Miles and More: Get and earn miles even when you’re not travel with Brussels Airlines

Every euro spent brings you around 1.5 award miles if traveling or in your everyday expenses including: your own groceries in the grocery store, your own refuelling, your meals deliveries in your home along with your purchasing (online). Apply for your own card today and receive a welcome bonus with your initial purchase. Utilize your Card as frequently as you can: to your everyday purchases, in the grocery store, on the web and obviously when traveling.

Earn and accumulate points when:

  • You refuel: 90 points
  • You dine: 210
  • You shop: 390
  • You do your shopping: 640
  • You shop electronic products: 1140

Travel and spend with Assurance

Utilize the Brussels Airlines American Express Card for all of your expenses and remain relaxed. Your purchases are insured and you’re able to go in your excursion with reassurance using Card-linked insurance. A airport or flight delay? A problem with a purchase made online? Do not worry; you gain from a vast selection of insurance and warranties for both you and your loved ones.

The Top ‘Frequent Flyer’ App in Europe

As a Miles & More member, you also can earn and redeem award miles with approximately 300 famous partners. Not just airlines, but also hotel chains, car rental businesses, lifestyle and shopping partners and much more. The Brussels Airlines Miles & American Express Card will be your very best accelerator to finance your Miles account much faster. Gorgeous bonuses await you! You are not yet a member of the Miles & More loyalty program? When applying for a Brussels Airlines American Express Card, is automatically added to the program.

Utilize your award miles Nevertheless you Desire

Traveling: Redeem your award miles for plane tickets together with all the 40 Miles & airline spouses.

Upgrades: Traveling more smoothly in a high class of service due to a award miles.

Resort nights: Novel hotel nights with mates across the globe and get your award miles.

Rental automobiles: Redeem your Premium Moles to get a rental car of your selection as well as globally.

Shopping: Reduce your award miles to get coupons in several partner shops

You are not even Miles & More manhood, what if you do?

No problem, if you try to apply for a Brussels Airlines American Express card and you aren’t yet a part of fresh Miles & More accounts will be automatically generated for you. It is also possible to produce your personal Miles & More more accounts here and start saving mark miles now.

At the conclusion of every month, you get your account statement along with the miles you’ve stored along with your Card will be moved into your accounts. You do not need to do anything to get this.

Where do you see the number of award miles I’ve saved?

To see your profile accounts, visit the Miles&More site. If you would like to have the ability to realize your balance at any moment and keep current with all the supplies, then download the Miles & More programs.

Could you save award miles along with additional American Express Cards?

It’s not possible to join other American Express Cards for a Miles & More accounts Aside from your Brussels Airlines American Express Card. But it is possible to redeem your Membership Rewards points for award winning miles in the ratio of two Membership Rewards points into 1 award winning distance. To learn more, go here.

You may find the majority of the replies about the Miles&More site. You haven’t found what you’re seeking? Speak to the group of this application on the amount 0902.51.600 ($ 0.75 / Min + 0.0515 / phone ) or through email at

This is what every miles earning member has been looking for: a clear explanation of the Miles and more programs from somebody who actually knows about it. It knows that Miles and more are offering quite a few benefits to attract new members. It also knows that these benefits can save members quite a bit of money on their tickets. However, it don’t really understand how they do it.

So here is a program explains for you

Miles & More offers rewards based on the number of miles you use for your Delta flight. You earn miles by booking directly with delta airlines. If you use the airline’s partner portal, you are eligible to earn even more miles. These miles can be used for purchasing, upgrading or redeeming for tickets on select flights.

As a frequent flyer, you have an account with Miles and more. This is the portal your Brussels Airlines uses to account your flights, make payments, transfer points and rewards. You should log into this portal everyday to keep your account up-to-date. You can also use the frequent flyer forums for information on your frequent flyer program with Belgian company and other airlines in the alliance.

To earn status points, you must visit the Miles & More website everyday to check your account. You must also contact your frequent flyer airline of choice to see how many miles you can expect to get. These two things will get you started toward getting your frequent flyer miles. After enough time, you can usually upgrade to a business or first class ticket. And then, from there, it is up to you how many miles you want to earn.

This is a very quick and easy explanation of how Miles and More works. The idea behind it is that you are using social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook, to build your business. From there, you earn miles each time you visit these sites. There are a few things to remember when you are using Facebook and other social networking sites to build your business, such as the need to always update your status (or they will deactivate your account).

A Few Other Important Points Miles and More have a few other benefits besides earning you miles. If you are a parent, you can even enroll your child into loyalty programs. In addition, if you are a student, you can earn miles for both your studies and for living expenses while you are attending college.

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