How does your child travel alone with Air Belgium?

Your child under 12 (unaccompanied minor) is taken care of by the company upon check-in before arrival at destination at a cost of $ 95.

Once you have arrived at your destination, airport workers will demand that your child be directed to the agreed location or to the man who is to take care of him. If you wish to have your child travel on an Air Belgium flight, do not hesitate to send a request to your airline using this address

Documents to present on the day of departure:

-Itinerary and boarding pass

-Passport with the last photo of the child

-Visa (if applicable)

– Entry documents (if applicable)

-Parent’s travel permit

-Fill in the contact details of the person who left the child.

-Fill in the contact details of the person authorized to pick up the child.

Children between 5 and 12 decades old

It offer a support to take care of kids between 5 and 12 decades old which ensures the protection of your kid and guarantees that they are feeling well cared for and ready to appreciate their trip.

Kids are regarded as travelling independently if they’re not accompanied by someone over 18. The exception is when the corresponding adult (who’s less than 18 decades old) is your mother, father or legal guardian of their child.

Please Book its children at the Air support beforehand, at least 72 hours prior to the trip. There’s an added fee for this support.

This Support can be obtained not just when a child is travelling alone, but also when they’re travelling in another course for their corresponding adult. In cases like this, your kid will stay under the oversight of the team during the trip.

If a child has a handicap or reduced-mobility, it regrets they’re not allowed to travel independently.

As In their 12th birthday, then a kid may travel independently should they want and also their parent or guardian agrees). Even though it is not compulsory to employ support assistance, we’re still quite pleased to look after all these young explorers.

Travelling may be stressful and challenging, therefore its team may escort them involving the check-in along with the gate and also to get the return by the deboarding into the arrival from the construction and remit to your parents or loved ones.

We make sure your child feels secure, happy and confident during their trip, the very same prices and regulations because the support for Unaccompanied Minor employ.

In the airport

    – Check-in flight

This will allow lots of time for paperwork to be finished and also for the help to be organized. For safety and security reasons, online check isn’t allowed for kids that are travelling independently.

Primarily, please visit the check-in counter tops with your kid and their bags. Your youngster’s bags are going to be tagged with a label and delivered into the carousel as a priority luggage on arrival.

Special help desk

As soon as your child has checked, please direct them into the exceptional Support desk. Since the parent or guardian, you’ll be requested to complete all essential paperwork, such as giving Air Belgium consent to transfer the child for your destination.

It’s necessary that you check entrance conditions to your destination prior to your kid’s passing, and be certain the youngster is carrying all required travel documents like passport, visas and vaccination papers.

Your youngster’s passport and documents is going to be set in a exceptional Pouch which will be worn round his/her neck and has to remain visible during the whole journey.

Procedures to be completed on arrival of the flight

After the aircraft has developed, your kid will stay on board until passengers have disembarked. The help services representative will fulfill with your child and escort them during the coming procedure.

The help services agent will subsequently fulfill that the particular person who’s collecting your kid in their destination and then it also kindly request them to make sure they arrive punctually in the airport.

The Individual who’s collecting your kid must offer evidence of Identity, by way of instance, a passport or identity card, even before the kid May be published to them.

Looking for young people travelling

Our support will be available shortly. Occasionally, It is crucial for small to travel . Air Belgium includes a dedicated Kids From the Air support to guarantee these kids feel secure, Happy and secure during their trip.

UN unaccompanied minor air transport is something of a gray area in Belgium. This is where children have been found to be present on flights that have been returned because the parents do not have legal custody of their children. The term ‘an unaccompanied minor’ is somewhat misleading, as the children are technically still under the guardianship of their parents. There has been an increase in the number of cases over the past few years with young children now being sent home by plane before they can actually travel. It is a sad reminder of the potential dangers that face children when flying without any of their parents or guardians.

It is common for parents to fly with their children and have them sit in the seat behind them, but this is not always possible. If a parent is going abroad with children of their own (which can happen for both boys and girls where parental consent is required), they often have to make arrangements to sit in an empty seat. This leaves the child at the mercy of the flight crew and other passengers. In some cases a child can be removed from the plane and taken to a temporary holding centre on the airport. There they will usually remain with a parent or guardian until a plane leaves again. If a child has an accident on a plane they may also need medical care and recovery support while en route to their destination.

Unattached minors are a different matter. They have to be removed from the aircraft by a security guard and placed in a holding area until their parents come to pick them up. This is a slightly more flexible arrangement than removal through the air. It is also important to remember that if the child has been separated from their parents, they will have to be returned to the place of departure by a law enforcement agency.

There are many reasons why a child may be removed unassisted by an adult. There could be health issues that make it impossible for them to travel alone. It may also be safer for a child to be removed that way as well. A security guard will not want to risk having an unharmed child on them so they will most likely request that a parent come along to take the child. Many airports have arrangements for parents to accompany their child.

There are three levels of escort for UN unaccompanied minor air flights. The first is the most effective. The airport security will simply notify the parents that their child has gone missing. A police officer will then be called and the child will be returned to the family’s care. It might also be possible to contact the police yourself but it is best to contact an airport services company. Airport security might also be able to offer you a letter of temporary protection which allows you to stay in the child’s care until the parents return.

This is often referred to as a ‘guard dog’ policy. Temporary policies can last from one day to three weeks. During this time the child will be cared for by specially trained and certified members of the airport staff. Staying with a temporary policy will also help parents to learn more about their child, to reassure them and to provide a reference if they need it.

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