Brussels Airlines: Objects and luggage prohibited on board

Dangerous products restricted and prohibited content? Discover the restrictions of Brussels Airlines

New limitations on Apple 15 inch Macbook Pro because of battery remember. That’s the reason why transporting them or checked luggage might be illegal or limited. Sometimes, a previous approval is necessary in the airline.

Are preferably put in your hand luggage, on case of big Mobile (Medical) electronic devices which can’t be carried from the passenger cottage (on account of their dimensions ), these may be put in your checked bags and it advocate to:

– Change off them and efficiently shield them from unintentional activation. To ensure the Unit is not powered on through transportation, any Programs, alarms or preset configurations which may activate the Device need to be uninstalled or disabled.

–  Shield your apparatus from harm by employing appropriate packaging or casing by putting them a stiff tote protected by sufficient cushioning (e.g. clothes).

–  Don’t package the apparatus with flammable substances.

–  Eliminate the electricity lender (if any) before check. Electricity banks can only be performed in carry-on bags.

What the passenger cannot take in their hand / checked baggage?

– Self-balancing Apparatus

Because of safety constraints and regulations it don’t accept battery powered vehicles (bikes, hoverboards, segways) as ordinary sports gear. Battery powered vehicles could be carried as freight.

– Oxidising substances

E.g. acids, alkalis, rust preventing or eliminating chemicals, sulphur dioxide alternative, compound mercury and kits.

– Magnetized materials

Strongly magnetic substances

– Flammable goods

Flammable liquids such as lighter fuel, paint, varnish, cleansing agents and flammable solids, for example games, charcoal briquettes, and also some other ignitable post.

Hazardous chemicals

Arsenic, cyanide, insecticides, pesticides/weed killer and other sorts of toxic or hazardous chemicals

Items and objects strictly prohibited in checked baggage

Electronic cigarette

– Digital smoking apparatus has to be packaged in your hand luggage. They aren’t allowed on your checked bags. Even though e-smokers are permitted on board, the usage of any smoking apparatus remains illegal in any way times.

Flights to/from Rwanda: Thanks to a ban on digital Smoking apparatus in Rwanda, it’s strictly prohibited to bring E-cigarettes or some similar apparatus neither on your hand luggage nor on your checked bags.

– Volt lithium ion batteries and battery power pack

– Spare ion batteries and Battery power packs aren’t approved in check luggage. Spare batteries and electricity banks have to be eliminated prior to check-in and so are only permitted in the cottage.

Items not to be taken in hand luggage

  • Fake Firearms, pointy, sharp and dull objects

Things that may endanger the security of passengers, so the team or who will hurt the aircraft aren’t allowed as hand luggage cases are imitation weapons (or something which may be used a weapon), pointy and sharp items and dull objects).

  • Liquids and dyes

International safety principled use for carrying fluids and dyes in your hand luggage, a limited number of dyes and liquids are allowed on your hand luggage. You will bring a maximum number of 1L split into individual containers, so no longer than 100ml each. Your dyes and fluids also have to be saved in a transparent, resealable plastic bag.

Restrictions are applied on the transport of baby luggage

Baby food items (both formulation seeds and milk) are permitted to be used throughout the flight (or to be used on precisely the identical day in most). In the security checkpoint you could be requested to taste the meals to show they are really baby meals. But, boiled water (to be combined with formula milk powder) in amounts over 100ml isn’t permitted at the hand luggage.

Transport of medicines in hand baggage and checked baggage

Medicines and nutritional supplements for use throughout the flight will also be permitted. Consult your physician for a certification to show their requirement.

Liquids Transport

Liquids and dyes purchased in the airport stores (found past passport or dressing pass checkpoints) are permitted to board as hand bags and therefore are permitted to exceed the limitation of 100ml each container, under these requirements:

– Just for purchases made over 24 hours prior to your trip

– They need to be packed from the store with a unique sealed luggage tote

– You aren’t permitted to start this tote before reaching your final destination, and otherwise the material might be confiscated.

