Brussels Airlines: Contact their customer service by phone or online

This Client Service Plan doesn’t create contractual or legal rights, nor lawfully bind Brussels Airlines for activities taken in conformance with this strategy. Brussels Airlines contractual obligations and rights are recorded in the organization’s conditions of carriage and related tariffs. These tools provide clients with added details on the topics mentioned herein, and ought to be carefully examined to make sure that clients fully understand their rights and its duties.

Brussels Airlines is dedicated to providing all its passengers with the maximum degree of customer services. In Compliance with DOT’s Improving Airline Passenger Protections principle, the carrier will offer the following services for its clients on all its charter and scheduled flights into and in the Europe and in the rest of the world.

Notification of those Lowest Fares

If a customer asks about a cocktail or makes a booking by Calling its booking centre, visiting its site, or talking to an agent at its ticket counters, then the company will inform them that the cheapest fare provided by us to a specific ticket might be available everywhere if this is actually the situation.

The company will advise the ticket passengers and the people if the standing of a Flight changes. An alteration in the airport’s standing is a dip, recreation, or even a delay of over thirty minutes. She will inform passengers and the people of some flight status vary within thirty minutes of understanding of this shift. If it knows further adjustments to your flight’s standing, she will advise passengers and the general public within half an hour of understanding of the further shift. She will also supply flight status info to passengers at the airport boarding playground in a U.S. airport, on its site, via its phone reservation system, and additionally upon query from any individual.

To the extent which flight standing exhibits or other informational Displays in the U.S. airport at which the flight was delayed, cancelled, or redirected, are commanded from Brussels Airlines, she will utilize those screens to notify clients of their airport’s standing change inside 30 minutes of understanding of this shift. If the screen system is Airport-controlled, she will offer airport police together with the Necessary data within half an hour of understanding of this shift.

On-Time Shipping of Baggage

Brussels Airlines will make every conceivable attempt to Make Certain That your Bags traveling on exactly the exact same trip as you. If your luggage doesn’t arrive with you personally, you need to file a lost luggage claim before departing the airport, since this can help us find your luggage and allow us to clarify the bags recovery procedure for you.

Over 24 hours. The Brussels Airlines team will return them to the community. In case you have expenses due to these delays and therefore are eligible to obtain reimbursement under applicable treaties, then it will compensate you for necessary and reasonable expenses as needed by such treaties.

When you paid a fee for transfer luggage and the luggage is then lost, it will reimburse you for the fees you paid.

Allow clients to maintain and/or cancel reservations for 24 Hours

When you make a booking together for traveling to or in the Belgium, it can either maintain your booking in the quoted fare with no charge for 24 hours allow you to cancel your booking with no penalty for 24 hours per day. In case you have questions concerning those polices, please talk to a Client Service Representative.

The Belgian company promises its customers to do their best to process qualified refunds within the deadlines indicated below, though refunds can’t be processed until it get all needed information from the passenger and a number of tickets aren’t refundable. In certain situations like flight cancellations and also over sale scenarios, Brussels Airlines will repay charges billed to a passenger because of discretionary services which the passenger was not able to utilize.

For many eligible tickets bought within the Belgium

With a passenger employing a charge card, even Brussels Airlines provides refunds within seven days of its receipt of required refund info by the passenger. (It might take charge card payments multiple charging cycles to appear on your credit card invoice. Please contact your credit card company to be sure the refund has been correctly processed) Tickets purchased with a check or money will be reimbursed within 20 business days of the receipt of all necessary info from your passenger.

Refunds for digital excursions can be obtained by calling its Reservations section (in USA): Brussels Airlines East Meadow New York 11554 / phone: 866-308-2230 | fax: 516-296-9781. Or via this site.

Requests for refunds of tickets bought from a travel service will be called back to this service for processing. In certain scenarios refund requests can’t be accommodated within the time frames listed above.

 Proper verification of clients’ needs throughout outstanding delays

After a Brussels Airlines flight encounters a protracted tarmac delay, its contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays will likely be triggered to make sure that its clients’ requirements are satisfied throughout the delay.

