Miles&More Prime Fly Smart ticket: Travel for free with Brussels Airlines

Miles & More Fly Smart celebrity tickets enable you to reserve last-minute flights and revel in a discount of around 50%. Tickets can only be booked between two and 14 days before your passing. This extensive guide describes when it’s helpful to reserve a Fly Smart Award ticket along with your points.

Which countries can you novel Prime Fly wise tickets ?

Prime Fly Intelligent tickets may be reserved with airlines Linked to the Miles & More application, except Air Dolomiti along with Edelweiss Air. In reality, Fly wise tickets long-haul flights can only be booked online or on marketplace.

You’ll be able to reserve spares Smart airplane tickets out of some of these airports served with some of the airlines listed previously. Prime Fly wise tickets permit up to two transfers per management.

Which are the requirements?

Fly Wise awards have been in principle that the contrary of Miles & More. Loyalty program, on the flip side, ought to be reserved well beforehand. There are different limitations for reserving the Award Fly Smart ticket. Back in Europe, Fly intelligent awards could be reserved in economy or business class, although the rest of the awards medium and long distance flights can only be booked on economy class. Regrettably, it isn’t feasible to use Fly wise awards at Premium Economy or Business course on long-term flights.

Long-haul Business Class flights can’t be reserved with Prime Fly wise tickets.

Note also you could just reserve a Miles & More Prime Fly Smart star ticket in Europe when there’s one Sunday involving the external flight and the return flight. You can fly Friday on Sunday, Saturday on Monday or maybe a complete week. But you Couldn’t leave Monday on Tuesday or Thursday on Saturday. The Fly Smart superior is hence less attractive for excursions. Fly intelligent awards are hence not acceptable for excursions.

Another major requirement to have the ability to benefit from this deal is that the compulsory booking of return flights. One-way flights can’t be booked using a reduction. Also, not all of Fly wise rewards could be altered or cancelled. You may just reserve a diminished rate online rather than through the telephone centre.

What’s the worth of an award Fly Smart ticket?

– Miles & More Fly Smart celebrity tickets are appealing because of the minimal price per miles

– Europe in Economy category: 20,000 miles (rather than 35,000)

– Europe at Business course: 30,000 miles (rather than 50,000)

– Middle East, South America and South East Asia at Economy category: 15,000 miles (rather than 30,000)

– North / Central Africa, Middle East and Caucasus at Economy category: 35,000 miles (rather than 40,000)

– South Africa, North America and India at Economy category: 50,000 miles (rather than 60,000)

– Central America and the Caribbean at Economy category: 60,000 miles (rather than 70,000)


The largest reduction can be found on brief and medium-haul flights

It’s very important to say that the typical fees and taxes apply. On Sunday’s paths, you are able to cover between 300 and 500 euros for your airport and the return flight based on your destination. You ought to take these high prices into consideration in any circumstance before reserving an artisan Fly Smart ticket.

Should you prefer to travel peacefully or have a significant appointment (and you’re able to catch a plane), fly wise tickets are a terrific method to save money.

Notice, however, the worth of a Smart ticket is dependent upon traffic to the street. Fly intelligent awards tickets are valuable on paths where costs are usually high because of the few of paths between two towns.

To reserve your own Prime Fly Smart ticket, then visit the organization’s official site.

Miles & More Fly Smart star tickets could be appealing if reserved at the last moment. On the other hand, the deal is not as beneficial for business travel because of the necessity to maintain destination on Sunday along with also the minimal seven-day remain on long haul flights. Even the Prime Fly intelligent tickets are especially appealing for spontaneous guide flights into destinations that are odd. But, you can find far better methods to redeem Miles & More.

Book online involving a max of two weeks plus a minimum of two working days prior to departure, in this way you save as much as 50 percent of the award miles per trip award.

Fly Smart flight awards are valid for flights operated from Nordic Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS1, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, Condor, Croatia Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines:

– Utilize your spontaneity to conserve award miles.

– Using Fly Smart flight awards, now you also conserve 15,000 miles in a return trip in Europe – since you simply invest 20,000 miles rather than 35,000 miles to get a normal trip award.

Fly and rescue, you will find quite appealing flight award deals her

Together with the Historical Bird flight award, mileage deals and Fly Smart, You’re able to reserve flights to get lesser mileage levels. It is irrelevant whether you are taking a look at the last minute or planning well beforehand.

Historical Bird flight awards

Plan your journey well in advance: reserve your flights in Economy Class over 30 days ahead to find a decrease of up to 65 percent off the typical mileage levels.

Be motivated and rescue: learn about its monthly supplies at Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class and save 50 percent or more.

Fly last minute and spare book your flight ticket with your award miles in Economy or Business Class no sooner than 14 days and no more than two weeks prior to departure and save as much as 50%.

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