What’s Brussels Airlines policy with respect to hand baggage?

Hand bags are your bag transported underneath the passenger’s individual custody at the cottage. About Brussels Airlines flights, the more completely free hand luggage allowance equates to the traveling course.

What’s Brussels Airlines’ policy in regards to checked baggage?

On flights operated from Brussels Airlines, the amount and weight of this free checked baggage allowance varies based on the travel and booking course, which may be discovered on the e-ticket. Any part of baggage weighing over 32 kg won’t be approved at check and has to be shipped as freight.

The most critical Carrier principle applies for flights such as flights with other airlines compared to Brussels Airlines. Brussels Airlines’ policy with respect to checked luggage implements when Brussels Airlines works the longest or most critical leg of this journey. In case the longest or most important stretch of the trip is operated by a different airline, its own luggage policy may employ on Brussels Airlines flights or even on code-share flights. The important free baggage allowance is said on the digital ticket.

For flights to/from that the US or Africa, the luggage policy implemented throughout the travel is generally the airline recorded first on the ticket, however any airline recorded as the primary carrier to a ticket may select freely to use the most critical carrier rule.

Hand Baggage: Consult all the information on the carry-on baggage policy

Based upon the fare purchased/travel course, passengers are entitled to the next free hand luggage allowances:

Route Fare / Travel Class Hand Baggage Allowance
Flights to/from Europe, Armenia, Morocco, Russia,
Egypt, Cape Verde and Tunisia
Check&Go, Light&Relax, Flex&Fast 1 piece + 1 personal item

with a maximum

weight of 12 kg in total

Intercontinental flights Economy
Flights to/from Europe, Armenia, Morocco, Russia,
Israel, Egypt, Cape Verde and Tunisia
Bizz&Class 2 pieces + 1 personal item

with a maximum

weight of 16 kg in total

Intercontinental flights Business


The measurements of every piece of hand luggage may not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. The measurements of the private thing may not exceed 40 x 30 x 10 cm.

As a private thing, passengers can take the passenger cabin one of the following Things Notebook Bag.

Additional Smaller items such as an overcoat, a blanket, or duty-free tote, reading stuff for your own flight, etc., should be saved in either the carry-on tote or private product.

A Completely searchable stroller/pushchair or an infant’s carrying basket and baby meals for consumption on board might be taken free of cost if traveling with a baby.

On Flights in Europe, it is possible to test on your hand luggage at no cost, therefore traveling hands-free throughout the airport, preventing liquid limits, saving time in the security controller, and appreciating more seats comfort on board.

But, should you transcend your hand luggage allowance and move right to your gate, you’ll be billed $45 per item, payable through debit/credit card with money in the Service Desk. If you cannot pay this fee, you’ll be refused boarding.

A part of the Star Alliance that the company flies to approximately 75 destinations at Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, additionally, it has code share arrangements with approximately 25 additional airlines. Continue reading to find out what regarding Brussels Airlines luggage allowance.

Brussels Airlines Carry-on baggage allowance

The Variety of items of bag you’re allowed to continue the market course is always 1, however, the permitted weight fluctuates. They permit you to deliver 6kgram on short-haul paths and 12kg on flights to Tel Aviv and most of long-haul destinations.

You May Also bring one little carry-on bag on-board like a notebook bag, an overcoat, reading stuff, a Handbag, medical or wheelchair gear with 40cm x 10cm x 30cm Dimensions.

You are travelling with hand luggage only, what if you do?

If you are travelling with hand luggage only and you have checked in online, it is possible to go right to the gate or test your hand bags in for free in its desks (just for flights inside Europe).

Just how much hand luggage can you bring?

Your hand luggage allowance is dependent upon your trip course. Generally, you can attract:

  Economy travel classes Business travel classes
Hand baggage 1 x 8kg 2 x 8kg
Personal accessory 1 1

Could you deliver your sports gear?

