Brussels Airlines: Checked baggage transport policy

How much checked baggage can you bring when traveling with Brussels Airlines?

Your baggage allowance will depend on your travel class, route and frequent flyer status. Check its baggage calculator for a detailed view of how much checked baggage you may bring on your Brussels Airlines flight.

Size, weight and max number of pieces

Checked baggage or hold baggage is the pieces of baggage you would like us to stow in the hold of the aircraft. You can do so at the check-in desks or the baggage drop-off points.

Checked bags just how much checked luggage can you bring?

Your luggage allowance will ride on your trip course, path and frequent flyer status. Check its luggage calculator to get a thorough view of just how much checked bags you will bring on your own Brussels Airlines trip.

Checked bags or hold bags would be the bits of luggage you’d like us to store from the grip of their aircraft. It is possible to do this at the check desks or even the bags drop-off points.

More information on baggage check-in can be found above. Five assessed pieces of luggage (amount of free luggage allowance and bought additional luggage).

Exceeding checked luggage limits

It will confirm if your luggage meets the constraints for checked luggage at the check desk or in the bags drop-off points.

In the event you exceed your free baggage allowance, you’ll be billed for additional baggage. It’s possible to locate the excess baggage charges in its luggage calculator.

In case you want to transfer luggage that surpasses its limitations on dimensions, weight and highest amount of bits, you may simply do so through its cargo section.

Have a connecting trip or flying with a spouse airline?

  • Checked bags for linking flights

For connecting flights which are totally controlled by Brussels Airlines, you won’t need to be worried about your checked luggage, they’ll be mechanically checked through for a connecting flight. In cases like this, it is possible to just pick up your luggage at your destination.

  • Checked bags on spouse airline flights

In case your trip is controlled by a number of the code share partners, their luggage regulations and rules might apply. Examine the luggage advice in your ticket or your site of its partner airline to learn more. For tickets which have airlines aside from Brussels Airlines, the most critical Carrier Rule employs.

What are you not permitted to package in your checked luggage?

Restrictions on digital devices in checked luggage

For corded apparatus, there are particular limitations on what you can and cannot pack in your checked bags. Some common devices that aren’t allowed in your checked luggage or who need acceptance from its hazardous products department are:

– Ability banks

– Volt batteries

– Segways, measures, hoverboards and comparable self-balancing apparatus

– E-bikes

– Smartbags

Other limited or prohibited objects

Generally, any product that can hurt the aircraft and undermine the security of everybody on board is just not permitted in your checked luggage. In addition, it recommends not packaging delicate items (jewellery, glass, art, etc.) or precious things (keys, files, etc.) on your checked bags.

Brussels Airlines will refuse to take checked luggage that is:

– Probably to undermine the aircraft, individuals or property

– Probably to be ruined by air ducts

– Unsuitably packaged

– Forbidden from being transported out from, into or above its airspace by any pertinent law, order or regulation of any Condition.

– Unsuitable for air ducts because of its weight, size, character.


Flights to/from Europe, Armenia, Morocco, Russia, Egypt, Cape Verde and Tunisia
Check&Go Light&Relax Flex&Fast Bizz&Class           Economy Business
1x 23 kg 1x 23 kg 2x 32 kg 1x 23 kg 1x 23 kg 2x 32 kg


Brussels Airlines provides you with in-depth information on its policy for the transport of checked baggage

Truly, luggage allowance differs in line with the airline. That is the reasons; it want to assist you by supplying all of the Information regarding the bag of Brussels Airlines, their limits and fees regarding the carry-on as well as the checked bag but also all of the forbidden items within your luggage together with Brussels Airlines.

Due to this Brussels Airlines luggage calculator, you will readily determine whether your checked bag is approved from Brussels Airlines. Please mark the length, size and weight of your checked bag to understand whether Brussels Airlines takes it from the grip at no excess price.

Your checked luggage will be transported in the luggage compartment of be careful because your checked bag won’t be available during the flight and because of this, that you want to have all which you might require throughout the trip with you.

Moreover, you have to do the check-in of your bag a minimum of two hours before your passing in the desk of the airline at the airport. In terms of your cottage bags, your checked bag has strict limit, if you don’t would like to pay extra charges.

Forbidden items in your luggage checked with the Belgian national company

The list of prohibited items within your checked bag is not as restrictive as within your hand bag together with Brussels Airlines. Really, you won’t have access to your checked bag throughout the flight since it’s going to be transportation within the airport. There’s possibility to transfer the banned items in your hand bag, within your luggage. However, for a number of these, you want to have authorisation because for your ammunition or firearms, additionally, it to be packaged in a container that is secured.

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  1. Hi, as I understand it one can bring a surfboard as checked baggage for free if it fits within the size limits. I can’t find information on dimensions, only weight. If I brought a surfboard on a flight it would be well under the weight of 23 kgs, but it’s length would be about 1.8 m. What are the allowances for this please?

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