Delayed or missing bags? Brussels Airlines takes care of everything to resolve the problem as quickly as possible

We are sorry your luggage was delayed. It will do everything it can to track down and return it whenever possible. You will find all of the Information about the upcoming actions to consider below.

Report lost bags

Report your lost luggage prior to making the airport Lost & Found office. Offices around the airport website, you will Get a special reference amount (such as: BRUSN12345) that it will use to follow your own baggage. The more info you can provide us about your bags the Color, design, manufacturer, unique attributes, etc.

Report that it online within one day of your true flight arrival time (German and English only). In case you’ve already reported your lost luggage in the airport, then there’s not any need to perform this again online.

Track the progress of this tracing process

You’re given a special reference number after reporting your lost baggage. You are able to log into its luggage tracing system to assess the status of the lost luggage in actual time.

Have your luggage delivered

It finds most baggage within a day. Once your luggage has been found, it will contact you to arrange shipping.

Baggage remains missing following five times

In case your luggage remains missing following 5 days, it will begin a comprehensive tracing process, dependent on the contents of your bags.

You have to finish the luggage inventory type to commence this procedure and return it as soon as you can its Central Baggage Tracing Department through email ( ). Don’t forget to store the form onto your personal computer prior to editing it.

Please be aware that in the Event That You do not send us this kind, it will not manage to Begin the extensive tracing procedure and you will not be reimbursed in case your Bags is considered missing, the earlier it can initiate the look and the earlier it can locate your missing bags.

Baggage remains missing following 21 times

We’re unable to find your luggage after 21 days from reception of this Completed luggage stock type, your luggage will be thought to be missing and you’re eligible for compensation.

Send us a claim  through this type. Please include statements, bank statements, and order receipts, etc., to demonstrate the worth of these things in your luggage compartment.

Compensation for expenditures

Perhaps you have needed to purchase extra items (toiletries, clothes, etc.) since your luggage was postponed? If this is so, you might qualify for compensation.

Once possible, please be aware that according to its General Conditions, This claim has to reach us within 21 days following the shipping date of your baggage.

Need Assistance?

It will gladly help you with any queries regarding lost or delayed luggage on the next telephone: +32 2 723 23 16. This amount is accessible 24/7.

Brussels Airlines and its own representatives manage all luggages with caution. Please see details of this procedure to follow in case of damaged luggage below.

Report the harm in the airport

You may discover the specifics of its offices around the airport site. If you do not report that the damage in the airport, then it will not have the ability to fix the merchandise or refund you.

You’ll be given a reference number and also, in the Majority of its European Airports, you are going to be given a booklet using the contact information, its contracted spouse for repairs that may mend your bags on the behalf.

You’re able to choose your damaged luggage into a Dolfi  store where it’s going to be adjusted.

If there are not any Dolfi stores in your state or if you want to Use another business, you might opt to take your luggage to a different repair shop. If that is true, please fill out the damaged luggage form and then send it to us within seven days of your luggage being ruined. Please enclose the following using this kind:

-Duplicates of your ticket or vanity

– Luggage label (s)

– Fix prices

If the baggage can’t Be adjusted, please enclose verification from.

The repair store saying that the significance of the damaged bags its existence of buys the bags receipt and also a photo of the damaged luggage compartment.

Things missing from hand bags

If several things are missing from the hand luggage, bear in mind that a carrier can’t be held responsible for harm (like pilferage) to bags not entrusted into the provider, unless in the event of fault from the provider.

Things missing from checked luggage

If some things are missing from the enrolled bag, it is possible to send a composed claim into the carrier within seven days from reception of bag.

Liability of the carrier may partly or be excluded in the event of delicate or perishable items, food, statutes and art items, money, keys, jewellery, precious metals, computers, camera, drugs, cell telephones, personal digital devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples, … on your luggage.

Please send the claim form with the next documents within seven days of receipt of your luggage:

– A listing of the lost item(s), along with the year of purchase (statements, bank statements, etc.. )

– A copy of your ticket

– Luggage label (s)

Things to do if lost luggage at the airport?

