Where to park in Zaventem? Car parks at Brussels airport

Where can you park inexpensively in Zaventem if you are flying to your holiday destination or picking up someone? There is an excellent choice of parking around Brussels Airport.

You can choose to park near the airport (expensive) or remotely with a car drop-off service (valet) or opt for parking with a shuttle service to Zaventem airport.

Parking with car drop-off service

If you opt for valet parking, you can go directly to the airport departures hall and hand your car over to the employee of the parking company. The parking attendant will park your car in the parking lot for you.

How much does valet parking cost? (Butler service or car drop-off service)

You can park in the following valet car parks:

Sky Parking Zaventem

Outdoor parking, 24/7 car transfer to the departure hall, € 84 for 8 days (click here to book)

Blue Velvet Parking

Outdoor parking, car transfer between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. to the departure hall, € 85 for 8 days (click here to book).

How does the valet service work?

Book online, choose the car park where you want to park your car.

You will receive your reservation by email + a clear description of where you will find the employee.

You go to the departures hall of the airport where an employee is waiting for you. (call them 15 minutes before your arrival to let them know you are coming)

The employee checks your car with you and then takes your car to the parking lot.

Your car will be parked in the secure and closed car park of your choice.

When you return, call the parking attendant as soon as you land.

The parking attendant will then take your car to the arrival and departure hall.

You can easily book your parking online (choose the valet service).

Inexpensive parking (long-term parking + shuttle service)


Why park remotely?

It is possible to park a little further from the airport building for a cheaper price than at the airport and at the nearest P4 car park.

From these car parks, it is possible to take a shuttle that will bring you to the terminal in a few minutes (available 24 hours a day).

These car parks are recommended if you are traveling for a longer period and want to leave your car safely near the airport in the meantime.

If you want to drop someone off or say goodbye, it is best to park closer to the airport building at P1, P2 or P3.

Long-term parking near the airport at rate P4 +

For the P4, you must take exit 3 of the A201 access road towards Zaventem Centrum and follow the signs for P4.

For 1 day, you pay 36 € to be able to park at P4.

To park in this car park for more than 28 days, you pay 104 € for 28 days and 5 € for each additional day.

If your car stays in the car park more than 6 hours longer than indicated, you pay 5 €.

Cheap parking: discount parking + fees (shuttle service)

It is also possible to park in the discount car parks, these are a little further out, but the free shuttle service will take you to the airport in 10 minutes (available day and night).

Brussels airport express parking

Covered, 5 minutes from the airport

Uparking shelter

Covered, 10 minutes from the airport

Aeropark 1000

Uncovered, 7 minutes from the airport

Uncovered, 6 minutes from the airport

Sky Parking Zaventem

Uncovered, 10 minutes from the airport

Please note: for P4 and Discount 1 and 2 car parks, you must reserve a parking space in advance on the Brussels Airport website.

Extra secure parking at the airport: Lock and description of the VIP itinerary + costs

If you are traveling for a longer period and want to leave your car well protected, it is possible to leave the car at the airport building at Lock Parking or VIP Parking.

The Lock Parking is located behind P2 and is a 4 minute walk from the terminal, while the VIP parking lot is behind P1, from where it is only a few minutes walk from the Departures HallThe rates for Lock Parking and VIP Parking are € 49 and € 60 per day.

These parking spaces are accessible by following the signs for Zaventem airport and following the P Lock or P VIP signs from the A201 access road.

It is possible to book a car wash by hand at Lock Parking.

This is included in the VIP parking, along with valet parking and cargo glass service.

Description of the route by car-hotel + costs

A third option is to leave the car at the Car Hotel at 122 Bataviastraat in Melsbroek.

To reach the Car Hotel, exit the E19 towards Luchthavenlaan, from where you have to take the second left at the roundabout.

The shuttle takes you from the Car Hotel to the departure hall in 10 minutes.

How to book?

You must reserve a parking space in advance for the Parking Lock, the VIP Parking and the Car Hotel.

Please note: the maximum height of the lock car park is 1.90 meters.

If your car is longer than 2.10 meters, it is better to use P4 or Parking Discount 1 or 2.

Book your parking space in advance

It is possible to reserve a parking space in the airport building.

The reservation area is located between P1 and P2 and is about a 6 minute walk from the terminal.

The reservation fee per day, even if you are only parked for a short time.

When booking, a parking space will be kept free of charge from a certain time.

It is possible to arrive up to 3 hours before the reserved time at no additional cost, and it is also possible to park for free up to 6 hours after the reserved time.

However, if you stay in the parking space more than 6 hours after the reserved time, you pay extra.

It is possible to take out cancellation insurance. Note: The maximum height of the reservation area is 1.90 meters.

Reservation of other parking spaces

In addition to the reservation area, you must also make a reservation in advance for P4, Parking Discount 1 and Parking 2, Lock Parking, VIP Parking and Car Hotel.

You must enter here the date and time of arrival as well as the date and time of departure.

You will then see all of the parking options and associated costs for the desired parking time.

You can add additional modules to the reservation. Once you’ve finally entered your personal details, theft details and the car’s license plate, you can pay.

After payment, your parking space is reserved and you can continue to the corresponding parking space on the day of your arrival.

Parking near the airport (P1, P2 + P3)

Several parking spaces

In the airport building, you can park in 3 different car parks: P1, P2 and P3.

The P1 car park is the closest to the airport building and is therefore only a 3 minute walk from the parking lot at the terminal.

P1 Fast Zone car park: however, there is also a section inside the car park which is even closer to the airport building itself. From this fast zone, you can be at the terminal in a minute. However, you pay a little more for this parking space.

The P2 and P3 car parks are both about a 4 to 6 minute walk from the terminal.

Parking at P1, P2 and P3 is mainly intended for people who want to park their car for a short period, for example to say goodbye to family or friends. However, if you are traveling for a longer period and want to leave your car here, it is advisable to park the car in another parking space.

The cost of parking varies according to the duration

You pay € 2 for half an hour of parking at P1, but you pay € 5 for the same parking time in the rapid zone of P1.

For every half hour added, you pay extra for both parties. For P2 and P3 car parks, you pay € 2 per half hour, with a maximum of € 20 per day. You can book in advance.

Note: the maximum height of P2 is 1.90 meters and that of P1 and P3 is 2.10 meters.

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