ASL Airlines Belgium customer service can be reached using the following contact details

For various reasons, you may need to contact ASL Airlines Belgium. Various services are then at your disposal and the company does everything it can to provide you with a quick and efficient response that meets your most demanding needs.

Want to enjoy an exceptional travel experience? Trust ASL Airlines Belgium which promises you total satisfaction. During your avon ride, you will enjoy plenty of free entertainment.

For more information, contact your company’s customer service. He will be able to provide you with routes and flight schedules as well as details of the services available on board.

A telephone information service is at your disposal to be put in touch with the appropriate service according to your situation and your request (follow-up, modification, cancellation, complaint, etc.)

The telephone information service is accessible from a landline and mobile phone 7 days a week & 24 hours a day only, in and outside Belgium, this telephone service is independent and not associated with the various companies and brands mentioned on this site.

You can reach the service you want directly without using this telephone customer service

Also contact an advisor to make your reservation or to find out about all the coupons and promotions available in order to travel without breaking the bank in the best conditions. Just call +32 4 239 30 00 which can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To make a reservation, you can call this number or book online. This number is also the correct one if you want to know what services are offered to people with reduced mobility, what conditions for minors, what luggage allowed on board. You can also contact the operator’s customer service to find out if animals and bicycles are allowed on board or to claim theft or loss of luggage.

Do not hesitate to dial it if you want to cancel or modify your reservation due to visa refusal, indisposition or other reasons. Otherwise, send an email to the manager of ASL Airlines Belgium, by writing to

Or, a contact form is available on the website of the Belgian airline to allow you to send your questions. You will receive a real-time response if you want information on flight departure and arrival times, on requesting confirmation or modification of reservations, or on lost or damaged baggage service.

If you wish to request a refund, request an invoice, make a complaint or report a baggage incident, you must go directly to your airline’s website. An online form will appear, allowing you to precisely indicate the nature of your request. After examining it, you will quickly get an answer to your question.

Book a ticket for your child traveling alone by plane by contacting the customer service of the Belgian company

If you wish to book a plane ticket for a child traveling alone, aged 4 to 17, simply go directly to this page. You will be asked for certain contact details and you will quickly get an answer to all your questions. ASL Airlines Belgium, aware of the importance of protecting your children in your absence, attaches particular importance to them when traveling.

ASL Airlines Belgium customer service helps passengers with reduced mobility organize their plane trip

If you wish to book a plane ticket for a person with reduced mobility, contact the service by phone or send an email to the address indicated above. Your request will be taken into account as soon as possible and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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