Have you lost your bag? It all likely cover to look at out its luggage in the trunk at the start of the trip, however not all of us have the fantastic fortune to get it to the arrival. Waiting for tape storage can be quite frustrating, particularly if your new tote looks in deplorable state, or worse doesn’t arrive in any way.

In case your bag is delayed, do your best to not panic. Most motorists generally have methods to monitor the bag and following about 99 percent of it’s returned to its owners. In case your suitcases are moved to another excursion, you will likely get them at a couple of hours. If, nevertheless they have been shipped to the airport, the process might take several days. In cases like this, you need to submit a claim along with form a contact number and contact address where your bag to be routed.

It often occurs that passengers overlook their luggage, particularly those from shopping in the airport. As stated by the principles 21 days must pass before declaring your bag is missing. Only following this period you may create a claim for reparation. Most airlines will request that you make a list of the contents on your luggage and attach receipts for everything in it (that is the reason you have to keep the revenue receipts). This is accomplished to be able to properly assess the price of harm.

When your luggage is located, a representative of the airline will probably attract your lost bag into the address given by you. The instances, where you need to visit the airport to select your bag are extremely uncommon. Additionally, many airlines may regain any sudden expenses brought on by the delay or loss of luggage.

What should you do if you lose your baggage?

When an airline loses your luggage that you need to immediately contact an Employee to submit a written report for compensation (for missing possessions). This may be achieved both in the airport and also from email. Most drivers have a lengthy list of things that the business isn’t responsible. This is sometimes stone, cash, household as well as other valuables.

The best is if you don’t carry these matters with you, also should you must, you put them into secure hands bag. Bear in mind that the Airline has an excellent responsibility for your bag and makes certain it are available and sent to your door instantly. Otherwise, the Airline is going to be obligated to repay the worth of all of the things in the Bag

3 thoughts on “Delayed or missing bags? Brussels Airlines takes care of everything to resolve the problem as quickly as possible

  1. Dear Brussels airlines,
    I forgot my iPhone 13 pro max and Tecno spark 7 pros on Brussels airlines flight SN0241 on seat 024B on the plane in Brussels on November 5 2022 at 5 am while disembarking to connect to my next flight to CDG Paris. When I realized the items were forgotten, I made all the efforts there is to reach back to the exit gate and by that time, the gate was closed. I also thought that security at the Airport could help me but to no avail. I also approach the security at my connecting flight boarding gate with the hope to get help but was rather referred to Paris to register my claim so that I wouldn’t miss my flight.
    Since my arrival in Pairs in the last three days, I have made all the efforts, returned to the airport, and tried all I could but I have not been able to get linked to the airline or the crew to make inquiries about my phone.

  2. Hello,

    I would like to request compensation for clothing purchased due to a delayed bag. The Brussels Airlines File Reference is PRGSN10957. The bag was misplaced on Sept 1, 2022 flight and delivered to a nearby airport on September 6, 2022. However, since the bag was not delivered to our hotel, we were not able to pick up the bag until September 7, 2022. I spent $173.96 (USD) on clothing during this time due to the missing bag, and request compensation.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Beebe

  3. Our flight was cancelled on the 25th of June in Amsterdam. We flew on the 26th of June from Amsterdam to Brussels, then on flight from Brussels to Washington D.C. IAD. When we arrived in Washington our name appeared on a list of passengers where there wasn’t any luggage. We reported the lost bags (File Reference IADSN) at the airport: Tag # 592723/592733. We contacted Central Tracing but never received an answer. Contact ed KLM and just recently was informed that your airline is responsible for reimbursement on the lost bags. Our bags were finally delivered on the 19th of July. We request 50-30% Tagesreisepreis for the lost bags. The fact that we spent our vacation without clothing and returned home without clothing. 600 Euro Verspateten, plus the 50-30% Reisepreis, Tagesreisepreis pro Tag ohne Gepaeck. Thank you for your assistance.

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