Antwerp/Deurne Airport: Arrival & departure schedule

Do you want to know the arrival times of flights to Antwerp-Deurne in Belgium?

On this page you will find information on the flight schedule from Deurne / Antwerp Airport to Antwerp (Belgium). Click on arrival times for an overview of current arrival times and on departure times for an overview of current departure times in Antwerp. Under the weather heading you will find the weather forecast.

When you leave or arrive at Deurne / Antwerp airport by plane, it is important that you are well prepared.

Consult the table below showing the arrival times of all planes in Antwerp in real time. So you can see which planes are delayed on arrival at Antwerp Airport.

Schedules of planes departing from Antwerp

Do you need to travel from Antwerp airport in Belgium? Find out below the schedules of the planes departing from Antwerp in real time. Check your airline at Antwerp Airport or your flight number and make sure your plane is on time.

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