Brussels Airlines: What type of entertainment is available on board?

On long-haul flights, you may enjoy a vast variety of channels and movies in your personal display.

From the seat pockets on our flights; it showcases the finest of our whole network and concentrates on individuals, food, culture, style, travel and company.

If you have checked in online, you have probably downloaded a free electronic copy of your favorite paper too.

It is possible to keep on board both European and airline flights.

  • In Economy Class

Your pleasurable experience on board begins with Ergonomic chairs with a flexible leather headrest, ample leg area (33″ / 84cm), groundbreaking in-flight entertainment system with one of their greatest man Economy Class touch displays (8,9″ or 22.6cm)

  • In Economy Premium

The Economy Privilege merchandise is on the initial 4 to 5 inches of this Economy Class cabin, dependent on the present seats. Guests who reserve our brand new ceremony benefit from additional legroom an greater seat pitch, double chair recline and also an improved in-flight encounter a private amenity kit along with other exclusive benefits to board our extended flights. Brussels Airlines provides an ideal mix of improved comfort and a distinctive experience for passengers traveling to the intercontinental community.

Full of services and programs to keep you entertained on board in Business class

Outstanding comfort on extended flights at Business Class completely flat 2m touch screen controlled lie-flat beds with massage work and flexible pillow softness. Superb on-board amusement in Business Course: additional 15.3″ touch screen tracks on extended flights.

Brussels Airlines planes get a new entertainment system

Brussels Airlines has innovated with its new entertainment system which will equip its long-haul business and eco classes.

This entertainment system designed by the Californian company IMS is innovative in several ways: while the content is usually streamed from a console to the seats, the content will be stored locally.

Each screen has a memory card that stores the contents (although they can be updated via the network).

The local storage of the videos thus makes it possible to be able to make fast forward or to easily find the chapter of a film unlike the usual systems.


Likewise, no more black screens: as the content is stored locally, travelers will be able to access the films at any time, including in the event of a failure of the central video system.

This new system called RAVE is also equipped with a sensitive touch screen whose interface resembles that of an iPad.

Passengers will also be able to view the plane’s journey in 3D via the Airshow system from Brussels Airlines: travelers without access to the windows will be able to see the landscape scrolling on the screen.

The screens have the capacity to store 100 hours of video. The only difference between the eco and business class will be the ability to connect a terminal to broadcast videos (not possible in eco) and the screen size (39 cm in business and 23 cm in eco).

Brussels Airlines offers you the best entertainment on board of all short- and medium-haul flights, thanks to the Entertainment app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can choose from a variety of blockbusters, classics, TV series and games. You can design your program in a completely personalized way. Before your next short or medium-haul flight, download the latest version of the Wings Entertainment Player app for free on your smartphone or tablet or one of the following browsers, in its current version, on your laptop: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (usable only in online mode) or Mozilla Firefox. Please note that Safari browser is not currently available to play Entertainment content and it is currently not possible to download the app from the iOS Store during the flight due to a technical issue.

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  1. Who can I contact for offering multiple films and possible make a deal for it ? So, who is responsible for the buying of in-flight entertainment rights for BX Airlines/Lufthansa ?

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