Passengers with reduced mobility: Air Belgium makes every effort to ensure that its passengers travel comfortably

When you have reduced mobility or need special assistance, this does not necessarily mean reduced mobility possibilities.

Its friendly team can provide you with the services you want: at the airport, even on boarding and disembarking, also throughout a very long distance flight. Even when you’re totally immobilized for almost any reason, we’re here to help.

If you plan to travel with a personal wheelchair, extra oxygen cylinders or even a service animal, please provide Air Belgium with all the essential information.

In Air Belgium, he tries to make trips as pleasant as possible. Please notify all your needs 72 hours before your flight by calling their call center or simply completing this type online.

Air Belgium provides special assistance to passengers with reduced mobility

You may need to assemble a travel companion for your safety and comfort on board. The most important function of a traveling companion is to help in a crisis, especially in the event of an airplane.

Can it be a recommended travel companion?

When the runner has a serious mental illness which prevents him from understanding the safety instructions or from implementing them:

– If a rider is both deaf and blind, thus rendering communication with the team hopeless;

– When the runner has a motor handicap which physically prevents him from engaging in their evacuation;

– Most But a travel companion might be mandatory for many quadriplegics.

– You need personal help with eating, drinking or even getting to the toilet, as their team cannot help you in such cases due to other in-flight responsibilities.

Please note that a child with a disability or reduced mobility will not be allowed to travel as an unaccompanied minor.

Is health authorization required?

It is your responsibility to assess whether medical attention is needed. Proof of health clearance must be provided before traveling in the following cases:

– If an oxygen cylinder with an oxygen flow rating of more than two liters / minute is required;

– You should need extraordinary medical assistance during the trip;

– If you have an infectious disease

Air Belgium also recommends that you consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have had a recent operation or are wearing a throw.

What support services are provided?

Special assistance is available at most airports. He can assist you during check-in with your luggage (such as mobility aids):

– By alerting you at the door (with transport if desired);

– With covering on the plane (up to a chair if desired);

– Use of disembarkation;

– With baggage claim (such as mobility aids).

Online check-in is not possible if you are traveling with a wheelchair or even a service animal. Its check-in representative will be delighted to welcome you to Air Belgium’s committed work plans.

A person who has booked special assistance can travel with two private mobility devices free of charge as part of the checked baggage allowance. An individual mobility device can be a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, or an electric or manual device.

Passengers should ensure that they meet the requirements for carrying the Freedom aircraft.

Transportation of a passenger who suffers from an infection

When you have booked special assistance, a member of staff will escort you to the boarding gate. You will see chairs in the waiting room reserved for travelers with reduced mobility.

Air Belgium is delighted to offer priority boarding, which means that you will board first and that you will receive a personalized welcome from the team who will go through the safety instructions.

The Belgian company will provide you with a completely acceptable chair for the kind of help you need. You may win a siege petition, but for safety reasons, emergency exit seats are not available if you need assistance.

Mobility devices such as wheelchairs or walking aids must be registered in the handle. Crutches and walking sticks were allowed at the chalet.

If necessary, a member of the team can help you to and from the toilet and back to your chair. They cannot help you when you use the toilet.

 On arrival at the Destination, after all passengers have left the aircraft, part of its assistance team can allow you to disembark. They will accompany you throughout immigration and accumulate your luggage in the luggage storage.

Visual handicap

Air a traveling companion isn’t needed in the majority of cases. Should you are traveling; we’ll supply you with a helper who can assist you through check.

Once on board its team will welcome you personally and clarify the security elements of your aircraft. You will be educated about your environment, like your chair position and the positioning of this lavatories and doors. Its team members will be able to allow you to access and from the restroom but cannot help you whilst using the restroom.

After arrival in the destination, its staff could meet you personally and recover your luggage in the luggage hall.

Travelling using a guide dog or support animal

Your Manual dog cannot occupy a chair and is prohibited from inhabiting the space close to the emergency exits. We’ll do it’s very best to provide you the most acceptable chair – with distance facing your dog.

Recall that you’re transporting the animal into a different nation, so please make certain you have all required files and signs of vaccinations on your ownership when travelling, if You’ve got a hearing impairment or are ill and you’re travelling independently, we’ll supply you with a helper who can assist you through check, bring you into the gate and assist one to board the trip.

Mentally handicap

Passengers with a psychological handicap can travel as long as they may comprehend and execute the security directions of its team members. It is conscious that travelling alone could be rather stressful and complicated, and a person with a psychological disability may have trouble coping with this circumstance.

If the person traveling is Very likely to get stressed, or when a respiratory apparatus is required for your journey, please notify us at least 72 hours before your flight, so to make certain you’ll have the ability to take your apparatus on board.

Just approved mobile oxygen concentrator is allowed on board. Please check when your oxygen is accepted because of its aircrafts.

If additional details are needed you can consult with this site or get

Be advised to bring spare batteries, however please check the constraints on lithium ion batteries.

Private oxygen tanks

If you’re paralysed or lost a couple of arms, but can handle your requirements on the flight on your own, you’re advised to travel with no traveling companion.

It can offer all essential assistance in the airport

Please notice that although on board, its cabin crew may assist you with your luggage but can’t aid you with ingestion or taking drugs and they’re not able to provide any help from the restroom. If you need this support, then you’ll require a travel companion.

If you have to use an individual a brace chair for your trip, it departure, at Air Belgium it need make your journey as comfortable as you can. If you’re of big build, you are able to reserve an excess seat. It advises that you reserve this chair when you get your ticket, or 72 hours before your trip – otherwise it can’t guarantee the accessibility of two adjoining chairs.

Please contact its call Center to reserve your seat

This excess chair is for the own comfort and will be billed at a normal fare – nevertheless it does not incorporate any baggage allowance.

Since of its duties to the protection of passengers, a rider might be denied boarding when another chair is a requirement rather than bought, on departure from and arrival in offices at non-EU member nations, Air Belgium employs regulations in force from the nation in question.

Air Belgium abides by regulations in force at the non-EU manhood For many departures or Arrivals at airports inside the European Union,” Air Belgium, in Compliance with Regulation (EC) No more 1107/2006, might refuse to execute a Passenger with reduced mobility just in some specific circumstances:

– To be able to satisfy applicable security conditions,

– When the magnitude of the aircraft along with its own doorways gets the embarkation or bin of the individual physically not possible.

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