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Brussels Airlines has its cargo section. Please contact us for more info concerning the transport of freight. Just complete the form below and we’ll contact you.

Brussels Airlines is a company and a service firm, providing an air-shipping option from the moment of approval of the merchandise in the airport of origin into this instant of shipping in the airport .

Our guarantee Is to transfer your freight with speed and attention in a more timely and safe means to over 50 European, 19 African American destinations and 2 destinations in the united states. Brussels Airlines Cargo uses the maximum industry standards of freight handling.

Brussels Airlines Cargo caters to a wide Spectrum of freight commodities

In addition, it communicates post office email with attention and care. Brussels Airlines Cargo transfers freight Commodities permitted for transport in a passenger airplane and inside the stomach capacity of those aircraft.

Brussels Airlines is specialized in working to and out of Africa; the significant portion of its imports from Africa are all perishables.

Collectively Together with its spouse Adelantex it developed “New to Shelf”, a commodity allowing delivery of deliver right to the significant markets and supply centers.

The Cargo Premium support provides a Dependable shipping from and to Brussels to get time-critical shipments. At Brussels Airport the committed partner Courier Centre manages your:

– No complex booking necessary

– Time-critical priority

– Maximum fat: 32kgs

– A few products are offered

– Restricted European destinations.


Contact Brussels Airlines Cargo customer service for any information or service request


Phone : +32.022.558.350

Live Animals? How to transport them with the Brussels Airlines cargo service?

Brussels Airlines staff manages animal shipments on a daily basis and it simply take as much care of these as you would like yourself.

Valuable freight

Brussels Airlines accepts precious freight like banknotes, Diamonds, gold bars and precious documents on a few of its flights. It transfers those valuables in a safe manner and with utmost discretion. Please be aware that not every channel is available for valuables.

Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo begin close collaboration

Freight capabilities of Brussels Airlines with the departure in the September 2018 currently bookable with Lufthansa Cargo. This company announced in spring has started. Proper progress bookings for flights with departure from 1 September 2018 are potential today. As usual, the pre-booking interval is highest 30 days.

The system of both businesses matches each other flawlessly. The New collaboration gives Brussels Airlines Cargo clients simple access to Lufthansa Cargo’s global route network with approximately 300 destinations in over 100 nations. For Lufthansa Cargo clients, the path network is going to be supplemented by additional appealing destinations – over all in West, East and Central Africa, right from Brussels. This provides 15 African American destinations:

Due to the close collaboration between Brussels Airlines and also Lufthansa Cargo its clients gain from a number of new destinations and connections. We’re extremely happy that its global network is consequently becoming much more detailed and more powerful,” says Dorothea von Box berg, Member of the Executive Board accountable for Product and Revenue at Lufthansa Cargo.

Our close collaboration with Lufthansa Cargo results at a genuine win-win As Africa expert, it include new destinations to its portfolio of Lufthansa Cargo and by a Brussels Airlines standpoint, it was now able to make better use of its cargo capability.

Brussels Airlines is the first time passenger airline whose freight Abilities are attracted into the marketplace by Lufthansa Cargo. Clients of The German company have access into the cargo holds of Lufthansa, With the promotion of this Cargo capabilities of Brussels Airlines, the cargo stays of 10 wide-body Along with 43 narrow-body aircraft is going to be inserted. Additionally, Lufthansa Cargo Works 17 cargo aircraft also utilizes freighter capabilities of Aerologic,

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    Commodity: decorative panels made of composite materials

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