Renting a car in Antwerp-Deurne? Vehicles of all brands, available at low prices

With your hire car at Antwerp City Airport, you can explore over thirty square kilometers of historic urban area that impresses with its high architecture, rich cultural offerings and excellent cuisine. Enjoy the freedom of a rental car and take a trip to the green belt around the city.

In Brussels, just like renting a car in Antwerp, you can drive to the airport for your car rental. Hiring a car at the airport is of course that easy. The center is very easy to access.

A fast and inexpensive rental service

Internet access – that’s all it takes to bring your car rental closer to reputable companies like Sixt and Avis. You can choose between the services of different car rental companies.

With the help of numerous search filters, you will quickly find the right offer that meets all your needs. Consider, for example, the following popular filters:

– Additional pilot

– Glass and tire insurance

– Roof and chassis insurance

– The best fuel control

– Automatic or manual

The car rental prices at Antwerp-Deurne Airport depend on the car class, period and insurance package you choose.

By doing a simple online search, you can spot deals that fit your budget with the possibility of a refund.

What you need to be eligible to rent a car from Belgian airport?

All drivers must have had their driver’s license for at least 12 months – regardless of their age. Sometimes a driver’s license of at least 24 months is required to rent a car. The company will only count the period of the driving license from the age of 18 of the driver.

Do you need a credit card to rent a car?

A credit card in the name of the main driver is required to block a deposit for your rental car in Antwerp-Deurne. It is recommended that you check the rental conditions to make sure your credit card is accepted by the car rental company.

Who can drive the rental car at Antwerp Airport?

If you plan to hire a car at the Belgian airport, you can include an additional driver in your contract at an additional cost. When searching for offers, you can also filter with the option “additional driver included” to find offers with a free additional driver.

What is unlimited mileage for a car rental?

Unlimited mileage means there is no distance limit for your rental car. If you are renting a car, most car rental companies have unlimited or free kilometers available. Select this function when booking to filter the appropriate offers.

Take a drive

By rental car you drive from Brussels airport at first sight; the big market. Admire the magnificent Gothic Town Hall and the Old Town Estates. Then the rental car from Brussels Airport continues to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, including the Museum of Ancient and Modern Art. Art lovers will be amazed by the wonderful collections of paintings and sculptures. Then, rest your tired feet and visit one of Antwerp’s chic restaurants. Depending on your taste, you can end the day with a delicious portion of Belgian waffles or mussels with typical Belgian fries.

There are many beautiful and well-known towns and tourist sites around Brussels. Enjoy a bike ride through the beautiful parks and gardens of the green belt surrounding the city. Or how about a trip to Antwerp, just forty kilometers away? Here you can enjoy a delicious temptation for which Belgium is best known: chocolate in all its variations.

What documents do you need to collect the car?

Each car rental agency in Antwerp-Deurne needs the following documents from you:

Identity card / passport

Driver’s license

Credit card

Your car rental voucher

All documents must be in the name of the main driver.

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