Where to take a taxi at Antwerp-Deurne Airport

There are always a large number of taxis available at Antwerp Airport. They cannot be hailed at random; you have to join a queue, where you will be directed to a waiting taxi. There are taxis outside the terminal at the airport in the Belgian city. There is a minimum fare for taxis from the airport to this city.

There are taxi ranks located outside the terminal at Antwerp Airport such as DTM and Taxi Antwerpen Service. They are easy to find, look for signs for the taxi rank when you exit a terminal which will direct to the nearest taxi rank.

You’ll save time if you specifically follow the taxi signs, rather than going to where you see people lining up for a cab. This is because the nearest taxi rank might be on the left or right as you exit a terminal building and there might not be a queue, so you might, regret and spending extra time at a busy, more remote taxi rank.

You are not allowed to stop a taxi anywhere. It is necessary to go to the taxi waiting area at the front of the line. There you will find a staff member wearing a high visibility jacket. They will direct you to a taxi assigned to you.

Taxi fares from Antwerp airport

It is important to remember that there is a minimum charge for airport taxis. This must be paid regardless of the length of the trip.

These are the rates when the trip is to a destination within the Antwerp metropolitan area.

If your final destination is outside the metropolitan area of ​​the Belgian city, taxi fares are higher per kilometer. It would be best to confirm with the taxi driver approximately how much the taxi would cost. You will also need to cover the cost of all tolls, but there is no toll between Antwerp-Deurne Airport and the city center.

It should be noted that there may be additional charges during holidays and late nights.

If you are staying in a hotel near Antwerp Airport, you may not need to take a taxi to your hotel. Even though this is only a five minute trip, there will be a minimum fare from the airport. Check when you book the hotel to see if they have a hotel shuttle service to this airport. Most hotels near the airport provide this service free of charge.

Additional taxi costs

There are many potential additional fees that can be added to those listed above.

When entering the taxi, you can check the surcharges on a sticker on the window at the back of the taxi.

The majority of official taxis in this city are allowed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers. This includes the majority of box taxis. And, about 10% of box taxis have a special license to carry up to 6 passengers. If you need one of these taxis, you should ask the operator at the airport taxi stand to find one for you. You might have some waiting time as these types of taxis are not as readily available.

If you are in the city center and want a taxi for up to six passengers, it is recommended that you call an official taxi company and request one.

Please note that for van taxis there is a supplement for each person over 4 passengers.

File a complaint against a taxier

If you plan on making a complaint about your taxi driver, be sure to ask for a receipt at the end of your trip. All taxi drivers are obligated to give you a receipt upon request. The receipt will include the essential information you need to provide when compiling your complaint.

How do you report an item lost in a taxi?

If you think you have left something in your taxi, it is possible to contact a specific helpline.

Antwerp airport taxis can be easy and convenient. Before choosing a taxi over other forms of public transport, one should consider all aspects of the cost, including additional charges and minimum airport charges.

Secure baggage drop-off and transfer service

There is luggage storage and secure transfers to and from Antwerp. This is a convenient service where you can drop off your luggage and transfer it safely to your final destination.

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