In case your flight is overbooked and much more passengers with confirmed Bookings are found in the gate for passing can match the aircraft, so its agents will ask volunteers to provide their chair. Participants will be paid and reserved on an upcoming flight. If passengers don’t volunteer, they will be made to deny boarding involuntarily in view of its grooming priority principles. The Belgian company will treat passengers that are involuntarily bumped with consistency and equity. Typically, passengers that are involuntarily denied boarding covered flights you have a right to reimbursement under U.S. law. In case you have queries or want extra info about its overbooking policies along with the reimbursement because of passengers that are involuntarily denied boarding, then please examine its Conditions of Carriage or talk to its agents.

Disclosure of travel policies that might impact its clients traveling

Advice on Brussels Airlines Rental policies, aircraft Seating setup, and bathroom availability can be found on it site or through its agents in the airport. This info is readily available by calling a part of Brussels Airlines phone booking personnel in 0800 640 4004.

The Brussels Airlines team will do their best to inform you as quickly as possible of any change in your travel itinerary. In case you’ve got a query about an approaching trip, please call us at the USA in 866-308-2230.

When a rider has an unsatisfactory encounter on one of the flights or with its workers, they could file a complaint using its Client Relations Department. If its first acknowledgement doesn’t completely address the concerns raised by the client, she will deliver a substantive written response to the client over 60 days.

Customer Relationships can be achieved instantly by clicking the next link. Or writing via the U.S. Mail, and should be delivered to: Brussels Airlines Client Relation Department B.House Brussels Airport, Building 26box 1a.4 B 1831 Diegem, Belgium.

Brussels Airlines also has developed and put a situation solely accountable for Tracking flight delays, cancellations, and prolonged tarmac waits and identifying how these events affect its passengers on a person basis.

16 thoughts on “Brussels Airlines: Contact their customer service by phone or online

  1. Due to short connection Tim ein Brussels a checked bag did not make it to the United States. It took over 48 hours to locate the bag and 72 hours later the bag is to be shipped to the destination in the United States. Only problem the passenger will return to Europe the day before the bag is scheduled to depart Brussels. In the online baggage report the address for delivery has been changed to the European address. To confirm the bag will in fact not travel to the US been trying to call lost baggage for the past 2 hours. Someone picked up the phone and informed us the system was down and we should call between 9am and 5pm, that means the call would only possible after the bag has left Brussels. Supposedly the systems are down, i.e. they refuse to work. There is no call center number in the United States. Even though owned by LH, LH has declared themselves not in charge. Impossible to reach anyone anywhere. USELESS

  2. Brussels Airlines’ incompetent handling of our checked luggage has turned into a TRAVEL NIGHTMARE. On June 11-12 we took flights 516 and 2623 from the U.S. to Hamburg via Brussels, and our two checked bags did not make the connection. The bags were delivered to Hamburg Airport later that evening, but by then our cruise ship had departed for Scotland. Brussels Airlines sent our bags to Edinburgh, which was great, but then made no effort to get the bags to us when our ship was in Edinburgh. We tried desperately to reach someone who could tell us how we could get our bags, but because there is no customer service at Brussels Airlines, we couldn’t reach anyone. Eventually, the ship sailed and we had to leave Edinburgh without our bags. Three weeks later, we are back in the U.S. but our bags are still sitting in Edinburgh Airport. We have AirTags in both bags, so we can see exactly where they are, but no one will help us. We can only reach the customer service people at the India call center, who are no help. We are so frustrated! If anyone is planning a class action lawsuit against Brussels Airlines, please contact us. We live in Chevy Chase, Maryland and can be reached on FaceBook or LinkedIn. If you take this airline, BEWARE! You will experience flight delays, cancellations, and/or missed connecting flights, and your luggage will be lost, never to be seen again. This is the poorest excuse for a modern airline that we have ever had the misfortune to experience. It goes beyond incompetent, as we believe they are intentionally failing to return our bags so they can avoid the expense of shipping the bags to us, and they have no intention of reimbursing us. They should be denied landing rights in the United States.

