Right to reimbursement of the plane ticket due to delay, cancellation or hijacking of the plane

If you’re denied boarding (willingly or contrary to the will) or in case your trip has been canceled, you have the choice of reimbursement of this ticket within Seven Days, in accordance with the terms and requirements provided for in the regulations, of the cost at which it had been bought for its part or parts of the trip not accepted and to the part or parts of the excursion previously finished and no more necessary Regarding your original travel Program, in Addition to, when relevant, a return trip for your first point of departure when possible.

Re-routing to a last destination, even under comparable transport conditions as soon as you can;

Rerouting takes place to a final destination even under comparable transport conditions at a later date in convenience, subject to seat availability.

How do you request a refund for the ticket?

When you’ve reserved your ticket on the website, you can ask for a refund right about the My page of the website or by email in customerservice@airbelgium.com.

In case you’ve reserved your ticket through a travel service, please get hold of them.

In case a flight has been delayed for five or more hours and you also opt not to board, then you’re qualified for a complete refund on your flight destination.

In practice, if you have received an e-mail from Air Belgium, you must follow the refund procedure. If the latter only offers you a credit note, contact its claims department. If you have not received an email after the cancellation of your Air Belgium flight, contact Air Belgium customer service to request a refund under EC regulation 261/2004. As a reminder, beyond the reimbursement of Air Belgium tickets, it is not possible to obtain the fixed compensation provided for in the event of delay or cancellation of an Air Belgium flight. Companies like the Belgian company can in fact exempt themselves from this obligation if the cancellation of the flight is due to an “extraordinary circumstance”, which is the case of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) COVID-19 pandemic.

Which are the requirements to be reimbursed to get a plane ticket?

If your trip has been canceled, for some reason, then you’re qualified for a complete refund of your ticket, particular instances of flight delay also gives you a refund of your own flight.

Requirements for obtaining a refund for your airplane ticket: in case your trip has been canceled, overbooked, or perhaps postponed, then the airline has to provide you:

– A refund of the purchase price of the initial ticket, i.e. the person whose excursion has been canceled or by which you’re not able to board. If you’ve needed to get a ticket back for a different trip, Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 doesn’t provide for the payoff of their airplane ticket. The refund is just for the flight initially bought.

– In case your trip is delayed for at least 5 hours and you no longer want to journey under these circumstances, you can ask for a refund to the flight.

– If your trip has been canceled over 14 days prior to departure as well as the airline gave you an replacement flight which you diminished. You are able to ask for a refund to your primary flight! Be mindful, but you can’t provide for reparation.

As we’ve observed previously, cancellations or elongated delays the majority of the time frees one to a complete refund of your initial trip ticket. But there are exceptions which keep you from getting this petition. All isn’t lost, but because in many cases you’re able to claim reimbursement.

– Rerouting

As stated earlier, you cannot request a refund to your airplane ticket in the event the business supplies you with a substitute flight and you take. But in case a replacement flight is over three hours compared to the flight initially purchased, it is possible to claim compensation! Check below in case your flight is qualified?

If you’re the initiator of the airport mileage you might not be qualified for a refund. No matter the delay prior to the flight, then you’re deemed accountable to this cancellation.

You don’t appear for boarding your trip and / or you’re denied boarding, if you’re accountable for this denial (insufficient visa, identity record, or other) that you won’t qualify for any compensation or refund. It’s possible, however, maintain settlement of your airport taxation.

Which are your rights in case your flight has been canceled on account of this pandemic?

If your trip has been canceled on account of the coronavirus outbreak, then you aren’t qualified for damages. But you’re eligible for the entire refund of your airplane ticket. It’s essential to note however this doesn’t offer you the right for settlement the outbreak being contemplated by European regulations within an exceptional position. Much like other flight cancellations, the airline has to refund you within seven days of asking a refund.

Get a refund instead of a credit note?

As mentioned previously, this sudden scenario has forced the European Commission to accommodate its own regulation passenger rights. Thus, tremendously, airlines are authorized to provide their passengers credit notes rather than reimbursement to their airport. This scenario was immediately denounced by customer rights institutions in addition to by Air Belgium. That is the reason why airline passengers are now able to ask to swap their resources for money.

The approach is relatively easy. In concept, a very simple request to the airline through their site must burst. But many airlines nevertheless refuse to swap charge for refund. Really, the resources guarantee the airline that the cash spent with the airline will be well invested using the airline. To put it differently, it’s about clients not getting ticket vendors for drivers. What about the airline? Yet more, that the coronavirus has proven that businesses, even the biggest ones, aren’t immune by filing for bankruptcy. In cases like this, the passengers that have chosen to get a charge note are well-intentioned. That is the reason why, it strongly urge its passengers to opt for the refund choice, instead of a credit.

If you have already applied with this airline, without success or if you do not understand how to get around, you can contact their customer service. In just a few clicks, you will be able to submit your reimbursement request; Air Belgium takes care of all the actions with the airline to get you.

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