must also take multivitamins

You will find multivitamins in milk, and you should drink plenty of them. You should also eat dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Milk is a good source of calcium and it helps you get rid of calcium quickly. You will also find protein supplements very useful during this time.

The next thing you should do is avoid stress. When you are pregnant on the plane, you should be able to relax because stress can really affect your baby. You should talk to your husband while you are on the plane. Ask them to tell you whenever something is bothering you or some form of anxiety occurs. By doing this you will be able to reduce the amount of stress that is inside of you and at the same time you will be able to get the best possible support that you need.

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