Brussels Airlines has opened three new air routes to Morocco

The three Moroccan novelties of the Star Alliance company will be offered “in cooperation with ML Tours”: Nador and Tangier will join the network from June 26 and 27 respectively, with flights to Nador on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and to Tangier on Wednesdays and Sundays. Flights to Al Hoceima “can only be booked through ML Tours”.

Brussels Airlines is thus increasing its “holiday offer” to 79 destinations this summer, including 43 “still to be launched gradually by August”. The Lufthansa Group subsidiary explains in its press release that with the evolution of travel restrictions and the ongoing vaccination programs, “the demand for air travel is slowly picking up.

Brussels Airlines has remodeled its network to meet this demand, especially for holiday destinations”. With the opening of these new destinations, the airline “underlines its important position in the leisure and VFR (Visit Friends and Relatives) market”.

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