Brussels Airlines: Sports equipment baggage in the hold / cabin (fees)

Brussels Airlines provides spac

Airlines provide transportation of sport gear as yet another service. Based upon your carrier, it could possibly be contained in the normal luggage allowance or subject to further fees. Don’t forget to purchase this service beforehand by calling its Call Centre since it could be more costly to enrol sports gear for transportation in the airport.

How do you prepare your sport gear for approval?

– Bicycles: Eliminate pedals or fix them so they don’t stick out.

– Scuba diving gear:  A scuba diving set could only be hauled hold baggage and will be subject to weight limitations and extra baggage fees.

By way of example, you may wrap them. If you would like to transfer a harpoon launcher, then it ought to be suitably fastened using the ammunition packaged individually.

Transporting a surfboard or even windsurfing board is obviously subject to extra fees; as such things are never contained in maintaining baggage allowances.

In case the burden of your plank rigging exceeds 50 kg, transportation will be possible just as a freight support.

Transportation of skis and snowboards is likely to virtually all airlines. This equipment is handled as sports bags one part of luggage may include a set of skis with buckles and attachments plus ski boots (such as water skis alone).

You need to pack your skis at a ski situation

The fees billed for sports bags transport can differ based upon the airline. Many conventional airlines take sports gear as hold baggage and don’t charge also for the ceremony.

Golf nightclubs

On cheap airlines, sports bags transportation is billed according into the carrier’s cost program. Most conventional airlines provide transportation of golf clubs past the limitation of complimentary carry-on bag at no additional Charge. Such charges could be charged, but if the golf bag with clubs will be of non-standard dimensions or the burden of sports bags exceeds certain limitations (generally 15 lb).

Sports equipment on board Brussels Airlines planes

As a rule of thumb, you are permitted to bring your sport gear together for free provided that it falls inside your free luggage allowance.

Sports gear allowed as hand bags:

  • It drops in Your free hand luggage allowance,
  • It may be stowed away from the overhead bins or beneath the seat facing yours.
  • Otherwise, it has to be transported as checked luggage.
  • Sports gear allowed as checked luggage

All sport equipment could be brought on board to get free as checked luggage if:

– This drops in your free checked baggage allowance (amount of bits)

– This does not transcend the constraints on checked luggage (size & weight)

Otherwise, unique rates use for the transport of sport gear. These could be located below searching for e-bikes, measures and other vehicles.

E-bikes using a detachable battery could be hauled as a standard bike. The eliminated battery could be obtained on your hand luggage (under or equivalent to 160Wh) or carried as freight (over 160 Wh). E-bikes using a non-removable battery have been prohibited on board.

Sports gear fees

For sports gear that you wish to bring in addition to your free baggage allowance, specific fees apply. Cannot discover your kind of sport gear below? Subsequently the typical fees for additional bags apply.

Restricted storage space might be available in your trip. For flights operated by code-share partners, then please check the Web Site of its partner.