Additional dyes and fluids bought in the tax-free stores of a different neighbourhood airport or on board an EU flight could be carried into the cabin provided that they’re still at the sealed translucent bag.

Liquids bought at the tax-free stores of a non-EU airport or even to board a non-EU flight nevertheless aren’t permitted to the cottage even if they’re packed into a sealed, translucent bag.

Any liquids & whistles bought in one of those pubs and/or restaurants until you move the Safety checkpoint aren’t permitted into the cottage. Liquids & dyes bought in a few of the restaurants or bars past the security checkpoints however are permitted into the cottage.

Liquids include:

– Water and other drinks, soups, syrups

– Creams, lotions and oils

– Perfumes

– Sprays

– Gels, including hair and shower gels

– Contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants

– Pastes, including toothpaste

– Liquid-solid mixtures

– Mascara

– Any other item of similar consistency liquid transport

New rules will limit the transportation from the cottage of powder-like Materials for all passengers traveling into the USA and Togo.

Powder goods in amounts larger than 350ml (12oz) are not allowed in the cottage as a portion of luggage.

Powder goods in amounts larger than 350ml (12oz) will likely be allowed as a member of checked baggage.

Medically prescribed chemicals, infant formulas and human remains are excluded and could be carried into the cottage, in addition to powder-like substances bought in the tax-free stores at the airport provided that they continue to be in the sealed translucent bag.

Items that require approval to be accepted on Brussels Airlines flights

  • Lithium batteries

Batteries and apparatus powered with lithium (metal and ion) Batteries are enabled on board is dependent upon the Watt hour evaluation of this Battery along with the setup (i.e. the battery is currently used in Generally the following principles apply:

Watt Hour rating (Wh)* of battery Configuration Max. number Allowed in hand baggage? Allowed in the hold?
≤100 Wh or ≤2g
used in devices such as phones, camera’s, laptops, etc.
in device 15 Yes Yes
spare battery 20 Yes No
>100Wh and ≤160Wh or >2g and ≤8g
such as life extension batteries for laptops or devices used by audiovisual professionals
in device 15 Only if approved by operator Only if approved by operator
spare battery 2 Only if approved by operator No
>160Wh or >8g
used in devices such as segways, hoverboards and airwheels
in device Possibility to carry items only in baggage going on a cargo plane only


Travelling Using damaged, Faulty or recalled lithium Ion Batteries or Apparatus is strictly prohibited

NEW Limitations on Apple 15 inch Macbook Pro because of battery remember:

–  Your apparatus must stay switched off throughout the Whole flight,

–  You might not bill it on board,

–  You might not transfer it into your checked luggage.

For more details about the transport of lithium bolts, please get with its Dangerous Goods Department through

For Additional Information regarding the transportation of lithium ion routers, please touch together with its Dangerous Goods Department by

Arms and ammunition which are allowed for transportation are just accepted as checked luggage. Weapons are regarded as game gear and need to get billed accordingly. Check below the related charges.

Arms not approved as checked luggage

Transportation approval of compost is extremely limited as it’s considered dangerous products. The amount limitation for compost is that a maximum of 5kg each passenger.

The ammunition should be:

– Packed individually from the firearm

– Packed in a solid container Made from metal, wood or fibreboard

– Safe Within the container from shock and secured from motion

– Indulged in this way that it cannot operate by injury

NOTE: limitations could differ for flights controlled by its code share partners. Please get with its Service Centre for comprehensive regulations and rules.

Transport of gas capsules

Gas capsules for Self-inflating security apparatus: Up to two little cylinders which are fitted from the self-inflating security device as well as two spare electrons for this same device. For additional devices no longer than 4 gas tubes, for which the water capability will not exceed 50 ml. Ahead registrations is demanded.

Plants fruits, vegetables, flowers or seeds

Plants fruits, vegetables, seeds or flowers aren’t permitted from the European Union with no phytosanitary certification.

Bananas, coconuts, dates, pineapples and also durians could be brought in the EU with no certification.

You don’t require a certification when fruits, plants, vegetables, flowers or seeds include Switzerland or Liechtenstein. You’ll need a certification when they come in the next EU.

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