Business Class of Brussels Airlines: Comfort past creativity

Enjoy the superb experience of our company Class, on our airline flights. Get comfy, feel at home and enjoy some fun and a fantastic service high over the clouds.

More than Only a Company ticket:

– Generous luggage allowance, over yoy might believe

– Modifiable and refundable tickets at no Excess cost (based on fare degree )

– You get miles on all of your flights

Priority service in the airport

Committed check-in lounges at airports.

Free sofa access: It is possible to get our lounges and all those of our spouses at no cost before departure and during transportation.

Quick lane accessibility: gain from priority accessibility at security checkpoints.

Superior relaxation on board

Luxurious 2m complete level bed with incorporated massage work and flexible lumbar cushion, Brussels Airlines branded fleece pillow and blanket.

Specially designed amenity apparel, such as sleeves, sleeping mask, dishwasher collection, earplugs, lashes and lip balm:

– Let us entertain you.

– Broad selection of totally free papers and magazines.

– Noise cancelling headphones to get a more pleasing inflight entertainment experience.

– Newest generation of person touch displays — 15,3″ (39cm) with intuitive interface.

– 100 hours of films, documentaries, information, games, songs and e-reading stuff.

Premium food using the Finest Belgian ingredients

– Selection of different appetisers and main dishes

– Okay Assortment of dessert or bran

– Coffee

– New berry

– Moderate dinner / breakfast before landing

Brussels Airlines unveils fresh long-haul cottages with premium market class

Brussels Airlines has published information about the brand new long-haul cabins which are going to be fitted onto its A330 aircraft.

The Lufthansa Group provider is preparing to revive its A330 fleet and Will take delivery of seven until the conclusion of the calendar year, all which will have the newest cottages.

The first will probably be usable in April to get a path to an African or American Destination, although a spokesperson stated it hadn’t yet determined which one.

Brussels Airlines functioned with JPA Layout on the insides, which can be Inspired by Portuguese Art Nouveau and also have ambient lighting tailored for various flight phases.

The 30 chairs will be at a midsize 1-2-1 formation That a Selection of A double chair for traveling in pairs. The seats come with adjustable softness and shape a 2m-long fully-flat mattress.

Even a 15.6 inch screen could be tilted to accommodate to various seating positions.

The new A330s present Another class Named Premium Economy, together with seats have a enlarged armrest, 38 inch pitch along with 40 level payable.

Passengers also have a 13.3 inch display, bigger dining table using AC and USB Vents, and also an “updated culinary adventure” such as a bite of ice Lotion.

Economy passengers buy USB interfaces, a 10.1 inch display and a worldwide meal together with aperitif, wines and spirits. Seats are 2-4-2.

For instance, Brussels Airlines now offers completely horizontal Adirondack chairs in business class, which I would say are very great, but not cutting edge.

What is intriguing are that Brussels Airlines new business class seats will probably be based on precisely the exact same layout, and seem to likewise function as Thompson Aero Vantage chairs. There is no doubt it is an enhanced version of this chair that provides more privacy, however it is still strange to improve your fleet using a comparable chair kind.

If these chairs appear familiar, it is because they are quite like what is provided in business category on Malaysia, Qantas, Swiss, etc. Remember the Brussels Airlines and Swiss are equally a part of the Lufthansa Group, therefore it might be that they are attempting to align chair kinds.

The newest business class cabin will comprise only 30 chairs, with beds which are two inches, and 15.6″ HD displays.

Brussels Airlines Business Class is like a true flying hotel. It gives the traveler comfort and convenience. The airplane seats recline fully, in order to give you ultimate comfort. Each seat has a head rest, foot rest and back rest that can be adjusted according to your wishes. This is the way to relax when on a long flight.

The food served is excellent with rich gravy and lots of it. As you check in you will be served a fruit juice to wash it down. The steward you will be offered an ice bucket to wash down the glass with.

Your food will be served to you in private dining rooms or in the general seating areas of Business Class. Brussels Airlines will present you with a menu choice. This will depend on your meal preference. You have the choice of a full meal or a snack. You can also have a selection from the many restaurants located at this airport.

The seats are well cushioned with thick leather seats. There is a choice of three sizes of seats. No matter what your travel needs are there is bound to be a seat for you.

The flight attendants are very kind and informative. They will assist with any problems that you may be having during the flight. Their main aim is to keep your flight experience to a comfortable one. There will be a wealth of entertainment on board including television, music, DVD and of course sport. All passengers are entitled to drink alcohol only in the designated area.

The staffs on board are efficient and courteous. The food served is of first-class quality. There is no problem with ordering your meals according to your preferences. The flight attendants are very patient with customers and will ensure that you have a wonderful flight experience.

Business Class Travel is available to all the airlines operating from Brussels. Travelers who book Business Class flights are rewarded with an additional service and luxury that are not available to their regular class counterparts. Business Class travel is tailored to provide you with a superior traveling experience. There are excellent quality, first-class service, comfort and personal attention.

Traveling in Business Class is like flying in the lap of luxury

You will be given an undivided attention by flight crew members that are fully trained to meet any passenger’s needs. This service is available to all passengers booked on flights operated by airlines based out of Brussels. These services are provided free of charge and for an additional fee.

When you board a Brussels Airlines flight, you will notice that the seats are of first-class quality. The plush seats are designed to give you maximum comfort. The thick armrests and the plush surrounding are designed to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. If you want to read a book or do homework before your flight, you can do so without any disturbances.

You will find that Business Class Travel will save you a lot of money compared to other airfares available. This class will give you the economy, business and first-class services all at the same time. You will be treated to a variety of privileges, such as access to a well-stocked coffee service. If you wish to have a drink before you fly, you can request a bespoke glass of wine to be brought on board.

Before embarking on your journey, there will be an in-flight meeting facility for you to conduct a quick meeting with your travel companions. During this time, you can chat with your friends and family and plan out your activities prior to your departure. This is particularly convenient if you do not want anyone else to know you are traveling. A steward will bring you a glass of water and some refreshments at your seat.

If you are flying with your family, you can expect to have more leg room and greater leg room space. There will also be more leg room in the Business Class section of the plane. The seats are also very comfortable and the armrests are placed so that you can relax during your travel. If you purchase a Business Class ticket, you can upgrade it to First Class for an extra fee.

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