Type of equipment Includes Fee per one-way flight
Fee per one-way flight
Ski Equipment 1 pair of skis, 1 pair of poles, 1 pair of boots (even if in separate bag), 1 helmet FREE Except for:
Economy Light €80/CHF90/$90
FREE Except for:
To/from/via US & Canada €100/CHF120/$130
Snowboard Equipment 1 snowboard, 1 pair of boots (even if in separate bag), 1 helmet FREE Except for: Economy Light €80/CHF90/$90 FREE Except for: To/from/via US & Canada €100/CHF120/$130
Mountaineering / Hiking / Walking Equipment 1 backpack, 1 ice pick, 1 pair of climbing irons, 1 pair of poles €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Archery Equipment 1 bow and arrow set packed in 1 durable protective container €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Bicycle 1 regular bike (no motor / no e-bike) or 1 special children’s trolley to use with a bike or 1 one-wheel bike. Bicycles must be packed in a protective case or bag. €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Boogieboard / Bodyboard 1 board €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Bowling Equipment 1 bowling bag, 1 bowling ball, 1 pair of shoes €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Fencing Equipment 1 bag including 1 helmet, a fencing uniform and fencing sword(s) €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Fishing Equipment 1 tackle box or 1 haversack or 1 angler’s basket, 1 rod, 1 bag or 1 box €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Golf Equipment 1 golf bag containing one set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, 1 pair of golf shoes €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Hockey Equipment 1 hockey bag, hockey sticks, 1 pair of ice skates, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Inline-Skates 1 pair of inline skates, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Javelin 1 set of javelin equipment packed in one container €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Kite Surfboard / Wakeboard 1 kite, 1 board / 1 board €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Parachute Equipment 1 set of Parachute Equipment packed in 1 container €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Scuba Equipment 1 diving mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, BCD-jacket, regulator, 1 empty tankbottle, 1 lamp (switched off, energy source separately packed, removed battery protected against short circuit) €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Skateboard 1 board, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Sporting/Hunting Weapons plus Ammunition Sporting/Hunting guns, pistols, rifles plus ammunition (according to IATA DGR Regulations and even if packed in separate bag). Additional rules apply to the carriage of weapons. Please read them carefully here. €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Surfboard 1 board (up to 2m) €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Tennis-/Squash-/Badminton-Equipment 1 set of rackets and balls packed in 1 bag €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Waterski Equipment 1 pair of water skis or 1 slalom water skis €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Waveboard 1 board, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Canoe / Kayak 1 canoe or 1 kayak (no motor attached) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Hang Gliding Equipment 1 set of hang gliding equipment packed in 1 container €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Horse Riding Equipment 1 saddle, 1 set of horse harness, 1 horse whip, 1 pair of riding boots, 1 bareback pad, 1 set of Polo Sticks €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Longboard 1 board (exceeding 2m) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Pole Vault Equipment 1 set of vaulting poles packed in 1 container €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Rubber Dinghy 1 rubber dinghy (no motor attached) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Tandem Bike 1 tandem bike with max 2 seats (no motor / no e-bike) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Windsurf Equipment 1 board, 1 sail, 1 boom, 1 mast, 1 gear bag €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300


Can you scatter sports equipment on your Carry-On?

Occasionally people traveling because they would like to take part in some type of game in a different destination whatever from skiing in the Alps to browsing in Bali

Many sports fans have their own gear and would rather travel with it rather than rent something whenever they arrive. But do you package sports gear on your own carry-on?

Notice: This post consists of clarifying TSA principles for traveling from airports in the United States. Some states might have different rules, so if you are flying with an airport in a different state, please research the principles for the jurisdiction in that nation.

Size of this sport gear since carry-on

Fairly often the dimensions of these sport gear will prevent you from being in a position to take it. By way of instance, navigate boards and skis considerably transcend the carry-on size constraints and won’t be permitted as carry-on. But a travel-sized yoga mat ought to be OK generally.

Check with your airline to their own Particular rules concerning sports airline principles can be more rigorous than TSA’s principles to prevent complications in the airport.

Security problems with sports gear including carry-on

Most pieces of sports gear might double as weapons. Because of this, TSA and other nations’ safety organizations won’t let you take particular sports gear as carry-on.

Some instances include cricket or baseball bats, ski sticks, hockey again, you’ll need to place those in your checked bag in line with the airline rules.

Specific equipment types

If you have to get your sports gear with you personally as carry-on, assess together with your airline direct. Generally though, provided that the gear isn’t a security hazard and fits over the size limitation of their airline, it may be obtained as transported.

Most balls, like baseballs, soccer balls, and basketballs, are allowed in carry-on bag. Be sure that they are secured on your bag so that they do not roll around and get dropped.

Balls which you simply sew, like football Balls, basketballs, footballs, etc., also needs to be deflated as a way to take them on your carry-on bag. This is due to the pressure fluctuations while in flight. A completely inflated ball in sea level can burst from the airplane as a result of strain, so allow the air out before you check in for the flight. Your carry-on bag, you probably should not put on your skates onto the airplane though.

Tennis rackets are allowed so far as TSA is worried. But you must consult the airline you are flying to be certain to understand how their carry-on size constraints affect your choice to deliver a tennis racket.

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