Popular destinations from Antwerp-Deurne Airport

Fly from Deurne (or Antwerp Airport) and enjoy affordable airline tickets to many destinations in Europe. We have listed for you the most popular destinations from Deurne and the best offers of the moment. Where are you flying to?

In Europe, TUI Fly Belgium, Air Belgium, Brussels Airlines, and other airlines like Iberia, Air France and Royal Air Maroc operate regular flights to:

  • Antwerp

The city of Antwerp is located at the very end of the Maritima Canal, which is a complex system of canals that connects the Netherlands and France. The most important destination in Antwerp is the city of Le Havre, which is the largest city in southern Belgium and shares a border with France. Other cities that can be considered as part of the city of Antwerp are Antwerp Airport, where commercial flights are generally operated, and the Port of Antwerp, where passenger ferries and yachts are generally used. The best part of Antwerp for visitors is its natural beauty and the surrounding countryside, which are very picturesque and offer stunning views of the surrounding area. Tourists from all over the world come to Antwerp-Deurne Airport because it is one of the best airports in Europe.

In addition to the great destinations served from Antwerp-Deurne Airport, there are also many other activities and attractions in the city, which is why there are an increasing number of visitors and tourists who fly to Antwerp. -Deurne. Besides the large number of destinations served by the airport, Antwerp-Deurne has a lot to offer. The city is home to many prestigious universities, art museums, libraries and theaters, making it a wonderful place to visit. The lively and metropolitan lifestyle of Antwerp-Deurne attracts a large number of young people every year, which is why there is a growing population of foreign students in the city. Other common reasons for traveling to Antwerp-Deurne Airport include business trips, visiting family and friends, or exploring new destinations.


It is a pretty little town by the sea, located less than a 2 hour drive south of Valencia in Spain. This might not be the first city you would have thought of when planning your future vacation in the sun, but I assure you it is well worth a visit! I fell in love with this small town by the sea. Let’s go and find out what to do and see in Alicante, all our tips for visiting Alicante.


In addition to all its beaches, Almería has a rich archaeological, architectural and sculptural heritage that will delight history buffs: the English Cable, its excellent Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral-Fortress, and its magnificent Alcazaba are just a few compulsory visit sites. All of this may well take you a full weekend.


Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands, a group of 4 islands. Ibiza is the third largest in the Balearic Islands. She is accompanied by her little neighbor, Formentera. From the middle Ages the fortifications appear, in fact since 2000 years BC the islands have served as relays for several cultures … Very quickly successive populations sought to protect themselves from external threats.


Ideally located in the south of Spain, Malaga first and foremost evokes the Costa del Sol, this magnificent coastal region of Andalusia which boasts kilometers of beaches, permanently bathed in the sun. A vibrant city of incredible riches, this is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful Andalusian towns.


One of the most attractive parts of the coast is La Manga del Mar Menor, a destination to relax in while enjoying the sea and the activities of its seaside resort. You will also discover vast white sand beaches, for example in San Pedro del Pinatar, almost wild coves, especially in Cartagena, curious landscapes such as the erosions of Mazarrón or small fishing villages like Águilas.

Palma de Mallorca

The largest Balearic Island welcomes you for a relaxing holiday. Beaches, sun, flowery villages, Mallorca has everything to seduce you! While the tourist influx is high in high season, there are still remote villages and havens of peace. In May, the island is adorned with flowering trees and oranges ripen for your viewing pleasure. In addition to the splendid beaches, there are many things to do and discover. Hiking, diving, cycling for sports enthusiasts, visiting Palma and stopping off in quiet hamlets for others, and if you think you’ve seen it all, wait! Mallorca is a mountainous island, where winding paths lead to secluded monasteries. The plunging panoramas on the sea, from the top of Puig Major and the cliffs of Cap Formentor, are breathtaking. And at dinner time, get ready to taste the best paellas of your life. Everything will be gathered for a perfect stay.


Located in the Tyrol region, this small town is easily explored on foot. With its houses with colorful facades and many places of interest such as the Little Golden Roof or the Imperial Palace, Innsbruck is sure to have you hanging out. Moreover, unlike Vienna or Salzburg, it is a little less well known to tourists.


A white city which, perched on a hillock, monitors Europe and Africa, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, a city of all exchanges, polycultural, the first port of Africa, and a gateway to a world of exoticism for generations of painters and writers in search of inspiration.

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