  3. Wowww and here I was thinking I was the only customer that was suffering from rudeness lack of customer service and more …I guess this is a common trait for Brussels airlines . Today will mark the third month since we suffered a flight cancellation with of course no explanation given to the customer but please fill out a claim for reimbursement, stay in a shitty hotel and good luck with all expenses that will incur due to our (Brussels Airlines) lack of professionalism and being one of the worst airlines on the European Skies. Luggage lost and brought back first one 10 days later – second one 37 days later – Still all you hear from CSR Sandeep and all at the call center: Madam it is being handled and you will hear from us soon, or we’ll escalate this to the proper department etc… Today unfortunately I was forced to contact a lawyer to handle this on our behalf because this situation as becoming humiliating abusive and just so surreal … And judging by the complaints written here this issue might take until the end of the year before we hear back with a resolution …. This is NOT an Airlines to fly on, they should be taken to court, and customers should all start a class action. It is TRULY embarrassing to even have them still fly and take customers money. I am well-traveled and prefer flying on other companies which are certainly not perfect but at least they offer REAL AND SERIOUS Customer service when needed .A very disturbed and traumatized passenger.

  4. I want to know if i can extend my ticket and my booking from Freetown Sierra Leone on the 31st march.

  5. Hi,
    I would like to ask you about transport of animals. I wouldn’t want to be besieged. I got email from
    where is required payment of a refundable deposit in the total value 6,527 Kč / 254 Euro for electric puppy crate. Could you help me if it is standard procedure or fraud? Thank you

  6. Hello, my name is Augusto Fajardo, me and my two children were affected by the cancelation of the flight: SN3721 from Brussels Airport to Madrid-Barajas
    Flight date: 2022-07-25
    This day, we put the claim:
    Le vol a ete annule au moment de l embarquement. Aucune explication n a ete donnee aux passagers pour l annulation du vol. Les 3 passagers sont restes plus de 24 heures a Bruxelles, en provenance de Chine. L annulation leur a fait manquer le vol consecutif Madrid-Havana et d autres depenses financieres. Brussels Airlines n a offert aucune compensation.
    After that, I sent several messages to the email custocustomerservice@brusselsairlinecusto. The Customer Relations agent | Customer Relations Mohammad Parwez Alam answered me requesting aditional information which I sent him immediately and after that, I kept sending messages requesting a response and the adequate compensation and until now I hadn’t any response. I’ll be waiting for you kind and positive response ASAP.
    Best, Augusto Fajardo, affected passenger

  7. Hello,
    can I request assistance for disabled people at the airport and what do I have to do for this?

    Sonia Matthews

  8. Case no. 2203-SN-00471
    I lost my luggage from February and February until July I was very patient. in July I sent you all the documents, personal data and data that you requested but since then I have suffered a humiliation and lack of respect from you that I still cannot explain to myself. I chose the path of conciliation and this earned me this humiliation and each time when I call you make me understand that the documents are already in the accounting department for signature and this already lasts almost 3 months. I just wanted to inform you that after the month of October if my problem is not definitively settled I will be obliged to initiate legal proceedings to enter into my rights because having written to you on many occasions and with lost luggage since the month of February I believe that we are already in an abuse

  9. 19-9-2022. I am having Inidan Passport. I am travelling to London from Inida. Do I need transit visa in brusels for connecting flight to London

  10. Am I required to get a Belgium visa when travelling from Manchester to Accra.I want to book but not sure about the visa issue.

  11. Hi Good Day
    Me & my wife are flying from BKK TO CVG on your airline July 19 at 12:30 am we wanted to know if we need a covid test before we get to the airport on the day of flying?
    Thomas Lyons

  12. HI
    WE are leaving Bkk to CVG on July 19 at 12:30 am do we need to have a covid test before we board
    on you airline we have shot records is this enough?

  13. Truly SHOCKING check in this morning with Brussels Airlines . You DO NOT have enough staff on , yet again . Do this trip regularly & it is ALWAYS understaffed resulting in the flight being delayed because you cannot process passengers through quickly enough. I arrived at the check in queue 4am., more than 2 hours prior to flight . I have been standing in the queue for k er an hour & barely moved . What is going on ?? Get your act together & get your check in properly staffed by at least 3 if not 4 staff – 2 just doesn’t cut it. Would not fly with you guys again unless I absolutely had to . Awful experience.

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