Parking at Antwerp-Deurne Airport: Several parking lots to leave your car in a secure place

Are you going on vacation and leaving Antwerp? Then check out the different parking options that the company managing that airport has listed for you. Book the best and cheapest place in the airport in advance and go on vacation without the stress of parking.

Every day, thousands of travelers depart from Antwerp Airport Antwerp to all parts of the world. Parking near this airport is an important prerequisite for many people departing from here.

Fortunately, the number of parking spaces at the airport is very large and accessibility is also excellent. The capacity of its car park is estimated at 500 spaces.

Cheap parking around Antwerp-Derune airport

Even if you leave your car in the airport parking lot, you won’t end up with a very spicy bill.

In this parking area, more than 700 cars can be parked simultaneously near the terminal. It is therefore the ideal place to leave your car on flights that leave very early or late. Once you leave the car, you will be promptly taken to the airport by shuttle bus.

On this parking space, you can make an online reservation up to 24 hours in advance.

It is also important to know that this parking lot is fully covered and therefore very safe. Of all the parking spaces around the Belgian airport, this is the cheapest option. So don’t wait too long to book.

  • 30 minutes: 1.20 Euros / first hour: 2.40 Euros
  • 24 hours: 14 Euros
  • Up to 24 days: 14 Euros per day (108 euros)
  • From the 25th day: 5 Euros additional to be paid per day

If you need to park your vehicle at the airport for a long time, long distance airport parking can be the ideal solution. Long-distance airport parking offers much more flexibility than most other forms of parking. For example, you can choose to pay by the day or by the week. You also have the option of choosing a terminal that allows you to depart and collect your luggage immediately, saving you time and aggravation. In addition, long distance parking at the airport usually offers a reduction of up to 70% on certain parking spaces.

Short-term airport parking can often be more expensive than long-term parking, especially when you park in the wrong terminal. A good way to avoid these pitfalls is to choose a well-established parking service. These services generally offer flexible payment methods, such as monthly, weekly or daily use, and level II and III parking. You can also avoid parking problems by choosing a terminal with high security levels – you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe from theft. Finally, a good airport service will offer plenty of flexible return and contact policies, which mean you don’t have to worry about where you parked your car on your return.

Parking space for disabled people

People with a valid disabled parking card can ask the municipal administration to provide a parking space near their home for disabled people on public roads.

The following documents must be attached to your request:

  • A double-sided copy of your disabled parking card
  • A double-sided copy of your driver’s license
  • photos of the street, the parking situation, the front facade, the possible driveway / garage / car port
  • A signed document by which you become aware that any holder of a disabled parking card may use such a location
  • Your contact details
  • Your vehicle data (registration number, make and model).

Prior to processing, each request will be submitted to the police for review. Officers make a decision based on the request and the advice of the police.

For any reservation, simply go to , and register for the parking service for passengers with reduced mobility. Online payment methods are available to users.

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