Brussels airlines: Discover the advantages of his card Premium American Express

Discover the superb world of award winning miles and also gain from traveling and purchasing insurance.

For many of your everyday purchases, then you may get 1.5 Bonus Miles for each Euro spent using the Card. When you purchase airline tickets out of Brussels Airlines together with the Card, you receive 2 award mph Euros.

Whenever you make your first purchase with the Card, you’ll be given a welcome bonus of 6,000 award miles.

10,000 added award miles annually

Should you invest $20,000 or more annually with your Card, you may benefit from another bonus of 10,000 prize miles.

Make award miles faster?

Ask an extra Card to your nearest and dearest. With the cost of the extra Card, you accumulate award miles. The yearly subscription for an extra Card is currently 50 $ annually.

Shop at a Growing Number of shops (online)

You’re able to see a growing number of shops along with your American Express Card. You’re able to pay contactless around 50 Euros. Easy, secure and fast.

To Have the Ability to apply for Some Brussels Airlines Premium American Express Card, you Have to meet the following Requirements:

– To be old.

– Justify no less than 25,000 Euros of gross yearly income.

– Not be contained in any document to get non-reimbursement of all debts.

– Embrace bank domiciliation.

These eligibility criteria, subject to changes, are supplied for information only.

Apply on your own card fast and readily

  • Complete the online application form and utilize your digital identification card reader. Safe, simple and 100% on line.
  • Have you ever finished the form? You’ll get a confirmation email.
  • Your petition form has been processed. Suggestion: Do you prefer to get your Card whenever possible? Ensure that you provide us all of the required authorized documents
  • As soon as your petition is accepted, you’ll get your Card in 12 working days in the address you’ve supplied. Welcome and revel in your Card!


Your award miles no longer perish

Award miles no more longer perish from the instant that you get the very first award miles got through your spending together with the Card and so long as you use the Card each month.

Is the flight delayed or lost your bag? Are you currently in a crash? Do not stress you and your loved ones are covered by several travel insurance coverages.

Insurance and purchasing

Your purchases using a Brussels Airlines Premium American Express Card are secure, equally in-store and on the internet.

Traveling with Assurance

A No worries you gain from a vast selection of travel insurance and help for you and your family.

Global help

– What exactly does this guarantee supply?

Abroad, Aid covers specific services like: the money advance from the Event of a legal and medical crisis, the loss or theft of payment Provision and progress prices to get an interpreter, repatriation / evacuation In case of a health emergency.

Some exceptions or primary points of focus to recall?

Excluded: Clinical therapies, interventions on Specific remedies may be restricted, Medical costs for treatment obtained in Belgium, whether they are The end consequence of an illness or an injury happening overseas, pathological Ailments known before departure, events and ailments after the use of medications or some other drug not prescribed by a physician, Events caused by a nuclear accident or a terrorist action.

A Serious health issue for you or among your relatives (household around the 2nd level) or harm to your house prevents you from moving on a Excursion and the trip has to be canceled? No issue. If you paid on your 10,000 household for your non-recoverable journey expenditures, if for all these same reasons that your stay is disrupted, the fresh part is also covered.

The trip should have been compensated for together with the Card. If you’re paying for friends or your grandma, look at buying a policy to insure their journey. Traveling undertaken within the frame of a specialist action isn’t covered under this warranty.

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