Little sports gear can be carried at the Cottage as a portion of the free hand luggage allowance provided it impacts the size and weight limits.

Is the sports gear Larger or thicker than your hand luggage allowance, so it has to be transported from the hold. Its approval has no charge so long as it does not exceed the free baggage allowance concerning the amount, size or weight of things.

Which liquids can you take in your hand baggage?

Global safety rules apply when taking fluids and dyes in your hand luggage.

A limited quantity of fluids and dyes can be carried in your hand luggage. You will bring a max of 1 litre in person containers of no longer than 100ml each year.

What’s the free baggage allowance?

The free luggage allowance denotes the amount and weight of these bags contained on your ticket price that you are able to transport as checked or hand bags.

Hand and checked luggage allowances depend upon your trip course and your own itinerary. The precise amount and weight of things are said on your own e-ticket.

It is also possible to check your luggage allowance utilizing its baggage calculator.

Please Notice your baggage allowance might differ in case your trip is operated by an airline aside from Brussels Airlines. It recommends checking the site of the airline operating your trip.

Just how much hand bags are you currently entitled to carry with you?

We align its hands luggage policy into the Lufthansa Group policy. This implies, That You’re entitled to choose 1 thing of 8kg As carry-on bags on you, like a trolley instance, a streamlined, Foldable baby buggy or even a cushioned garment bag, or 2 things in Company Class, ensures consistency throughout the community.

Could you take electronic smokes in your hand Luggage?

Yes, electronic smoking apparatus have to be packed in your hand bags; they aren’t allowed in your checked bags.

Although e-cigarettes could be brought on board, the usage of any smoking apparatus is illegal in any way times.

Some items may undermine the security of an aircraft or its own passengers. Because of this, transporting these things in checked or hand luggage might be illegal or limited. Sometimes, prior approval in your airline is necessary. Many things are missing in your hand Bags.

What if you do?

It is sorry that some things are missing from the hand bags. If some things are missing from the hand luggage, keep in mind that a provider can’t be held responsible for harm (like pilferage) to bags not entrusted into the provider, unless in the event of fault from the provider.

You would like a wheelchair or medical gear; can you transfer these things at no cost?

Passengers with reduced mobility using a wheelchair, crutches, braces, a prosthetic apparatus or medical equipment can also travel with these things at no cost (along with this free hand luggage allowance):

– Two wheelchairs

– Two pairs of crutches and/or dentures or some other prosthetic device

– Additional medical equipment where the passenger is totally reliant (e.g. kidney dialysis alternative in adequate amount for the whole travel).

What’s the distinction between hand and checked bags?

Checked luggage is transported from the grip; it has to be assessed in at the airport and then gathered on arrival in the destination in baggage reclaim.

Hand bags are generally carried from the cottage from the passenger and must be kept in the overhead lockers or beneath the chair facing the passenger. Please remember there is limited storage space at the cottage. When there’s not any more space in the cottage, it might request that you hand on your carry-on tote, even if it’s inside the measurements for luggage.

With Brussels Airlines, it is possible to check on your hand luggage for free (for flights Inside Europe). In this case, the bags will be transported from the Hold and you’re going to accumulate it upon arrival in your destination out of bags reclaim.

If your luggage was delayed, you have to examine your lost bags at the airport or on the internet through this hyperlink.

You will be given a reference number that you may use to keep track of your bags. Whenever your luggage was found, it will contact you to arrange shipping.

In case your luggage is still lacking following 5 days, it will start a comprehensive procedure to follow it, dependent on your luggage contents.

Free hand baggage Brussels Airlines check-in service

It supplies a complimentary check-in service for your hand luggage on flights within Europe. Assess your hand luggage in for free in its check desks and enjoy the following benefits:

– Avoid the liquid restrictions of hand baggage

– Less weight to carry around from the departure hall into your gate

– Go quicker through security checkpoints

– A quicker boarding process that results in your flight leaving on time

– No requirement to find a place for your trolley tote on board

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