Duty-free shopping at Brussels-Zaventem Airport

As a traveler, let yourself be enchanted by affordable offers from real world brands: upon entering the terminal, you will find yourself face to face with competitive prices, colorful gift boxes and the most exclusive brands you can imagine. . Welcome to the world of duty-free shopping – where, as a traveler, you can really jump in to find the best deals. We will explain in detail what the offer of duty free shops looks like on Zaventem.

Where can you find the duty free shops at Zaventem airport?

The duty free shops are located in both Terminal A and Terminal B, and offer a large pedestrianized shopping area where you can find all your favorite brands.

The shops are open everyday from 4.30 a.m. to 9 p.m., except on Saturdays when the duty-free shop in Terminal A closes at 8 p.m. The Terminal B store stays open until 10 p.m. on Saturdays.

What can you buy in Zaventem duty free shops?

In duty free shops you can find almost anything your heart desires: from luxury fragrances to the tastiest chocolate candies. But you can also find sunglasses, makeup, and souvenirs at duty-free shops. Anyone who quickly needs an AC adapter, device charger, or other electronic gadgets will also find what they are looking for in stores.

How can you use your miles when shopping at duty free shops?

In principle, anyone traveling within the EU has no limit on the number of products they can buy in airport shops, provided that the means are intended for personal use.

Is duty free the same as duty free or tax free?

Duty Free means that stores are exempt from taxes on products if they are sold to travelers who take them with them from the country. The savings are often passed on to the traveler who purchases the products, which can lead to attractive prices.

Tax free means that VAT is exempt. In this case, as a buyer, you will have to initiate a procedure with a “refund service” to obtain the exemption from VAT. You can find these services at international airports. Please note that you will need to present your passport to benefit from the exemption.

Is there an alternative to duty free shopping?

Now suppose you forget to make the necessary purchases in the airport duty free shop, so suddenly you run the risk of running out of AC adapter or some other necessary item. Then there is still hope: because often you can also shop at a reduced price during your flight. The hostesses during your flight will be able to offer you the possibility of purchasing products from a catalog. Obviously, this is not the same offer as in the shops at the airport, but you choose from the catalog of the airline. The offer is of course limited, given the limited space on board.

Aelia Duty Free: A new brand designed to meet the expectations of travelers

Aelia Duty Free has been designed to meet the expectations of our travelers, guests and brands.

The goal of Aelia Duty Free is to create a remarkable duty free experience, based on 4 pillars:

Duty-free shopping should be made easier, by making the categories visible and clear, with price advantages over the city store and good product knowledge, so that the shopping experience is truly fluid and above all unforgettable. We are developing new services to make it easier for our customers to travel: Click & Collect, Shop & Collect in Belgium and, moreover, home delivery at Charleroi airport.

Care: With a clear focus on Aelia buyers and using the brand’s ISO-certified OSCAR training program, a new service protocol has been developed for Aelia Duty Free Next Generation, in collaboration with Luxury Attitude, specialist in optimal service. The staff bases themselves on this in order to address travelers in a qualitative manner.

Here and nowhere else: the Aelia Duty Free experience is unique. Each store emphasizes the uniqueness of local specialties through an offer of iconic features, products and ‘sense of place’. The concept also incorporates interactive and immersive retail experiences in each category, creating entertainment and excitement at every stage of the customer experience.

The art of the gift: Most travelers come to duty free shops to purchase a gift. For Aelia Duty Free Next Generation, high visibility of the gift is of paramount importance for consumers; this can be achieved through quality service, gift wrapping and product merchandising. “The Art of Gift” is the brand’s signature and sums up the brand’s positioning.

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